This story has definitely caught my attention. Two Salt Lake City kids are learning about the impact of higher gas prices when their mom had to eliminate cable TV from the already tight family budget. The two sisters (7 and 9) decided to vent their frustration over losing their favorite cartoons by protesting the rising fuel costs with picket signs in hand. In times like this, it really does make you realize what you can and cannot do without in a budget. Like many business, both cable and satellite TV services could feel the impact of some subscribers having to eliminate pay TV from the family budget in order to have gas in the car to get to work or the grocery store. Perhaps, it could bring a renaissance of over the air TV antennas back to homes or apartments across America. Let’s not forget that this renaissance would have a new addition with TV converter boxes available in order to watch free TV. It might be time to order your $40.00 government converter box coupons in order to lessen the cost of up to 2 boxes per household. Would you make a one time purchase by investing in an indoor or outdoor antenna? What are your thoughts about going back to free TV. Please let us know here at PBRTV.