In case you missed it – and it’s likely you did – I was an impromptu guest on KDKA-AM (1020) Friday night around 9:30. Ron Klink – the former KDKA-TV anchorman-turned-Congressman-turned-government relations guru was the featured host keeping the seat warm for Monday’s return of Mike Pintek. Klink had emailed me earlier in the day and had mentioned that Thursday night’s program was made up of 3 hours of Pittsburgh broadcasting memories and that he intended on opening up the final hour of Friday’s show to more of the same.

We had plans to go to Hartwood Acres for the lights, but figured we’d be home in time to listen to the show. Well, naturally the final Friday night of the light show was crazy and we ended up being only halfway through the show at 9. Nonetheless, we tuned in. The callers were mainly focused on the whereabouts of some of Pittsburgh’s beloved radio hosts – everyone from Jack Wheeler to Joe Gearing. (Psst…Hi Joe!) Despite being closer to the KDKA transmitter than home, I decided that we needed to pull over and call in. The idea to pull over was good because that’s when I became Klink’s impromptu guest.

And who was that female everyone was thinking of who was at one time on KDKA from 10 p.m. – Midnight? It could have been Suzie Barbour (now at the Mountain Playhouse in Jennerstown), more recently Carol Lee Espy or even Elizabeth Day. The world may never know! 

So, anyhow, if this is your first visit to PBRTV after having listened to the show, Welcome! The deadbeat webmaster is a little behind on updating some of the information, but he’ll get it right someday. It’s a 2009 resolution!