This will be the last week you will be able to receive WJET TV 24 using a regular TV if you rely on rabbit ears or an outdoor antenna for reception. The station will shut down its analog signal this Friday (April 17th) at 11:35pm following “Action News 24.” Work will then begin on the station’s conversion to full powered digital as the station will move to DT 24. A DTV special that aired over the weekend on both WJET and sister station WFXP explained what will happen after Friday. I was incorrect when I previously mentioned that WJET would not be available on Dish Network but it looks like it will be available after all since Jet plans on keeping their current low powered digital station on during much of their transition work, which will take up to 4 days. Some cable companies in outlying areas like Warren, Pa. that had relied on Jet’s analog signal for its customers will lose Jet temporarily along with those who use an antenna and cannot get Jet’s current low powered digital signal off air. Meanwhile WFXP will temporarily shut down its analog signal on April 22nd after “Fox 66 News at Ten” ends at 10:35pm. Fox will have to shut down its digital since they share the same tower as WJET. Fox will feed its analog to cable companies and Dish Network since the analog is on a separate tower behind the WQLN studios.