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April 2000

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PBRTV, Under your AM listings,for AM 540 (WWCS) you mispelled the name of the town WWCS is in, it is spelled Canonsburg, not Cannonsburg. I just thought you might want to know this before someone else like me from Canonsburg raises you know what…. Bill A.; April 30, 2000

Eric’s Response: Thank you for not raising “you know what”! I tend not to response if “you know what” is raised! Thanks for the correction!

Hello Eric, Concerning the post about the “business of radio”, I understand why you would probably still be typing a reply. I’ll try to keep it somewhat shorter. That person should vision this: Produce markets that carry only Brussels sprouts; all movie theaters showing “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”; nothing but Honda Civics (or any other make and model) with no A/C or radio for sale at all car dealers. This is what the current “business of radio” is causing to exist on the radio dial. The latest corporate thinking has taken away variety on the dial. A loyal audience doesn’t count anymore if the bean counters don’t think that the station is making ENOUGH money, even though it may be doing very well financially. All station licenses are periodically up for renewal. All of these large corporate owners would do well to realize that that license carries a certain amount of responsibility with it; it’s not just business. That license is a privilege which can be taken away. I voice my displeasure with the disappearing “Soft AC” format by tuning away, usually below 92MHz. I don’t listen to WFRE (country), WGAY or WJJJ (Jammin Oldies), or soon, WWMD when they go country. Besides, I’m within a few years of leaving that hallowed 25-54 age group, so they probably don’t really care, anyway. And these people wonder why there is so much pressure to open up room for LPFM. I’m sure that the fear is not so much that the LPFM stations will cause adjacent/alternate channel interference (which will probably happen in some instances), but that all of the people whose favorite format has been tossed aside due to the “business of radio” will quit listening to their stations and tune to the new LPFM stations. Thanks for the soapbox. Howard; April 27, 2000

Eric’s Response: Thanks Howard, I don’t think I could have said it better myself!

Dear Eric, Saturday nights have returned once again to Dick Bartley and his show “Rock & Roll’s Greatest Hits,” (http://www.dickbartley.com/rock__rolls_greatest_hits.htm) a 5-hour nationwide request oldies show. As you may remember, 3-W-S carried Dick’s previous show, “The Saturday Night Rock & Roll Oldies Party” through January of ’91, when it was dropped by his network. On the weeks following the show’s departure from the air, we flew Dick in to host a Pittsburgh-only version of his show on the first Saturday night (he wasn’t doing anything that night for the first time in years!). The Saturday after that, the Saturday night request show was hosted by the late Wolfman Jack, who was in town as part of a Roots Of Rock & Roll concert that weekend! A couple of very special weeks, indeed. The third week, I began hosting the “3-W-S Saturday Night Oldies Party,” which continued until two weeks ago. With Penguin hockey taking up most Saturday nights during the Pens regular season, we held off on bringing Dick back until the Pens were off of Saturdays. Dick’s been producing a variety of award-winning syndicated oldies shows since the 80s, and is widely recognized as one of the leaders in oldies radio. More on DB: http://www.dickbartley.com/dick_bartley.htm We plan to continue playing oldies on both the AM and FM, so that nothing is ever missed upon entering a Pittsburgh tunnel! Sincerely, – Kenny Woods 3-W-S (Always hyphenated!) Radio; April 27, 2000

Eric’s Response: Much thanks to Kenny for writing that little blurb up for PBRTV. I guess all those rumors about 970 turning to sports anytime soon can be laid to rest!

You say KDKA is as usual staying out of the “contest” business. Yet they have the biggest contest of all, the Pennsylvania Lottery! I wonder how much they charge for the nearly five minutes of commercials before the lottery drawings as people begin to drift over to channel 2 to see if they realized the great American dream. But, for the sake of argument, let’s say KDKA-TV, as they brag, don’t have contests to gain viewers. Then how do they explain the fact that their radio station, KDKA-AM gives something away every ten minutes to gain listeners? Is KD’s dominance of the radio waves due to their 50,000 watts of power, and not the quality of their programming? If given 50K of power, would not Doug Hoerth be the most popular talk show host in the area? Not to mention 38 states and two thousand something counties? I wonder why once a year, Congress tries to pass an amendment to the Constitution to make it a crime to burn the American Flag, yet they turn their back on the butchering of the National Anthem, the latest, and one of the “best” butchering jobs I ever heard, was Christina Augilera’s version at the Pirates’ season opener. Hear that noise? That was Francis Scott Key turning over in his grave. I notice you still say you find sports boring. I disagree with you on that. Unless you throw in the NBA! When talk turns to that, I turn to the dial on my radio. Goodbye WEAE, hello something else. Unless the something else is Dr. Laura. Then I’ll talk to myself. Keep up the good work! Take care, Tom; April 22, 2000

