mailboxEvery now and again we get some e-mail. Not as much as we once did, but we’ll take it. When there are questions to be answered, I take my best stab at answering them, but always suspect that there is someone reading this who can do better! So dig into the mailbag with me…

The first question comes from Mary Jane who asks: Did Rose Tennant (of Quinn and Rose) work with O’Brien and Garry in the 1970s?

Eric’s response: I am not sure that Rose Tennent would have worked with O’Brien and Garry in the 70s. Their show began in 75 when Rose would have been 16 or 17. (An article I found suggests that she is currently 56.) It’s possible that she was an intern or something during the late 70s. Truth be told, I don’t know.

Our other comes from Steve who writes: John Sanders.Who did play by play for the pittsburgh pirates.Were is he now?

Eric’s response: He is, according to this Wikipedia page, currently announcing for Big East football and basketball games. How current or accurate that is remains to be seen.

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2 thoughts on “Mailbag

  1. The John Sanders Wikipedia article would appear to be dated, as the Big East is no longer a football conference. The name “Big East” was sold to a group of Catholic universities that participate in basketball only. The sad remains of what was the old Big East are now called The American Conference.

    I did hear someplace that he was living in Cleveland.

    I have no idea either whether Rose Tennant was ever an intern for O’Brien and Garry. But the fact that you don’t know either answers another question I had. You are obviously not related to Larry O’Brien.

    The letter writer may be confusing Rose Tennant with “Intrepid Scout”, who had a similar
    persona on the OB&G show.

    1. I have, for years, referred to OB & G on this site as “O’Brien (no relation) and Garry” just to clear things up. As a youngster I was often asked if my dad’s name was Larry. I would respond with, “No, but I have an Uncle Larry” not realizing that I was being asked if my uncle was Larry O’Brien. (My uncle is actually an “in-law” to our family.)

      I could tell that the Wiki article for John Sanders was dated but it is what it is. I too have heard he was living in Cleveland and I thought he had worked for a TV station there.

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