The University of Pittsburgh’s Digital Research Library is scanning thousands of historic photographs from various collections, including the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, and Pitt’s own archives.

Begun in 2002, the project was originally funded in part by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Although that original grant has run out, the effort continues with support from various contributors and the University itself.

Here’s a small piece of a photo from the Pittsburgh City Photographer’s collection. The image, snapped on May 13, 1965, shows an animated billboard that promotes Channel 11, then known as WIIC-TV (“The Eyes of Pittsburgh”). To view the complete image, click here.

Unless I miss my guess, the photo was taken on Grant Street near the present site of One Mellon Bank Center (or Bank of New York Mellon or whatever it’s called now), but feel free to add your correction in the comments below.

(We don’t think this photo is copyrighted, since it was taken by a government agency, and we also think publishing a small portion is fair use, but we’re trying to play it safe here. Please, don’t sue us. We’re poor!)