Eric’s Response: You have to remember that KDKA’s “contest” is statewide. The PA Lottery really doesn’t garner people to watch their news. That’s why they can say they don’t have contests. Think about it this way, all stations will air the lottery numbers within a few minutes of the live drawing. In fact, the Post-Gazette will have it the next morning. The contests the other two TV stations run are for the benefit of their respective newscasts. Created specifically for them (and a plethora of other stations around the U.S.!)

Eric, I’ve noticed your preference for what used to be called “Soft AC” in Washington on WGAY, and for that format coming to Pittsburgh. You are correct that WGAY cracked the Top 10 12+ in Washington, but the business of radio is done in the 25-54 age group (and younger). While WGAY may have had a larger audience overall, the Jammin’ Oldies successor no doubt performs better demographically, and that means higher rates and more revenue for the owner, AM-FM/Clear Channel. I’m sure WJJJ is billing more now than when they were Smooth Jazz. Remember, radio is a business first! April 22, 2000

Eric’s Response: I could comment here…but it would take way too long….

Hello kind folks in the Quaker Valley. This is KennyBurns@dcrtv.com. I recently heard KQV All News 1410 during the week. They sound great. They have the 1010 (clap) WINS New York sounders. Their Traffic Sounders, is the old WTOP Traffic Sounder from the time I started listening to the station 10 years ago this summer. Unfortunately, their website needs work. It just talks about the station, doesn’t really have any news on it. Who owns KQV? I know that KDKA is going to be hard to beat because that’s the station everyone remembers but I think KQV can do much better than it can be. This is the rebirth of NewsRadio, they should capitalize. P. Kenny Burns http://kennyburns.tripod.com April 20, 2000

Eric’s Response: KQV is owned by Calvary Broadcasting which is under the powers of Bob Dickey.

Eric, I have heard a few things I thought you might want to hear about. Sara Trexler’s stay in Pittsburgh is going to prove to be a short one. Her husband landed a job in Charlotte. I have heard that she didn’t get so much as a bite from any station in town. Their loss. She is a professional’s professional. John Garabo finally found another job, with the CBS country station in Fresno, California. He starts Monday. AMFM/Clear Channel is on the verge of signing new three year deal with the Penguins for radio rights. Would fit perfectly if they are serious about signing 970 up with soon to be launched FoxSports Radio net (tenative date June/July). I have heard that Steel City Media has also made offer, but it’s unlikely the Pens will take it. April 18, 2000

pbrtv, when is mix 96.1 (WPHH) going to change? The Hot AC is obviously not gonna work,why keep trying? Is the AMFM CLear Channel deal halting a change? What format will u think it take over? And 100.7 WZPT will probaly eventually change from its Hot AC too,do u know what may happen to them too? OR what if the Froggy idea doesnt work? Will 98.3 WZKT/WESA,103.5 WRKY or 94.9 WASP go back to their old forms someday? Speaking of Froggy…just by most house,a new billboard was just put up…advertising Froggy 103.5 saying “Washington County’s Hometown Station”…..is this a sign of them moving into Washington County? April 17, 2000

Eric’s Response: Well, I can’t say anything I don’t know. Obviously AMFM execs feel the need to continue broadcasting Mix. It has possibilities, but the numbers (at least in the 12+ trends) are just not good, I agree. I am not sure if the pending deal includes no format changes until after the merger or not. Not being a miracle worker or having a Crystal ball, I can not tell you what their choice would be to switch to. Something soft would be nice. WZPT — no change. It really is not a Hot AC format. It’s focus is on the past two decades as well as today. Mostly when I’ve turned it on, I’ve noticed more of the past. But I don’t see much of a change. Just perhaps updates and fine tuning of the format as the years progress. As for Froggy, who knows. I don’t think it will last forever. I think that many people will find that the format can’t beat the more mature-sounding Y108. I am not sure if the stations would go back to their original formats, but it would most certainly be logical. It’s what worked for so many years.


