mailboxEvery now and again we get mail… and we love it! Here are some recent letters…

Eric, On Thursday May 14th, while WTAE & WPXI’s evening newscasts were full of detailed reports, from on the scene reporters, about that afternoon’s destructive fire in Squirrel Hill, KDKA-TV chose instead to provide major coverage, on their evening news program, of  the capture of a bear in a Monroeville neighborhood.  LOL! -Frances

Eric’s Response: The fire was big news because of the site once being a huge landmark – the once-popular and long-closed Poli Restaurant. – and it happened during news time. That usually grants a story the right to live coverage. I’m not sure either story was worth the constant coverage.

Re: WPXI-DT 3: So, as of April 15 this station was to go live.  I am an OTA’ er and I haven’t yet seen it on the air.  Do you have any information on if and when this may come to pass? Please let me know if you have any information about this. -David

Eric’s Response: David refers to the LAFF Network coming to Cox stations as well as ABC O&Os. So far, WPXI doesn’t list it on their website. We are OTA at work too and I did a rescan of the dial the other day… nothing new. So it could be delayed due to technical reasons. That’s the best I can come up with.

Hey, WPMY updated their profile picture this morning with a new call sign: WPNT. Any confirmation that they changed their call sign? -Joseph

Eric’s Response: The FCC website hasn’t made the change, but might in a couple of days. I did find ONE mention of “WPNT” (which once graced 92.9 FM as a beautiful music station) on a site – – that lists particular channels.