Last year, Nancy Lane was fired from Forever Broadcasting in relation to the abuse she had been suffering from her ex-husband much of which spilled over into the workplace. (PBRTV 2-7-14). Although the company initially offered her paid leave and support, new information shortly thereafter led to Lane being fired. The company claimed that events involving the victim’s former husband “caused severe disruption to our business”.

An online petition with 20,000 signatures called for Ms. Lane’s reinstatement, but she was never reinstated.

Now Lane is suing the company for an unspecified amount claiming that her termination has caused her lost wages and benefits, irreparable harm to her career, humiliation and emotional distress. She is seeking reinstatement, back wages and benefits, and other damages. She also seeks a finding that her firing violated federal and state laws in relation to her being a victim of domestic violence.

(Tribune-Review 3/13/15)
(Tom Taylor NOW E-mail Subscription 3/16/15)

1 thought on “Lane claims to be “revictimized” by station

  1. I hope \”Daisy,\” \”Lexi,\” or whatever you heard her as wins the lawsuit. This isn\’t about an employee or even an abusive spouse doing wrong (Any decent person, of course, would have a problem with her ex). It\’s about the company brand and how the incidents allegedly reflect on what is essentially a poor man\’s Clear Channel.

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