March 1999 – October 1999

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It sounds that The New Point’s playlist only covers a certain number of years. If its more than 15 years old, then they drop it from the playlist. Personally I liked it the way it was before. Was there a ratings issue at stake or was the PD bored and decided to make a change? (regarding previous post)I believe KDKA’s top of the hour tone is synchronized with GPS (Global Positioning System) time, which is of course “dead on”. Do other radio stations in Pittsburgh stil use the top of the hour tone? I know for many years that WWSW (3WS 94.5 and 970) had it for quite some time. Dave P.; October 29, 1999

Eric’s Response: Check the latest Radiodigest listing for info on The New Point. I think it’s a valid purpose and it at least should help the station a little. WWSW still uses the tone at the top of the hour. Usually it hits just after, just before or during the legal ID.

Eric, I don’t know if this qualifies for your mailbag, but the quartz watches and the digital clocks are extemely accurate in keeping time. I have one of those atomic clocks, and according to it, the KDKA-AM hourly time tone is perfect. It beeps on the HOUR: 00 MINUTES: 00 SECONDS. For those who want their VCR clocks, and all others to be “right on”, this is the way to set them. Take care, Tom Kanhofer; October 28, 1999

Eric, (I’m respoinding to both you and an earlier email) I now consider the NEW POINT @100.7 a Pop/Alternative. A what/Who you say?! A Pop/Alternative! Yes, as you (Eric) mentioned it’s in-between B94 and Mix 96.1. It doesn’t skew too young (the promo that kicked off the station even mentioned that the “kiddie stuff” i.e Backstreet Boys should be relegated to one’s private CD Collection) or too old (Channel 97, Wish, Lite and 3WS would eat it alive). So where does a station that used to just play “The Hits of the 70’s & 80’s”, then “the 70’s 80’s and 90’s” (I see a theme here: Remember Gold 96/Variety/The River?)and then just wanting to play only the “Rock Songs of the 70’s 80’s & 90’s” (although I don’t consider the majority of Phil Collins’ hits from the 80’s Rock–they were true blue Brit Pop! The Point goes where The River started to go. It just doesn’t call itself Modern Hits. You also have to look at the politics of the station. It’s owned by Infinity–they would be crazy to hurt their cash cow, B94. So bringing back Mix Jamz or any form of CHR/Rhythmic was a remote possibility at best. Pop/Alternative works like any format, if done right. Look at WBMX/Boston, KYSR/Los Angeles, KLLC San Francisco, and WTMX/Chicago. They’re categorized as Hot AC, which is essentially Adult top 40. But their sound is more acousitc, more guitars and strings, not rhythm, like a Lou Bega or a Ricky Martin. Infinity’s NEW POINT should give Mix 96.1 a run for its money, therefore protecting B94. Hey, it’s happened here before! Remember five years ago when there were 4 (count ’em) FOUR Country stations, and only one survived? The fact that only Pittsburgh’s Heritage Country Station, Y108, entered the fight and came out unscathed was by design, not accident! The same factors are coming into play again. Protect your baby (in this case B94) by dividing and conqueruing its opponent Mix 96.1. How well it works, though, only time will tell. John; October 28, 1999

Eric’s Response: You hit it right on the nose John!

Hi, Eric. I’m currently a student at Syracuse University. I am from Pittsburgh and am quite interested in radio. Anyway, what can you tell me about The Point’s format flip? Is there any way you could have an audio clip of the format change available on the web site? Or, could you tell me what was said to put it on the air? Who explained it? So, if The Point is going to compete with Mix, does that mean that B94 will go a bit more rhythmic? You have a great web page. Sincerely, Josh; October 27, 1999

Eric’s Response: I really don’t see what the big hoop-de-doo is about the Point’s flip to be honest with you. The big thing I noticed is that they were just upgrading the format that was there already! Basically, they did a little routine about Y2K testing and how the format “failed” to be Y2K compatible. Then, while talking about change, they shared a bunch of clips of famous events throughout history and then what the change was with the station. I think the format will basically take all the “unwanted” hits of “yesterday” (last week) from B-94 and keep them alive and kicking. The amazing thing is the format sounds like it’s a cross between AC and CHR! Very interesting I must say! Incidentally, we don’t have a sound clip on the site. We are somewhat technologically minded at PBRTV, but not enough to add sound clips I’m afraid!

