Bishop Loran Mann of Pentecostal Temple Church of God in Christ told Patrick Cloonan that his church’s radio stations WMNY (1150 New Kensington) and WGBN (1360 McKeesport) are not out of business. The stations have been dealing with Internet connectivity to transmitter sites as well as some apparent electrical issues. The price of repairs is a costly $7000 which can be a challenge for a non-profit.

Mann said he hopes that the stations will be on the air by December 24 which is the 23rd anniversary of WGBN’s first broadcast. They plan on resuming 1360’s nighttime signal in February.

(McKeesport Daily News)

2 thoughts on “Mann: “We are not out of business.”

  1. Why do people even bother with these stations at the high end of the AM dial? They’re throwing money down a rat hole.

  2. Ironically the newspaper that is interviewing Rev. Mann will be out of business before the two radio stations which are the subject of their inquiry.

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