Not confirmed: Mark Madden returning to the airwaves via Clear Channel’s WXDX-FM (105.9). That could be the situation this fall after Madden’s no-compete is up. According to Bob Smizik, sources claim Madden and WEAE (1250) agreed to a buyout after firing him in May after nasty comments regarding Senator Kennedy. The format of the show remains a mystery, but it’s apparent that he’ll take over the 3-7p.m. slot. Smizik figures that Clear Channel will frown upon the attacks he used to place on people such as Myron Cope or Hines Ward.

On the flip side of the token, CC may be looking forward to having Madden for his knowledge and love of the Penguins whose broadcast contract is up with Clear Channel after the upcoming season. His show would be a perfect lead-in. (WEAE (1250) and even KDKA (1020) would love to be able to pick up a sport broadcast contract!)

ALSO NOT CONFIRMED: Meanwhile, on Ardmore Boulevard, rumors have been floating that Jerome Bettis might be a part of the team taking over where Madden left off.

Stay tuned.