Why does WPGH the local Fox station not show NFL football games? Today, Sunday at 1:00 no game is being shown. Why? When Fox has the doubleheader day WPGH only shows one game. No football on Fox I don’t watch Fox. Robert Leighton; October 24, 1999

Eric’s Response: Anyone have any idea?

Dave, I have noticed that some of the penguins games lately are on WNPA channel 19, instead of Fox Sports Pittsburgh. Is this just for some games, or is this for all of the games now? The first few games were on FSP. I am a pens fan, and I can *barely* pick up WNPA up here in slippery rock. I have satellite, and I get FSP. I would be VERY upset if the pens are only going to be on WNPA!! =) I dont much like the idea of taking the radio broadcasts off of WWSW-FM, because I dont get WWSW-AM where I live. October 20, 1999

Eric’s Response: I did hear of something regarding WNPA as the “new home” of the Pens. I have no idea why. I guess I’ll have to suggest that you move closer! Maybe “Slimy Pebble” needs to get a big dish! Oh yeah…I’m Eric, Dave is the other guy!

ERIC, EXCUSE THE CAPS, I’M NOT SHOUTING, I’M JUST MAKING IT EASIER FOR MY REPLIES TO BE DISTINGUISHED FROM YOUR MUSINGS ! ! ! Well Thursday (10/21) makes a year! One year since PBRTV began as a teeny-tiny sub-division of DCRTV on the Internet. So in celebration, I write to you today some of the things I’d like to see in PBRTV’s future…instead of focusing on the past! I’LL HAVE WJAS PLAY THE ANNIVERSARY WALTZ FOR YOU. 1. MORE EMAIL! I know I get more visitors than just a select few. Don’t be shy, send me some email! OK, I’LL SEND EMAIL. 21. Renda Broadcasting should buy the competition! Yup, just Lite FM though. Obviously, WSHH continues to beat out WLTJ. So, why not buy WLTJ and simulcast WJAS on 92.9? I think the 1320 format would do very well on FM…it does extremely well on AM! REMEMBER, MOST OF THE WJAS MUSIC IS MONAURAL. PUTTING IT ON STEREO FM WOULD BE A WASTE OF THE STATION’S CAPABILITY. BUT, MAYBE THEY’RE PREPARING TO DO THIS, READ NEXT COMMENT ON WJAS. Oh and while we’re improving, let’s at least dump part of the seven hours of Delilah. Why not start her at 9 PM when she really begins her show live from Seattle. I have noticed that in many cases, the last two hours aired (Midnight to 2 AM) is the first two hours (7-9PM) the next night. 7-Midnight was more than enough! I FIND MORE AND MORE PEOPLE TURNING OFF WJAS! IT SEEMS LIKE THEY CHANGED THEIR FORMAT. OH SURE, THEY STILL PLAY OLD TUNES, BUT NOT THE ORIGINAL RECORDINGS. THEY ARE PLAYING MORE AND MORE “COVERS”. I WANT TO HEAR “YOU BELONG TO ME” BY JO STAFFORD, NOT BY SOME TWELVE PIECE “BIG BAND” I NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE. 2. Only put Penguin Hockey on AM 970 WWSW! Let’s let FM continue to provide us with “Good Times and Great Oldies!” There’s something about a game being on AM that Pittsburgh likes anyway. After all, DVE has Steeler football but AM 970 carries it too…for those who like the AM sound. THINK THE STEELERS ON DVE IS GREAT! THEY HAVE GREAT STEREO SOUND. TURN THE TV SOUND DOWN, AND IT’S LIKE HAVING MYRON, BILL AND TUNCH IN THE ROOM WITH YOU. I EVEN CALLED THE STATION TO TELL THEM HOW MUCH I ENJOYED THEIR BROADCASTS OF THE GAMES. THEY TOLD ME THEY WERE GOING TO TRY SOME OTHER THINGS, LIKE MIKING THE STADIUM SO THE SOUND MOVES WITH THE ACTION. 3. It’s about time for full-blown Easy Listening to return. Dentists prepare your offices and get ready to drill to the smooth sounds of Stanley Black, John Gregory, The Living Strings and more! Now I have no idea who could market it best, but maybe WYEP would like to give up its mish-mash and provide us with a public supported Easy Listening format! NO WAY! THE LIVING STRINGS ARE PLAYED ON OTHER STATIONS. WYEP CHANGES IT’S FORMAT, AND THERE GOES JOHN PRINE, JOHN McCUTCHEON, ALISON KRAUSE, MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER, CELTIC MUSIC, BLUEGRASS MUSIC, ETC. THEY ARE THE ONLY SOURCE OF THE MUSIC THAT A LOT OF PEOPLE LIKE TO HEAR. Let’s do something about Jammin Oldies. For instance, if it has to be kept, could we please enlarge the rotation? Every time I turn it on, it seems like I’m tuned into the Designer Jeans Disco Hour. This is what we gave up Smooth Jazz for?! YOU ASK 100 PITTSBURGHERS TO NAME A SONG BY LED ZEPPELIN, AND YOU’LL GET 100 “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” AND THE FUNNY THING ABOUT IT IS, THIS SONG WAS NEVER RELEASED AS A SINGLE. OLDIES? YOU WANT OLDIES? DOUG HOERTH, 6-12 EVERY SUNDAY ON WJAS. BEST OLDIES SHOW IN THE AREA, BAR NONE. 5. If there is a weather emergency, for Heaven sake, INTERRUPT THE PROGRAMMING AND TELL US! If you see a Tornado heading toward Mt. Washington, shouldn’t we have the right to know about it? The Emergency Alert System isn’t just there to be tested. There is a reason behind these things. People will get over their missed programs! AND WHAT’S WRONG WITH FM STATIONS HAVING NEWS REPORTS? MY WIFE LISTENS TO WDUQ, WQED, ETC.. (EXTREME EXAMPLE FOLLOWS) SHE’LL COME HOME FROM WORK, I’LL ASK HER, “HEY, ABOUT THAT TERRORIST ATTACK ON THE WHITE HOUSE?” “OH? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? I DIDN’T HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT IT!” 6. How about some decent syndicated programming on our TV stations? The sit-coms are great, but these talk shows make me sick! It’s a wonder I don’t turn the TV on much anymore. I’m not saying it all has to be Mr. Rogers, but how many versions of Sally Jesse Raphael can you stand before you’ve seen enough cleavage and children being shipped off to boot camp? How bad is it when the rest of the shows do the same thing? How much of the fake stuff can you stand anyway? WHAT WE NEED ARE MORE “JUDGE SOMEBODY” SHOWS. Well, there’s my feedback. Keep up the good work! Take care, Tom Kanhofer; October 19, 1999