Eric, I believe the Pirates game broadcasts are web accessible through the official team website: www.pirateball.com. At least they were last year. VS; April 15, 2000

Eric: Nice to see some mailbag feedback on the KDKA photos I sent you. As for the question on AM 1320 in the DC area. The closet station I know of is WGET 1320 AM (http://www.wget.com) in Gettysburg, PA. I do not understand why DCRTV doesn’t list this station when it does list 1280 WHVR from Hanover, PA. Also, do you know of any Internet boardcasts of the Pirates? A year ago, the Baltimore Sun, featured an article about computers. One item in the article was about a Pirate fan who listened to the games in Maryland over the internet. I have yet to find any stations broadcasting the games this year. Are the Pirates or KD restricting the internet broadcasts? WBAL broadcasts the Orioles over the internet so I don’t think that MLB is restricting such broadcasts. I get great pleasure from afar in following your fine work about the Pittsburgh media. Keep up the fine effort, we all appreciate the information. April 14, 2000

Eric’s Response: I am not sure if the Pirates have any restrictions or not on broadcasting online. It could very well be. I have not heard anything of that nature though.

Hey Eric, Thought I’d drop you a line, since you’re always, well, asking for e-mail! Actually I do have TWO questions, (two for now at least!) 1st, Have you heard any rumors about anyone leaving B94? — Just curious, since they’ve been making some changes, and 2nd, Don’t know if you’ll know anything about this, but since you’re a DC boy at heart, was wondering if you knew anything about WBGO 1320. It’s down there somewhere. I think it’s NPR, was looking for a web page or something. Thought if anybody knew, you might. I check your page daily! You’re the only one who seems to know what you’re talking about. Thanks for having the page! -Amanda; April 13, 2000

Eric’s Response: I haven’t heard anything about anyone leaving B-94. I doubt that they’ll be getting rid of anyone soon. As for WBGO, it’s in Newark, NJ. As I presumed, there is no AM 1320 in Washington…or near Washington. (Check out DCRTV for more details.) However, a websearch via Google.com showed that WBGO is at 88.3 FM in Newark. Remember that 88-92 on the FM dial is allotted for Public Radio. Thank you for having faith in PBRTV!

The Funniest person is Pittsburgh Contest is still looking for four more contestants. We want to open the contest with twenty contestants. We currently have 16 people signed up. The two winners will be given a chance to perform for Comedy Relief-Pittsburgh III which benefits the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food bank. For information call the Funnybone at 412-281-3140 April 11, 2000

Eric, Here are some tips for PBRTV readers to keep up with changes to the FCC’s engineering databases. First, the FCC has apparently decided to change the way they post engineering data to the public. The amdata.dat, fmfxeng.dat, and tvdb.dat files that have been extracted for years are now no longer being updated. What’s still available at www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Mass_Media/Databases/index.html was last updated February 24th. This means that many of the neat search engines (including the FCC’s AMquery, FMquery, and TVquery) that returned relevant technical information are no longer current (try searching for WOGI to see what I mean). The place to go is the CDBS Public Access link of the Mass Media Bureau’s web page http://svartifoss.fcc.gov:8080/prod/cdbs/pubacc/prod/cdbs_pa.htm. What you get back is just the legal information about a station – nothing technical like the coordinates of the transmitter location or authorized power. The database tables that support the CDBS can be downloaded, but be ready to create a relational database if you want to do something simple like associate a call sign with a transmitter location. I had to link 4 tables for AM stations, and 3 tables each for TV and FM stations to put together what used to be in one table per service. GRR! On LPTV and FM translator call signs: FM translator call signs are of the format (here in the east): W[channel]XX where [channel] is the FM channel (200 = 87.9, 201 = 88.1, 202 = 88.3…) and XX are sequentially assigned. LPTV stations initially were all given similarly styled calls (W[channel]XX), so the first LPTV licensed on channel 61 would be W61AA. LPTV operators objected to the clunky nature of that kind of call, so the FCC now will issue WXXX-LP style calls when requested. Regards, Dave Loudin; April 10, 2000

Eric, as an employee of WTAE/WXKX “back in the day”, let me assure you that Ted Atkins tried just about everything to improve WTAE’s coverage, including a rumored talk with WWVA about moving 1170 to Pittsburgh and switching 1250 to Wheeling (which obviously didn’t happen) and trying to secure the allocation on 1200 which eventually went to New Castle. I remember the WEEP application for 1070 very well, since a friend of mine was working for WQIO 1060 in Canton, Ohio, which had filed an application to move to Canal Fulton with 1,000 watts days and 500 watts night on 1070. WEEP filed on top of them and, ultimately, neither one was built. I believe the WEEP directional array called for ELEVEN towers! On the subject of Smooth Jazz, some people call it “easy listening for yuppies” and there’s some truth to that, but it has a much larger African-American audience than any elevator-music station would. Finally, I enjoyed the historic info on W47P; where do I find a copy of “When Radio Was Young”? Regards, Clarke; April 8, 2000

Eric’s Response: To answer your question, I am not 100% positive that “When Radio Was Young” is still in print. If it is, it’s on round 2. I found my copy at Borders, so I imagine if it is out there, that would be a good place to start. I commend it to all readers. It will have 5 microphones on the cover that each have personality. One for KQV, WJAS, KDKA, KQV and WCAE.

