The recently settled strike by the Writers Guild of America pushed most network TV dramas and sitcoms into reruns this winter, and it could take several weeks before new episodes of some shows return.

One of the few series with new episodes shot and ready to air is CBS’ “Jericho,” which returned to the network’s lineup at 10 p.m. Tuesday. “Jericho” airs locally on Pittsburgh’s KDKA-TV (2), Youngstown’s WKBN-TV (27), Altoona’s WTAJ-TV (10) and Wheeling’s WTRF-TV (7).

“Jericho,” set in a small Kansas town in the weeks and months after a mysterious series of nuclear blasts has destroyed several major American cities and disrupted the government, was canceled in May after only one season. The show was head to head with Fox’s “American Idol” for much of the time, and CBS blamed low ratings for its demise.

A concerted effort by fans unseen since the cancellation of “Star Trek” in the 1960s convinced CBS to bring the series back into production.

One of the viewers helping organize the protests over the cancellation of “Jericho” was longtime local radio personality and programmer Clarke Ingram, who was invited to visit the set in California during the summer.

Here’s Clarke, a friend of PBRTV, in front of the fictional “Jericho” post office:

(It’s nice to know that the post office will remain in business after Armageddon. That means my Equitable Gas bill will continue to arrive during the nuclear winter.)

For newcomers to the series, the first season is now available on DVD, and reruns are also airing on Monday nights on SciFi Channel (check your local listings, etc.).

There’s lots more for fans at CBS’ “Jericho” fan forums and website, and the “Jericho” wiki, where a major contributor is … go on, guess.