WTAJ-TV reports that radio personality Nancy Lane was fired on Tuesday after her estranged and soon-to-be ex husband did to station property. Lane, better known as “Daisy” or “Lexi” has been on the air at Rocky 99 (WRKW Ebensburg) and Froggy 95 (WFGI Johnstown) – owned by Forever Broadcasting – for several years.

Ms. Lane left her husband last summer after he allegedly burned their house down which was the cap on years of alleged abuse. The husband has apparently threatened Ms. Lane ever since at both her home and her job.

The decision to go public with the story wasn’t easy for Ms. Lane. But she told WTAJ, “Yes, I am going through the worst time of my entire life, but if thhis story can help make another employer understand what it’s like for someone in an abusive situation – and not fire them because [of] it – then it’s worth it.”

Thousands have joined a Facebook group in supporting Lane and against the company firing her.