A report on Jet TV Tuesday evening addressed why most viewers are not yet able to get their digital signal. The mentioned that their digital signal is currently at low power on DT 58 and will not go to full power until February 17th (or possibly June 12th) when the station moves to DT 24. WJET TV GM Tim Dunst mentioned that several stations across the country have to wait until February before going full power on it’s digital station. He even mentioned that another Erie TV station (WICU) is in the same boat as Jet. During the report, Jet is advising viewers to wait until February 17th before hooking up the converter box to their analog TV. Better advice would be to purchase a converter box with analog pass through so that viewers can get Jet TV analog when the box is off while enjoying other stations with use of the converter box. Currently, most off air digital viewers in the Erie region can watch WSEE (16) CBS on 35-1, WBEP CW on 35-2, WICU NBC on 35-3, WQLN (50) PBS on 54-1 (The only way viewers can watch WQLN over the air since the analog station is no longer on the air) and Fox 66 WFXP (22) on 66-1. The report did not mention that there could be a possible delay with the transition date but has been mentioned on WSEE in their reports regarding the transition. People with questions can stop by the Millcreek Mall on Thursday from 1-5pm where FCC represenatives will answer questions, help apply for coupons and show people how to hook up their boxes.