Eric’s Response: Part of the latest Eric’s Musings is featured in this email. However, if anyone can find me a station in town that plays the Living Strings, I will be VERY surprised…and WJAS does NOT play the Living Strings!

My name is Dan Matthews. I was a part-timer in various capacities at WKEG-AM (1110) Washington, PA, WEEP-AM (1080), Y97 (now WRRK) and WLTJ from 1980-1991. I now reside in Clearwater, FL and I’m glad to see someone doing a page like this for Pittsburgh. I enjoy the Tampa Bay Radio news page which has existed in this market as well. A few comments on your latest opinions….one possible impact of Clear Channel’s acqisition of AMFM could be the evolution of AM970 into a real station. Clear Channel owns Premiere Radio networks ( aresult of the Jacor merger), and in other markets has yanked properties like Rush Limabaugh and Dr. Laura from competing stations….for instance, this will happen in Orlando 1/1/2000 (assuming that other little event goes well) as Cox’s WDBO loses both shows to CCC’s WWNZ. Sports has also been rumored as a potential format for 970, and Premiere also syndicates Jim Rome. As to Renda potentially acquiring some or all of the Frischling properties, I’d hate to see it personally…most of the people I worked with a LTJ are still there 8 years later…unheard of in this business!!!!!! But if I owned WRRK I would take Quinn’s show and have it serve as the lead-in to a hot-talk FM. Former WTAE night host Ed Tyll begins a new syndicated shift from Noon-3 shortly, and maybe something like former B94 jock Don Geronimo’s Don&Mike show from DC afternoons. Beautiful music/EZ gets ratings on FM but it doesn’t make money because it lacks 25-54 numbers. The #1 station in Tampa Bay is WDUV, with a 9.7, but it’s a computer in a broom closet. Gets outbilled by at least 5 other stations in the market. Remember, WSHH used to be the #2 station in the market with an EZ format, and chose insted to be a more mainstream soft AC with better demos. October 18, 1999

Eric’s Response: 970 probably won’t go sports with WEAE in place with that!

