The 29th Annual KDKA Spaghetti Breakfast was held on Friday, September 21 at the Heinz Hall Garden Plaza. The event was started by the late John Cigna in 1983 as a station promotion. It has since become one of the station’s trademark events and has raised funds for Little Sisters of the Poor, food banks and other outlets while feeding thousands of people on their way to work. This year’s event was interrupted during the last hour by a hostage standoff at 3 Gateway Center which sent much of the station’s news crew to cover the story.

From L to R: Rob Pratte, PJ Kumanchik, John Shumway, Mike Pintek, Larry Richert, Program Director Jim Graci and former NFL official Sanford Rivers in front of the KDKA Broadcast.
CBS Radio Pittsburgh Vice President and General Manager Michael Young (middle) stands with Larry Richert and John Shumway during the broadcast of the KDKA Morning Show’s Spaghetti Breakfast.