mailboxToday’s e-mail comes from Frances who asks:

Eric, Whose bright idea was it to have the WTAE anchors constantly saying “Pittsburgh’s Action News 4” throughout each newscast? I know what city I’m in & what station I’m watching! The phrase is as annoying as KDKA Radio’s “84 Lumber Project Professional Newsline” said by each host before interviewing their guests. Thankfully, KDKA has stopped doing that.

Eric’s Response: I am not sure who made the decision to call it “Pittsburgh’s Action News 4”. It really is no different than when they said “Channel 4 Action News”. Remember the early 1990’s when they called it “WTAE 4 News”? It’s a slogan… you’ll hear it over and over and soon it will blend into the landscape. It got your attention didn’t it? 

KDKA Radio’s “84 Lumber Project Professional Newsline” is a little different. That’s a sponsorship and had to be said. If someone is willing to sponsor something, anything can be sponsored – product placement. WTAE’s decision to constantly inundate the viewer with “Pittsburgh’s Action News 4” will eventually (or, in your case, immediately) wear thin with viewers. 

2 thoughts on “Mailbag: Constant branding drives viewer (we suspect others, too) nuts

  1. Don’t blame the station so much . Blame the management for hiring a idiot consultant . Consultants get paid to make decisions so management doesnot have to do their job that they are grossly overpaid .

  2. While on the subject of news branding, let me offer this thought on KDKA-TV\’s \”Expect More\” slogan: Is expecting their anchors and reporters to use proper English (witless, ahem, witness their deliberate mispronunciation of \”route\”) expecting too much?

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