(Regarding a previous message:) Tony Bruno resigned from ESPN due to the stress of going from hartford/bristol to philadelphia each day.; October 15, 1999

(Regarding a previous message:) I heard on the radio that Tony Bruno left ESPN. Jon Fox; October 15, 1999

do you know what happened to tony bruno of espn’s morning show with tony bruno and mike golic? now it is just called the morning show with mike golic. October 15, 1999

Eric’s Response: Anyone out there know?

Eric – I feel that when you do expand your radio station coverage, you should include Youngstown, OH. From the North Hills, I can clearly get WKBN (98.9) and WHOT (101.1). October 11, 1999

Eric’s Response: My intentions are not to get too grandios too fast! More than likely what I will do is create a listing of stations in each area I desire to extend PBRTV’s coverage to. Then I will probably concentrate on one area at a time.

Down here in the Clarksburg/Fairmont/Morgantown area we have an FM talk station, 103.3 WAJR-FM. The station has an AM style talk format with Dr. Laura in the afternoons and is gaining in popularity very quickly. If it can work here, I think it could work in a large city like Pittsburgh. An AM style format probably wouldn’t work, but a hot talk format could. J. Fox; October 10, 1999

Are you going to add information about stations in Johnstown/Altoona and Wheeling/Steubenville sometime soon?; October 9, 1999

Eric’s Response: Ironically, DCRTV Dave and I had a discussion about this a while back. My first intention was to add Erie into the mix of PBRTV. His idea was to add Johnstown and so on. We never even considered the Steubenville/Wheeling area. We might just do that. I would imagine that we will extend the reaches of PBRTV, but not 100% sure where yet.

DEAR ERIC, CALL LETTERS ARE CHOSEN BY THE STATIONS, MOST HAVE SOME TYPE OF MEANING.W IS THE FIRST LETTER OF ALL STATIONS EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER AND THEY HAVE 4 LETTERS IN THE CALL.EXCEPT HISTORIC STATIONS. KQV King of Quaker Valley,WAMO W Allegheny Mon. Ohio rivers.WPSL W Punchy Sylvis Leib the owners daughter,WLSW W Ludick Stanley Wall the owner, WCAE We Care About Entertainment,WBBM Chicago Were the Better Battery Maker, Williard Battery company the station builder.there are alot more but you get the idea; October 5, 1999

Eric’s Response: In many cases, such is the case, but not always. Think of WCAE, became WTAE Radio (sister to the TV station), now it’s WEAE. These letters basically have no meaning like the original WCAE did. I know there was a rumor that WJAS originally stood for “World’s Jolliest Aerial Station”. One thing that I can prove the point that not all callsigns mean something is with Mix 96.1. The WPHH callsign is not like the WDRV sign with RV = River!

Eric, it’s obvious that some of the radio/tv call letters have a meaning such as WPGH, PGH being Pittsburgh, WPXI being Pittsburgh 11, etc.. Are there some who appear to have no meaning, such as KDKA, KQV, WWSW, etc., but in reality do have a meaning? Could you possibly publish a list of call letters and their meaning? Take care, Tom; October 4, 1999

Eric’s Response: The WPXI Callsign meaning Pittsburgh 11 never occurred to me! Not all callsigns mean something, Of course in some cases, they’ve been made into something WWSW – 3WS for example. KDKA, well it’s a bunch of letters right? Means nothing! Although, Jack Bogut once told me that the Eskimos in Alaska called their radios “kdka” (Pronounced Kidka) because they could get the 50,000 watt blowtorch all the way over there. But not all callsigns mean anything. May I also direct your attention to our Callsign list on PBRTV. That’s where you’ll find the signs and meanings of the callsigns. You’ll also find ones you haven’t heard of in years!

Eric, I checked the mailbag and memories sections and don’t see the link to a WIXZ tribute site. In the memories section, you mention in your reply that the site can be accessed at…. then there’s no link. I did a search and didn’t turn up anything for WIXZ so the link would be helpful. Thanks, VS; September 29, 1999

Eric’s Response: It’s ironic that this message comes through. Randy sent out a notice the same day that his tribute site will soon be accessible by going to It will be about a week. In the meantime, I will hunt down the other address once again. If only I had proofread!

