WSHH-FM (99.7) was the first station in the Pittsburgh market to go all-Christmas today. Over the last several years, the station has flipped to the holiday sounds to coincide with the Pittsburgh Light-Up Night festivities and this year it has beat the festivities by a couple of days. The change has often proved to be a ratings winner for WSHH which was number one in last year’s Holiday book, but fell to number 2 for December just behind Pittsburgh’s other usual Christmas suspect, WWSW-FM (94.5) which has yet to start the festivities. Neither station typically alters the format when they return to normal on December 26.

Speaking of Light-Up Night, CBS Radio Pittsburgh will partner with Duquesne Light for the 14th annual “Santa Spectacular” during the Light-up Night Festivities this Friday, November 16. The events include live performances, tree lightings, and a laser display of the well-known and loved Eat ‘n’ Park Christmas Star commercial which is celebrating its 30th year on the air this year.

2 thoughts on “Let Christmas begin!

  1. I hate to burst any bubbles, but I discovered that wltj’s hd4 station (respect radio) has been playing xmas music since a week before halloween.

    1. Actually November 1 was when it began from what we were told… We hate to burst bubbles too, but you’re probably one of six people with an HD radio.

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