It has happened for years. has received Facebook messages and e-mails from people who have the perception that this site has the ability to program local radio stations. Don’t believe that? Neither do I. But maybe some readers feel that there is hope that I can bring their gripes to light. All I can do is try, right?

Today’s message comes from Sarajane, who writes:

I am a faithful listener of KDKA radio for many many years. Your program department needs to listen to Ground Zero on the weekend. I find this show very disturbing and cannot believe they chose this after Dr. Knowledge left. Please, please discontinue this show!! Why is there such a hard time finding local personalities for the later to overnight time slots? Ground  Zero does nothing but upset your listeners. His topics are disturbing and sick, especially overnight!

I told Sarajane that she might want to contact KDKA radio directly (412-920-9400) as her complaint would be heard directly there. However, I suppose I can answer one question in her e-mail.

First of all, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis appears to be a “Coast-to-Coast AM” type show focusing on unusual phenomenae. Lewis is described as “a powerful voice in the field of paranormal news and commentary.” (In other words, probably not a big draw to the average KDKA listener.) The last time the affiliate list was updated in November, it appears that the program airs on most affiliates Monday through Friday.

So back to the question at hand, “Why is there such a hard time finding local personalities for the later to overnight time slots?” The answer is that it’s not difficult to find the local personalities so much as it is more costly to pay them. Why pay one local guy “x” number of dollars to host a show when, for considerably less money, you can buy into a syndicated program? I’m sure it’s not the answer that you (or I) would like to hear, Sarajane. It’s just a harsh reality – even for the “50-Thousand Watt Blowtorch”.