WPGP isn’t the only one applying for a translator at 103.9. but so is Pittsburgh Radio Partners’ WJAS (1320). at 145 watts. WPGP’s version (60 watts) will go on the Hays tower where 1250 is co-located with its old sister 96.1 FM (WKST). WJAS’ idea of a 103.9 translator would go on the tower across Barone Drive where 100.1 (WAMO’s translator) is located. It should be cute to watch this one play out. WJAS’ translator is being moved in from Frank Iorio’s cluster in Warren, PA.

Meanwhile Uniontown’s WMBS (590) applied for a translator at 101.1 (250 watts). If that sounds familiar, that’s the same frequency that WZUM (1550) applied for (99 watts) earlier this year, That should be far enough away for the two to co-exist, particularly since WMBS’ will be an East-West dominant signal. The WMBS translator is being snagged from Canandaigua, New York.