Hey Eric, Finally managed to get a quick look at your Website, the times before that I had trouble accessing it because of an overworked server here at university, and I have to say: NICE!!!GOOD JOB!!!!! EXCELLENT!!!!!!!BRAVO!!!!!!MORE!!!!!!! Still, you might start getting a decent music selection and listen to bands such as MANO’WAR!!!!!Come on, give it a try you’ll like it. Sorry, couldn’t resist to add a joke on your electic music collection myself. – Ja-Phi (September 29, 1999)

Eric’s Note: Ja-Phi, is short for Jan-Philipp. This email, aside from being from a personal friend, is the first to come from Europe! I also regret to say I’ve never heard of Man o’ war!!!!

Eric, In the Memories section, it seemed as though you were going to post a link to a WIXZ tribute site but didn’t. Is there one? Thanks. VS (September 29, 1999)

Eric’s Response: I believe the link to DJ Randy’s WIXZ page is on the mailbag page. If such a thing doesn’t exist, my brain has failed and I will work on getting a link!

I do have to ponder what went wrong with Mix 96? didn’t Chancellor/Capstar learn its lesson when WVTY was terminally ill and was euthanized for modern AC? I guess not. I could use a wrestling analogy and say that something that was a success the first time around may not go over so well the second time around-cases in point would be the NWO and Degeneration X. Maybe you can call it Bender’s Karma. The summer and fall books for Mix 96.1 will be the ones to see. In the meantime,I do believe that whispers about Mix’s future will come from Fleet Street brass. I do also see AMFM looking at what’s going on with WNEW-FM in New York. If they create a hot-talk format at 96.1,they would have a distinctive advantage over WPTT-and that would be WPTT being forced to cut the juice to 1000 watts at night. They could also go CHR-Top 40,but the war with B-94 would be so bitter that I dunno if they want to lose money by the bucketful. I do see them pondering either a flip to hot talk or to CHR-rythmnic if the summer and fall books go even deeper in the downward spiral. food for thought…Dennard Summers (September 27, 1999)

Eric’s Response: I very much have to agree. I’m not sure what could happen at Mix 96.1. They are in a promo right now to give away a large trip to some Island and sending postcards out to random folks. I find it extremely hard to believe hot talk could make it here – Pittsburgh seems to like to banter with their own! Another CHR? Well it’s a possibility, however, I think it takes a lot to go up against B-94. Of course, that seems to be the aim of the 96.1 Frequency too. Of all the AC stations, 96.1 has mainly gone after B-94. Time will tell, and it will be interesting to see what happens!

Hi Eric! Checked out your column for the first time — love it! Especially now that I’m away from Pittsburgh, my hometown. Lots of good info. I worked in news at a number of stations including KQV (anchor-reporter), WAMO/American Urban Radio Networks (PM drive anchor), WPXI (assignments) and Metro Networks (traffic anchor/reporter). I’m now in TV in Charlotte, N.C. I found your column about legal IDs interesting. But do you realize KDKA has NOT given a legal ID in several years? If you listen carefully to the sweeper cart that airs before the news, it says something like “Pittsburgh’s radio station, KDKA AM 1020.” This is NOT legal, and subject to a $1,500/per occurance FCC fine if my broadcast law knowledge serves me correctly. Several years back I worked at WWCH-AM Clarion, where our handle was “Radio 13, Clarion’s Hit Country.” We were nearly nailed because the liner card our PD had us read at the top of the hour was “Radio 13, WWCH Clarion’s Hit Country.” City of license: CLARION, not CLARION’S. When I worked in Williamsport, Pa., at news-talk WRAK, we simulcast on 1400 AM and 107.9 FM. The company owned the AM, but leased the FM from our chief engineer. Since they were separately owned, they received separate IDs: “WRAK and WRAK-FM, Williamsport.” Here in Charlotte, news-talk WBT simulcasts on AM and FM with transmitters in separate cities so its ID is “WBT Charlotte and 99.3 WBT-FM Chester” (South Carolina). Technical? Yes. But rules are rules and it irritates me that KDKA has gotten away with their ILLEGAL IDs for so long! My point is the legal ID rule is in place for a reason and it needs to be followed. – Michael (September 10, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Ah the technicality of Legal IDs. The fact is, I do believe that KDKA’s legal ID is still sung a little bit before the top of the hour. At least when I interned at Wish and we “stole” the news, I heard the legal ID. It’s not at the top of the hour exactly. In fact, I think it is prior to the commercial break before the top of the hour. Of course it doesn’t matter when the legal ID is played as long as it is within the 20 minute window around the top of the hour (btw 10 to and 10 after). However, last I heard, it was still being sung.

