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Fans of locally produced Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood will be pleased to know that episodes are available on Netflix. 20 Episodes have been released on the streaming service and are part of the 52 episodes that PBS has the rights to air. Some network stations – including WQED – air one episode per week.


2 thoughts on “Mister Rogers on Netflix

  1. That’s good, Fred is so well loved by many who saw him in their early, formative years, an important time in life. KQV ran a discussion with someone who worked with Fred at the studio and they were talking about his good qualities and his wife being a real team mate. I’ve heard it twice now, so listen to Groovy ‘QV and it might come around again.

    I watched Mr. Rogers, but the show I really remember was Captain Kangaroo! His name was even my CB handle later on. He was important for me and a lot of kids, Bob Keeshan being against the ‘hard sell’ in children’s programming, but sadly the Captain doesn’t seem to be remembered as well today.

    Maybe it’s because Captain Kangaroo was from an earlier, variety style of programming, so his show is seen as lighter weight fun? I don’t know, but wacky DJs could have leaned from his style of entertainment I’d have to think.


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