jim_krennLast week we reported that the Q92.9 morning show crew had been ousted. And now we know why. “The Jim Krenn Show on Q92.9 – Pittsburgh’s Morning Show” will begin July 6. Krenn’s team includes Terry Jones, Mike Wysocki, and Mike Sasson who have appeared on his “No Restrictions” podcast. WLTJ midday host Debbie Wilde will move to mornings as well.

Krenn spent 24 years as morning host on WDVE (102.5) with Scott Paulsen and later with Randy Bauman. Since 2010, Krenn has hosted his podcast and has recently been a weekly guest on the KDKA-AM morning show.


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1 thought on “Krenn to WLTJ mornings

  1. Hey, cool! He’s my bud who invited me to WDVE to interview in my Dog costume during the Anthrocon Furries’ convention here. People who heard those interviews and mentioned it to me later have been wondering what happened to Jim and what he’s been up to, so this should be welcome news!

    Hopefully people will dig the kind of music that LTJ plays, though to be fair the DVE morning show is not really about music that much to begin with.

    I do feel for the morning team that was dropped, radio is always unceremonious when it comes time to change the talent. I’d wish for partnerships between the old team and new, or where the old team members could contribute to the new show, or fill in when the new show hosts leave for vacation and things like that.

    Most of the time it’s so sudden and there’s little continuity, casting a pall over the situation, like someone dying.


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