P.S….as I scanned your website more I saw that somebody is looking for jingles from B-94. The company that created them is Jam Creative Productions in Dallas. They frequently receive requests from jingle collectors, and have several “greatest hits” demo CDs that they send free to radio PDs — and may even send free to collectors too! Woohoo! I love station jingles! Seriously I do. I’d like to get some! I am a personal fan of the WSHH and WWSW jingles myself…I had nothing to do with them mind you, I just love em!

Eric, Many thanks for the mention of the RADIO BOZO’s homepage in your online column, and the link to it. Anything you can do to help spread the word is greatly appreciated. We have done the same favor for you and added a link to your column as well as PB Radio and TV. And I wouldn’t worry too much about becoming a nominee! – Radio Bozos Staff (September 8, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Thank you so much to the Radio Bozo Staff! I appreciate the PBRTV Link at your page!

Eric, you wrote, or should I say mused: I was extremely surprised when he (Don Cannon) taped some ads for Channel 2 and their policy for NOT holding contests a couple of years ago. I was too, but probably not for the same reason you did. I can’t see how Channel 2 brags about not using contests to get people to watch their news when they use the biggest contest of all, the Pennsylvania lottery to attract viewers. And there home town advantage, give me a break. They have “homers” reporting news from “Kitten-ing” (Kittanning) and “Lower Bah-rail” (Lower Burrell). And some of them have had real problems when there’s a news story about either the city of Duquesne or the Duquesne Light Company. Is is pronounced “Duck-a-neese” or “Dew-kes-nee”? Take care, Tom (September 6, 1999)

Eric’s Response: You must remember that The PA Lottery is only on an “affiliate station”. This is not a contest to garner ratings for the station! Of course, it’s a tune-in factor, but it really doesn’t have anything to do with the news. Believe it or not, I still believe that the live lottery drawing is a Public Service. Remember that most every local station will shrink the screen and give the numbers anyway….

Eric, You are correct about WESA being AC before it went Top-40. It was an AC station during the 80’s and early 90’s. For many years, they have had (and I think they still have) and Oldies show on Sunday nights. Keep up the good work. – Dave (September 5, 1999)

In your section on FM radio, you said that 98.3 WZKT used to be WESA with an adult contemporary format. Are you sure?? I used to be able to pick up WESA, and it was a top 40 station. Was there another format before this? Too bad I moved up here to slippery rock… i cant pick it up anymore. – Geoff (September 1, 1999)

Eric’s Response: When WESA was also on FM, I do believe that the format was AC however it was a Hot AC similar to that of the old Variety 96. It gradually worked its way to a top 40 B-94 sound over the years as it converted to WZKT. This again allows me to point out that most AC also covers top 40. In fact, any format you find reporting in Radio and Records Magazine is a “top-40” station. It just so happens that is “top-40” within it’s genre. That might seem off course just a little, but I wanted to point that out!

Finally convinced the neighbors to tune into Doug’s Sunday night oldies (from the 50s and the 60s) show on WJAS. They all agree, it is without a doubt, the best oldies show in the area! I don’t care what type of oldies you enjoy, you’ll find them there. OK, I stand corrected, you won’t hear country from the 50s and the 60s. Now that’s what I’d like to hear, a good country classic oldies show. – Tom (August 31, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Doug Hoerth hosts a very good show! Check it out on 1320 WJAS from 6-Midnight on Sundays!

Hi! I’m Jimmy Jamm, Morning Show Producer of the Dr. Michael Lynn morning show here at 104-7 The Beat, and I just wanted to bring your attention to the photo of the morning show in today’s Radio and Record Magazine (page 58). If you have any questions or need more feedback for this site – please re-mail me. (l-i-s-t-e-n 5:30 until 9am every weekday morning to The Dr. Michael Lynn Show here on 104-7 The Beat!!!!) – Jimmy Jamm (August 27, 1999)

Hi….. Can you tell me who “Delilah” is in Pittsburgh radio? Thanks… – Tim Bradley (August 23, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Delilah is the same Delilah that you will find in any of the over 100 markets that she is syndicated to. Her show is a request and dedication show for those in love. It airs on many soft-rock stations across the US and is based in Seattle Washington. The Pittsburgh outlet for the show is WSHH-FM.