Hey Eric, Great job on your site! I check it almost everyday. I feel sorry for the people of Connelsville, PA who depended on WCVI for local news and information. It’s a shame that the owner couldn’t handle the station properly. I hope that someone will come in and buy the station so that it can be fully operational again. Down here in the Morgantown, WV most everyone depends on WAJR-AM for information. So I know what it’s like to be attached to a local station. Jon; April 7, 2000

Eric’s Response: I certainly hope that it will be someone who doesn’t believe in redundant formats and keeps them community stations!

Interesting page about Pittsburgh TV stations..But Im still trying to find some things out: Do you know the callsigns for channels 61, 35, or 69 in Pittsburgh? Is 63 still WNEU? The FCC database doesnt have a record of that sign but there is home shopping on 63 still. April 6, 2000

Eric’s Response: WNEU is actually legally W63AU. That’s how the FCC id’s it. Also how we ID it on our transmitter page. 61 is W61CC, 35 is W35AZ, 69 is W69OC. These three signals come from WQED’s tower. Most low power stations have callsigns like these.

Eric, Can’t believe how long this topic has gone on but… Larry O’Brien was (and probably still is) married to a woman named Winkie Miller, who was an actress in the area and also did a lot of commercials. That’s Winkie, not Winnie. VS; April 6, 2000

Eric’s Response: Please don’t confuse her with a popular local fast-food restaurant chain no longer in existence. The most popular one was in Wilmerding…or was it? What does this have to do with anything?

Back to the KDKA-FM discussion of some weeks ago…According to “Broadcasting the Local News” by Lynn Hinds, 1,000 FM stations, including KDKA-FM, were in operation by 1948. But by 1952, 475 FM licenses had been returned to the FCC. In “When Radio Was Young,” Bill Beal, Alice Sapienza-Donnelly and Rick Harris write that Pittsburgh’s first FM station, W47P, was owned by WWSW. It went on the air at 44.7 MHz in the old band Aug. 29, 1941, from a transmitter in Fineview. From checking an old road map, I suspect it was at WPXI-TV’s current site. The inaugural show consisted of music from the “NYA Chorus” and Buzz Aston’s Orchestra, along with an “effective demonstration on the history of radio” by scientists from Buhl Planetarium. WWSW and W47P also operated an FM demonstration booth at the county fair in South Park. The article reproduced in the book notes “Frank R. Smith Jr., general manager of WWSW … long ago became convinced of the practicality of FM broadcasting” and describes FM’s resistance to “clicks, buzzes and roars of electric motors, dial telephones, X-ray machines, vacuum sweepers and other electrical devices.” P.S. Bill, Alice and Rick are involved with the National Museum of Broadcasting and they’re looking for help to save the Conrad Garage in Wilkinsburg. Jason Togyer; April 6, 2000

Eric’s Response: Yes I have both books and they are a great wealth of info. Incidentally, Lynn Hinds of course hosted AM Pittsburgh at Channel 4 many moons ago with Cathy Milton and Al McDowell. I think he hosted the “Pennsylvania Game” for a while too and is an ordained minister now.

Winnie the Who? Larry O’Brien’s wife’s name is Winnie….same Winnie? April 5, 2000

Dear Eric: Some comments and answers to questions on your most recent mailbag posts: There was a Tribune-Review article printed 8/12/98 titled “Gee, what happened to WTAE?” You can click search on the triblive.com page and on the archive page, enter WGAE as a keyword to read the article. I was tuned in for the final minutes of WRKY and I heard the first “Froggy” ID as WOGE. I was surprised to punch in a few weeks later and hear WOGH. I don’t know the reason for the change, but I can vouch that it was WOGE for a time. I was also checking WOMP 100.5 and WELA 104.3 that night because Keymarket is said to have taken them over, too, and I wanted to see if there were any changes on those two stations, but they were the same, even the next day. WEAE is required to run directional from the average monthly sunset time to the average monthly sunrise time in order to reduce their signal in the direction of other 1250 stations to the approximate south, southwest, and west to avoid interference with them in their local coverage areas. “Intrepid Scout” was Winnie Bricker who if I recall correctly was a programming secretary. I agree with your mailbag writer that Kathy Kerestes was “Newsette” and “Mon Valley Minnie.” I believe she had radio roots at the now-defunct (at least as far as local programming goes) Charleroi station. April 5, 2000

