In a press release, KDKA-AM (1020) announced a new weekday lineup which will begin Monday, January 5, 2009. The new schedule includes a bigger news block as well as the return of 24-year KD veteran Mike Pintek. Fred Honsberger’s program will move from its current spot to 12 Noon and be on the air until 3 pm. That will be followed by a 3-hour news block which will include weather, traffic, sports and business, from 3 – 6 pm. Paul Rasmussen and Rose Ryan-Douglas will remain the anchors for this newscast. That will be followed by Mike Pintek from 6 – 10 pm.

Pintek was one of the victims of a bloodbath back in December 2005 when the station let him and others – including Mike Romigh – go in favor of other programming. “We are very excited to announce Mike’s return,” said Michael Young, CBS Radio senior vice president and Pittsburgh market manager. “Mike’s zest for news-driven talk radio, along with his natural affinity for southwestern Pennsylvania and specifically KDKA, makes his return to the radio station very special.”

Over the last three years, Pintek has been heard doing freelance work on KQV, hosting NightTalk on PCNC and doing some work for CBS-owned KMOX in St. Louis and the former WHFS-FM in Baltimore. “The guy who said, ‘you can’t go home again’ is wrong!” said Pintek. “I am absolutely ecstatic about coming home to KDKA.”

No word on what will happen to hosts Kevin Miller or John Steigerwald. Stay tuned…