The Post-Gazette reports that 24-year WDVE-FM (102.5) air veteran, Jim Krenn has been off the air since December 6. Co-host Randy Baumann has stated on the air that Mr. Krenn has been using up vacation time. Some observers, however, said it was unusual for Krenn to not appear at the station Christmas party last night where he co-emcees with Baumann. Krenn’s agent, David Sedelmeier told the PG that Krenn was removed from the airwaves claiming it was a unilateral decision by DVE management. Links to Krenn’s Facebook and Twitter pages are still present on the DVE website.

In January 2010, Baumann, a 12-year veteran of the station, was off for an extended period of time while having problems negotiating a new contract with the station. At the time of his return, it was announced that both he and Krenn had signed multiyear contracts.