Hi Eric, I greatly enjoyed your page. Some things you might want to add: You might want to mention that KDKA was also the former call letters for FM 92.9, and WTAE for FM 96.1, both until the late 1970’s. I imagine 96.1 must have been WRYT-FM at some point as well, although I don’t have the details. To the best of my knowledge, TV 53 was never WPIT. There was, however, WKJF TV 53, which came on the air in 1953 and went dark for good in 1954. UHF was a tough proposition in those days. (In addition to WENS and WKJF, there was also WTVQ, Channel 47, which to the best of my knowledge was a construction permit that never actually made it to the air.) WDVE’s call letters stand for “Dove”, which had to do with the original ABC album rock format in the early 1970’s. WDTV was on Channel 3 from 1949 to 1952, when they were required by the FCC to change channels. The station then broadcast on Channel 2 until 1955, when it was sold to Westinghouse, which then changed the call letters to KDKA-TV. WHTX stood for “HitRadio 96.” I was working there when they changed calls from WXKX. As far as I know, the X didn’t stand for anything. WPCB stands for Western Pennsylvania Christian Broadcasting. Originally WPCB was to be on Channel 22, and the future Channel 22 licensee was to be on Channel 40 (as WPFO, not WPTT). After a lengthy battle, WPCB agreed to take the lesser signal on Channel 40 instead. (And they have the last laugh: pretty soon, they’ll be taking over Channel 16, which will have a better signal than the short-spaced 22.) The WJOI and WKOI calls on 93.7 is interesting. As I understand it, the call letters WJOI became suddenly available and they applied for them, but were beaten out by another radio station. Their second choice was WKOI, and they got stuck with that. Later on, they did acquire the WJOI calls. You can blame me for the jingles used by B-94 in the early 1990’s. I went down to JAM in Dallas and got those jingles in December 1989. Although I left the Program Director position at B-94 in 1990, the station continued to use those jingles for the next three or four years. They must have liked them as much as Andy did! As I recall, what I picked out was a “composite” package, consisting of cuts from several different packages, including Flame Thrower and Warp Factor. It was very interesting to watch them sing the B-94 call letters and put those jingles together, one piece at a time. JAM keeps reference reels of all their jingle packages, although I don’t know if they make dubs available to listeners. I’m sure I still have my own reel (known in the biz as a “listening copy”) buried in a box somewhere. If I do say so myself, they were damn fine jingles. Hope you find some of this interesting. Keep up the good work! Regards, Clarke (August 21, 1999)

Eric’s Response: We do have a lot of clean up work to do on PBRTV that’s for sure. MOST of this Information is available somewhere on the site, but not everywhere. Fear not, it will be corrected in due time if not sooner! Thanks for the scoop about the jingles too! Thanks to folks like Clarke who point these things out!

I forgot to mention that I have created an entire web site on the DuMont network, this may be of interest to some of your readers. Here’s a link: The DuMont Television Network. – Clarke (August 21, 1999)

Hey Eric… Just read the e-mail fram Andy about the B94 jingles from the early 90’s. Surprisingly enough I just uncovered them from under a 100 year old cabin in the woods… Ow… scary. The jingles were done by a company in Dallas named JAM. I actually have one of the reel to reel tapes here at our new facility in Greentree. Thanks, Ryan Mill – Creative Services Director B94 Pittsburgh (August 18, 1999)

Eric: I have lived in Central Pennsylvania for the last 10 years and have hated every minute of it. I always looked forward to trips back home to Pittsburgh when I was younger. One specific thing I liked about the trips was being able to listen to B-94. I can still remember the jingles from the early 90’s and was wondering if you might know where I could get a copy of them. I would at least like to know who did the jingle packages for B-94. I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me any information if you have any. Thanks – Andy (August 16, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Hi Andy, I never really knew who did the jingle packages for any station, but I know they all have good ones around here. If you want copies of the jingles from about 10 years ago, I’d first call the station….they probably burned them in a bonfire when they moved from Mt. Washington to Greentree, but it’s worth a shot. You other option is to go to the newsgroup and place your question there. Of course, this will be on the PBRTV mailbag page and maybe someone who visits will know!


