PBRTV has received a tip that Wendy King has passed away at the age of 92. Her husband was Ed King and together they hosted Party Line on KDKA Radio from 1951 until Mr. King’s death in 1971. The program featured the couple discussing just about anything and everything with the listeners who would call in on the phone. Much of this predated the phone hybrid system so those tuned in on the radio could not hear the callers.

Mrs. King had suffered a brief illness prior to her death.

4 thoughts on “In Memory: Wendy King

  1. As a young person, it was wonderful to listen to the discussions with Ed and Wendy each night. My radio stayed on when I went to bed and I fell asleep with their calming voices.

  2. I remember during my early-to-late teen years waiting for my mother to come out of work at Suburban General Hospital. My step father and I would sit in the parking lot listening to Ed and Wendy King. (With the nursing profession you could often be delayed for an hour or so depending on what you were dealing with in the hospital.) Many of the conversations held in those late evening hours brought a smile to my face. Ed and Wendy King were truly Pittsburgh radio icons. Wendy was a trail blazer in her field. God bless her and we are better for having known her.

  3. I was able to see a segment about “Party Line” during one of Rick Sebak’s programs, which is called “Stuff That’s Gone.” Wendy King talked about the show in that segment. She was a terrific personality.

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