John Longo has owned WCNS (1480 Latrobe) since 1989, about 30 years after he had his first radio job there. Now, at age 73 and nearly 25 years as owner, he’s ready to sell the station. But Longo doesn’t want to sell the station to just anyone. He wants it to go to someone who will maintain the staff and the local services that he has worked hard to maintain over these years. So far a New York station owner and a music outfit in Chicago have shown interest. Longo tells the Tribune-Review that he’s not clear on what the station is worth, but that a new owner could make a decent living.

1 thought on “Longo ready to sell WCNS… to the right person

  1. I did my internship there in 1990 and worked there for a brief time (along at WLCY in Blairsville which was their FM sister station) and Mr. Longo is a good guy. I hope it works out for him!

    I learned a LOT from him and that staff back then!

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