In my years at WQLN, I discovered the engineering side of broadcasting in-house with some very talented individuals who shared some great stories with me about things that happened at WQLN and life in general. It’s something that I will cherish forever because such engineers paved the way in broadcasting. Another very talented engineer who worked next door at WJET TV for many years was Mike Kobylka. He broke the news to me recently that he left WJET TV / WFXP (Nexstar Broadcasting & Jet Broadcasting before that) where he worked at for 32 years. Mike has moved on across town to Lilly Broadcasting in their engineer department. (Ironically enough, he is not too far from where I work again. This time it’s my Erie job at WMCE “88.5 Jazz FM” at Mercyhurst College.) In addition, he does engineering for various radio stations in the Erie area and crosses paths with fellow engineer and Cool 101.7 station owner Joe Vilkie from time to time. Congratulations and best of luck with your new venture at WICU, WSEE and The CW “WBEP”.