Earlier in the week I got an e-mail from Harry.

Just curious… what happened to Mike LaPoint at WPXI? He’s not on their website anymore… Thanks, Harry

Eric’s Response: Not that we’ve heard, but he probably took the first opportunity to leave that he could. First he was Chief (Meteorologist), demoted to mornings and then to weekends. 

Well, this morning the Post-Gazette published official word that LaPoint has quietly left the station. Station management met with Mike LaPoint late last summer and said that they would not be likely to renew his contract which was up at the end of 2012. His search began and he is reportedly in the running for a couple of weather jobs. Meanwhile, WPXI is searching for a replacement.

2 thoughts on “LaPoint departs from WPXI

  1. WPXI really screwed over Mike Lapoint. And thru it all he conducted himself as a true professional. Good luck Mike.

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