93.7 KDKAA success that can possibly be attributed to another successful Pirates baseball season, although it was pretty much over early in the month. KDKA-FM (93.7) and it’s 41,000 watts effective radiated power reached number 1 with a 10.1 for the month of October. Could it be that after 5 1/2 years as a sports station and constant jiggling around of airstaffers, the station has finally made it to the big leagues?

WDVE (102.5) came in second thanks to another Steelers season, and will probably remain up there for another couple of months. Sister WWSW (94.5) is a close 3rd. WRRK (96.9) which dominated the ratings for several months earlier this year, is 4th. KDKA-AM (1020) is fifth as it prepares to celebrate its 95th birthday on Monday.

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