Cheri Petrini-Hayden and her husband, Dan, know what it’s like to get caught in the crossfire of a bank robbery. Fortunately, says Maryann Gogniat Eidemiller in the Tribune-Review, it was all acting … the Haydens, of Hempfield Township, are two of the many local actors featured in Spike TV’s miniseries “The Kill Point,” filmed in Pittsburgh during the spring.

Petrini-Hayden is one of the customers who run out of the bank; her husband has a speaking role as a police officer. (Maybe it’s typecasting. In his day job, he’s a juvenile probation officer in Westmoreland County.)

“A lot of people ask me if it was hard to act scared,” Petrini-Hayden says. “But the special effects are so realistic that you are actually frightened. You can feel everyone else’s intensity around you. This is serious, and the actors’ minds are in it and you get such a gut reaction that you really feel afraid.”