About O’Brien and Garry’s Intrepid Scout — her real name was Winnie Bricker and she worked at the station in some behind the scenes capacity. She used to come into the studio on occasion and they started calling her Intrepid Scout. Eventually, she was encouraged to chime in on the air and her role on the show grew. She wound up doing some commercials and was in AFTRA. April 5, 2000

wrky was woge from feb 29 to mar 8,about 1 week. why did they change it again? did forever want woge for another station to change to froggy? or was it in use by another station somewhere else? i know the letter sit.cuz i have been a loyal listener to them,cuz they are they only fm station w/ a good morning show i can pick up on my entire commute from washington to morgantown.i started them cuz i knew a friend who used to work for them, but now works at wxbq in bristol,tenn. what is with this station i pick up at 92.3? they play rock and new pop,kind of like the old z98. i never picked them up at all before. is this a new station or just a thing because of the weather? what is 96.1 wphh is gonna be after they desert mix? alternative and rap (i mean urban music)? April 4, 2000

Eric’s Response: I don’t know why they changed again. Perhaps the callsign wasn’t free and it was the one they preferred. Then hazaaah it was available. As for the station on 92.3 I am not sure. It could be a small college operation or on a rare case…a PIRATE! Now as for Mix 96.1, let’s not go placing bets on a change yet, there is no announcement as to whether or not it will happen. Considering the children on their new commercials, who knows just yet. Give them time….

Eric, maybe you are finally coming around to the way of thinking from a dcrtv poster who said “Smooth jazz’ beats “Jammin’ Oldies” in most markets. maybe 96.1 or 100.7 would like to try it. Looked at some 25-54 numbers from tampa and NYC and “Smooth jazz” still beats “Jammin’ Oldies” (and I think the same scenario might be happening in DC too) . easy listening the way you like it may have died but “Smooth Jazz” is almost identical to easy listening. Oh yeah, the No. 1 station in Tampa- an easy listening station. April 4, 2000

Eric’s Response: Well no I didn’t really disagree with that guy. It just didn’t have the chance to “beat” Jammin’ Oldies in Pittsburgh since the station that was Smooth Jazz became Jammin’ Oldies. However, Smooth Jazz really isn’t Easy Listening. It is probably the closest thing, but I consider it a mild R&B format. Don’t ask me why. It’s just not “distilled” versions of the hits. Easy Listening isn’t soft rock either. Easy Listening is instrumental and very soft vocal tracks. The reason it’s number 1 in Tampa is because many retirees are in Florida. There are a large number of Easy stations there.

Eric, There’s been a small bit of confusion in the mailbag concerning the call sign of the Froggified WRKY Stuebenville. A search through the FCC records shows that everybody was right! The station’s call sign history is WRKY -> WOGE -> WOGH. I’m not sure how long the WOGE calls stuck – maybe 2 weeks? Dave; April 4, 2000

Eric’s Response: Yes, I think it was that IF they were lucky. Apparently, I had read somewhere that it happened during the change from WTAE – WEAE. For a time it was WGAE. (Must have been overnight though…I never knew it!)


Perhaps I should start an advertisment page, but for now I will stick this in the Mailbag. Enjoy

Comedy Relief Pittsburgh 2000 is looking for the funniest amateur comedian in Pittsburgh. The contest will take place on APril 18 and 25 at the Funnybone in Station Square. The two winners will be given a spot on COmedy Relief-Pittsburgh on April 30. The event benefits the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. For information call the Funnybone at 412-281-3130

Fathead’s Saloon and WDVE have come on board as sponsors of Pittsburgh Comedy Relief III. The event, in it’s third year, raises money for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and will be held on Sunday, April 30, 2000 at the Funnybone Comedy Club. For additional information please call the Funnybone at 412-281-3130.

