A button commemorating the O’Brien & Garry 13th Anniversary Cruise on the Gateway Clipper.

Cub Reporter Murry has been beating it into PBRTV that yesterday, May 17, marked 20 years since Larry O’Brien (no relation) left the long-time morning team of O’Brien and Garry. The show had been on a few stations in town by that time, but had returned to “The Nifty 12-50 Doublee-T-A-E” for its final lap. John Garry continued to hold forth for a few months and was let go later in 1997.

In related news, Murry also reports that by the end of May, it will have been 30 years since the last song was played on 1250 AM. He maintains that current WPXI weekend weather man, Kevin Benson, was the last to play music on WTAE-AM.

Now you have The Answer to questions you didn’t know you had. (See what I did there?)