eojptsmallBack in August, I was able to record two episodes of the PBRTV Podcast. We interviewed DCRTV Dave Hughes and soon after we sat down with Dimitri Vassilaros. I’ve been in contact with others about sitting down and doing  a program with me, but life got in the way for both parties and I have found that I myself have been busier than usual.

So I had the thought that I would renew my efforts during the month of December… that is until this morning. I was informed that the room at an undisclosed location where I have a studio set up was flooded by a toilet that went haywire on the floor above. Mercifully, the equipment that’s in use was spared, but it still has to be temporarily dismantled in order to have the room fixed up and restored. Total time from tear down to reset will be about a week. Therefore I am refocusing my efforts for the new year.

But I want to know who you’d like to hear from. Is there someone who is currently in the Pittsburgh Media Scene that you’d like to know more about? Someone from the past who you’d like to hear from again? I’ve already anticipated some of the obvious choices, but maybe what’s obvious to me isn’t obvious to you. So go ahead and send us your suggestions.

I’d also love to talk to people who aren’t so obvious. Social media has developed some new talent and people who have made a name for themselves on the local scene. Let me know. Email me… comment here… let me know!

8 thoughts on “Looking for ideas…

  1. Bill Cardille
    Jack Bogut

    I would like to hear their perspective of broadcasting over the years. What do they think of the business today and what do they see in the future?

  2. Brother Matt and Frank Greenlee. Both have Very Interesting Stories.Brother Matt Starting Out with Bill Powell. Frank Greenlee “The Big G” at WMBA on Saturday Mornings.

    1. Really, Is Frank Greenlee Back On 1460 WMBA? That was the first place I heard him, before he went to WAMO and started breaking chairs like the other jocks would say, and indeed his chair did squeak on the air.

      I see him at concert events in Pittsburgh with his camera, but so far I haven’t barked with him about those days. If he’s on 1460, what time is the show, I’d like to hear it.


  3. Sorry Boomer, I remember listing to him on WMBA Saturday Mornings in the Early 70’s. I Wish he was on.

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