We missed this when it happened, but according to the Pittsburgh Nostalgia Radio Board, Karl Hardman passed away on 9/22 at the age of 80. Hardman was a man of many voices and best known for the characters he played on WWSW & KDKA-Radio’s “Cordic & Company.” Some of his memorable voices were Louie (the Garbageman) Adamchevitz, Roquefort Q. LaFarge & Mr. Murchison. He is survived by Marilyn Eastman – with whom he ran a recording studio on the South Side until 1999 – and a daugther, Kyra Schon.

Hardman’s death is the last of the Cordic era that we are aware of. Rege Cordic passed away in 1999 six months after the other key member of the team, Bob Trow.