With the recent merging of services between WSEE and WICU, the quality of newscasts on both 12 and 35 has suffered. It is rumored by a source that Lilly broadcasting recently asked Jet TV if they would also like to share video resources for their newscasts on TV 24 and sister station Fox 66. Fortunately, Jet opted not to take part in this because they would lose quality control over the footage. Yes, Jet still wants to maintain quality control over the footage they shoot for their newscasts instead of share the same footage you already see on two other stations in town. There needs to be some competition left on the local airwaves rather than run the same footage, scripts and who knows eventually simulcast the same news on 12, 24 and 35 with replays on the CW and 66. Where’s the integrity in that? Update: WJET / WFXP news director Lou Baxter has informed me that no such talks have ever taken place. I was careful by adding that this was only a rumor and could be taken with a grain of salt by the reader instead of stating that the news was 100% accurate. My main focus was to bring this to light and thank those at Jet / Fox for not going down the same road & leaving some competition on the local airwaves.