Feb 19 2013

Krenn to do comedy podcast

Look for a new weekly comedy podcast from Jim Krenn beginning March 14. The former WDVE host struck a deal with Sideshow Network, the same company that offers podcasts by George Lopez and other national acts. The program will be called “Jim Krenn: No Restrictions” and the first episode will be recorded at Bricolage Theater on March 7.

The program will be made available at sideshownetwork.tv, iTunes and jimkrenn.com



  1. Dave

    When Howard Stern went to Sirius everyone though that was the future of radio. I think the real future of radio is the podcast. Can\\\’t wait to hear what Jim Krenn can do.

  2. Bill Alexander

    Podcasting may be the future of radio…..but it is in the distant future.

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