CBS’ announcement of plans to sell 50 stations in medium-sized markets has many wondering whether KDKA-AM (1020) will be included. The answer is – it’s possible, but not definite. By selling such properties CBS can focus on the large market stations. That does not include Pittsburgh at 24th in size. According to the Post-Gazette, CBS folks declined to comment which stations/cities were on the block, but anything below the top 15 markets could be a possibility. If so, it would more than likely include FM sisters WBZW-FM (93.7), WZPT-FM (100.7) and WDSY-FM (107.9). Tom Taylor of says that the Pittsburgh cluster could be a candidate but that will depend on who is named as potential buyers and whether or not they are interested in this market.

KDKA has maintained a steady ownership since its conception in 1920. Westinghouse Broadcasting acquired CBS in 1996 and separated itself from the industrial side and took the CBS name.