Fans of Mister Rogers Neighborhood will have the chance to watch 886 episodes of the program during a marathon on Amazon’s Twitch TV at starting May 15 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern and continuing through June 3. Certain episodes will not air because they have been lost and the week series titled “Conflict” will not be shown. Otherwise the episodes will air in chronological order.

There will be spots in between episodes to encourage viewers to support their local PBS station.


1 thought on “Mister Rogers Marathon starts Monday

  1. Cool, I have good memories of watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, and like seeing his face on the billboard coming back from Cleveland.

    I got into Captain Kangaroo more though, I think the Captain is my real TV hero, and wish some of his shows could be seen again. I wrote to the Captain and sent him a picture of my cat and got a signed photo back from the CBS Broadcast Center, NY.

    My name links to another hero of mine from childhood times, my tribute page.


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