Eric, Dennard’s a little off-base on why WEAE goes directional at night. Groundwave propagation has nothing to do with it – protecting the groundwave service area of another station has everything to do with it. It is true that the groundwave signals of AM stations on the upper end of the dial do not propagate as well as those on the lower end, but 5000 watts on 1250 is not *that* bad. I’d rather have 5000 watts on 540 kHz, though! Dave; April 3, 2000

Eric’s Response: Here’s to our Transmitter expert!

Eric…Now that the Winter Part 2’s are out, you have to wonder when one of Pittsburgh’s FOUR AC’s are going to bow out. It seems that 96.1 would be the logical station to try something different (again). Why not CHR/Rhythmic? This format would bridge the gap between WAMO, with its inferior signal, and B-94, which has always leaned a little Pop/ Alternative. Country may also work for Clear Channel/AMFM at 96.1, but I think B-94 is much more vulnerable than Y-108, especially with a hip youth-oriented morning show on 96.1. Any other thoughts? April 3, 2000

Eric’s Response: Mix is definitely the one I would assume will be making the tweaks and changes first. I would personally like to see something in this venue that isn’t hit music of today or soft rock. We have enough of that…and country, blah, probably not. Pretty much Y108 is our Country Powerhouse. Perhaps something formulated for people with headaches?

Eric, A correction to Eric’s column on Kathy Kerestes and your mention of same: She was not “Scout.” Scout, originally Intrepid Scout, was another woman who worked at the station. The nicknames O’Brien and Garry stuck Kathy with were “Newsette” and (very early) “Mon Valley Minnie. Vic; April 3, 2000

Eric’s Response: The only thing wrong here is the fact that it’s “Jason’s column”. Does anyone know who Scout was?

WEAE will never have monster numbers ala KDKA because of the signal. No,it’s not like they can boost it up to 50,000 watts and cause fits for Gateway center. Stations that are between 1100-1500 will have problems with the ground reception,which could explain why a 5000 watter has to direct some of their antennas at night. If ABC was smart,they would have found a way to buy WWNL-AM’s old CP for 1070AM 50,000 watts-days and 10,000 watts-nights and move the sports format there. The other thing is that unless ESPN makes Mario a radio offer that he can’t refuse,the only p-b-p games that they will have will be Penn State sports, Crossefire Lacrosse and ESPN product. It’ll be a given that WEAE will compete with WWSW-AM/FM for next season’s Penguin radio rights and get a FM partner (RRK-FM or WXDX-FM) to help out as well. As far as the content goes…you could have ended up with the incredibly cheesy Radio Disney format on 1250. If I’m not mistaken,the PBRTV editor wished that it would come here,but to be honest,it would have died bigtime because Pittsburgh doesn’t have the youthful demos and 1250’s reception in certain areas would have made the idea horrible. WYEP would have gotten more listeners to the station if 1250 went overboard with teenpop. As for Madden,well you could have had an idiot like J.T. the Brick,who makes it a sport to bash Steeler QBs and allows for unfounded rumours about QBs to go on the airwaves. Madden,may be an idiot at times,but there’s real audio and sports shows nationwide that don’t insult the IQ untill Stan Savran comes on. There’s a few sports-talk alternatives here,like Eddie Jefferies on 16Talk (WCXJ-AM),but he’s on the weekends. food for thought….if you want a city,where there’s more sports talk than actual talk,go to Kansas City. Dennard Summers; April 3, 2000

Eric’s Response: The only reason I would rather have Radio Disney is because I think sports is boring…but I’m only being honest!

Eric — Couple of comments on things that appeared on the site. Lynne Margolis stated in Radio Digest that maybe Internet radio listening is having an impact on flat local ratings. No chance. Internet listening simply isn’t a factor at this point. It’s still too obscure and erratic to have any influence at all. Dennard pointed out — correctly — that an all-sports station can make money despite poor overall numbers because it delivers male demos. True enough. WFAN/New York is one of the highest billing stations in the country and it has average numbers at best. However….two big reasons for their ability to sell spots are Imus in the morning and the play-by-play of high profile sports teams like the Mets. WEAE doesn’t have a high-powered AM drive show and it doesn’t have any important play-by-play. With its minimal local content, it’s a tough sell and its local programming generally stinks. How many major advertisers want to be associated with embarrassing programming like Madden? All he does is repeat all the catch phrases from wrestling and insult callers. It’s the wrong show for a town that takes sports as seriously as Pittsburgh does. The only thing saving him is real sports fans know that Tolo is a complete fraud who knows nothing. The only appeal the Madden show has is for junior high boys who can’t get dates — just like the host. Vic; April 1, 2000