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Classic Mailbag 1998-2007

Back in the “Primitive Era” of PBRTV when we did everything writing what little HTML code we knew, before the days of the “Blog”, PBRTV had a mailbag to which writers could either ask questions or post answers about the local radio and TV scene. Then the head cheese would make attempts at answering the questions while occasionally deferring to others for the answer… and sometimes the answer would come through! When we started using the Blog format in 2007, the Mailbag sorta dwindled off and very occasionally an e-mail question or answer has been included in the blog under the Mailbag category.

When the rebuilding of PBRTV took place in 2012, some question came to mind as to whether or not it was even necessary to include the old mailbag postings. Upon review, it was determined that there is a lot of value as from a historical perspective, these were the things happening during that time. It was also believed that one should post the mailbags as they appeared – completely unedited. Many of us like to think that we’ve grown since then! 🙂 Regardless, we learned from each other and that’s what matters.

Please keep the following in mind when reading the Classic Mailbag.

  • While each page representing a certain month or months of time are listed in chronological order, the mailbag postings on each page are in reverse chronological order. Start at the bottom of the page and work your way up for the best results.
  • Remember that these are vintage posts and please hold the urge to respond. Chances are we discussed/posted the results, if any, long since.
  • Weblinks featured in mail posts may be outdated.
  • In the rare case people sent along a photograph to include in the post, we have made every attempt to restore those photographs.

Have fun, but don’t sit there too long. “Mailbag Overload” may occur.


Classic Mailbag posts starting in March 1999 when our Mailbag officially began through the year 2000.

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2001 – 2003

Mailbag posts from 2001-2003.

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Mailbag posts from 2004-2006.

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