As traditional radio gets younger in most markets, those who may be older or just like more than what’s being played on the local airwaves now have choices. Sure there is SiriusXM radio, but not eveyone can afford to pay for a subscription based service. Lately, I’ve either been listening to Sirius in the van or the stations I work for at 88.5 Jazz FM or WYNE 1530 when I get closer to Erie to work. At home, Internet Radio is what I usually listen to with unlimited choices and it’s free with your high speed internet subscription once you purchase an Internet Radio and a wireless router unless you choose to plug the radio into your modem. If you are related to someone older who complains that there is nothing on the radio anymore, you may have to purchase the perfect gift that plays the music they like. Styles like classic country, nostalgia, 50’s & 60’s oldies, easy listening, smooth jazz or traditional jazz, etc. Make sure they have high speed first if they are hooked up to the internet. Just a suggestion from Santa Lave.