Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien (no, not that Larry O’Brien and no, not a relative of mine) called KDKA’s morning show Wednesday morning to place a bet with Mayor Ravenstahl over who would win that night’s hockey playoff. However, Ravenstahl was unable to make that call due to a staff member resigning amid controversy. Therefore, Mayor O’Brien made a “one-sided” wager with hosts Larry Richert and John Shumway. According to the Ottawa Metro, O’Brien’s bet was going to be that the Mayor with the losing team would have to visit the other’s city and watch the next game wearing the winning team’s jersey. Instead, O’Brien told the morning hosts that if the Senators won the game, the KDKA Morning Show would have to broadcast from his office in Ottawa. The hosts accepted even though some logistics would have to be worked out for broadcasting over the border.

Well…nevermind the logistics. The Pens won that game 4-0.