Eric’s Response: I never thought of it that way. Good point!

After browsing through your site on Pittsburgh’s AM Radio stations, it seems that you’re the one who can help me with my problem (if anyone can). I’m currently a Pittsburgh resident and listener to WPTT (in particular, Doug Hoerth). I’m moving to Atlanta and I was wondering if there is anyway to pick this station up over the Internet. I noticed that no link was provided to a “WPTT Webpage,” so it is unlikely they are rebroadcasting via the Internet. I just wanted to check to see if you could provide any further information. If not, “oh well.” Thanks – Anthony Colatrella (August 12, 1999)

Eric’s Response: WPTT doesn’t have a website and thusly won’t air over the Internet. The only Renda Station in Pittsburgh that is on the Internet is WSHH. Good luck in your move, but I hope Tony Renda will bring his stations to the net!

Saw in the paper that Mary Anne Lewis is going full time as a network news anchor. Good for her. As far as fill ins at WPTT, I’d vote no. WPTT has done a good job of establishing a different kind of talk with Lynn Cullen and Doug Hoerth (although Lynn’s long absence certianly hurts). They’ve basically kept their old WTAE audience, which is younger, sharper and more lively than the KDKA audience. I find the KDKA listeners to be older, crankier and less inclined to appreciate humor. I think it would be a mistake for WPTT to bring in anyone who has a KDKA following. (August 12, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Very very true! I also believe that with a stronger night signal, WPTT would be a pleasure to listen to!

Eric — Nice web site! No need to attribute this to me, but Mary Ann Lewis will be P.M. news anchor for Sheridan Broadcasting. WDUQ-FM is the only Pittsburgh station I know that sends an RDS signal out (simply their calls). Keep up the great work! – Larry Berger, The Saturday Light Brigade, (August 12, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Thanks to you Larry! We’re going to give you credit here and include your website so you can get some visitors! Thanks for visiting PBRTV!

WPTT is happy to have Lynn Cullen back. Don’t you mean, “Will be happy to have Lynn Cullen back.”? Many thought that Lynn would have a simple vacation one week and a little virus got her the next. A little virus? Nope, a very serious illness. I could say more, but I wouldn’t want it published. During her several weeks off, Ruth Ann Baker (wife of Channel 4’s Scott Baker) and Jack Etzel filled in. Both very good fill-ins, I guess we’ll disagree on squeaky Ruth Ann. I think the worst talk show there is, is one that is pre-recorded, you can’t call in. But, I’ll take a Bohannon re-run anyday over Baker or Boyer. For the life of me, I don’t know why they didn’t give Laurence Gaines a shot at filling in some of the days. We do agree on WEAE and the Steelers. I think they should there, on the all sports station. They are in a position to follow the game with hours of comments and call-ins. This is the way it should be. Speaking of sports, what do you say to someone in Pittsburgh who knows nothing about Pittsburgh sports? Answer…………”Hello Thor!” – Tom (August 11, 1999)

Eric’s Response: As a non-doctor, I’m beginning to think that talk radio is having an adverse effect on your health Tom. Maybe you should switch to something less stressful…ie – Easy Listening!

Hello Eric, perhaps you can tell me what radio station Mary Anne Lewis will be working for now that she has departed KDKA? there seems to be quite a bit of secrecy about it! could it be that she shall serve some capacity at the new WMNL or WPPT? – Gary G. Schindler (August 11, 1999)

Eric’s Response: My guess is that she’ll either show up on WPTT or somewhere else in another capacity. I believe that WMNL is going to be religious as most Mortenson stations are. Unless of course she has religious talent…who knows!

Eric: Don’t know if you saw it but there was a major article on the history of KQV in the Tribune-Review Sunday Focus magazine. Some interesting stuff about the “Groovy QV” days. Check it out! – Vic (August 10, 1999)

Eric’s Response: It is really cool too! Check it out at TribLIVE – Focus Magazine

Do you know if any Pittsburgh FM stations send Radio Data System signals? – Chad Vizino (August 10, 1999)

Eric’s Response: I do beleve there are RDS signals used in Pittsburgh, but I am not sure of the stations that have them. Anyone out there know?

Hi Eric, I really enjoyed your recent edition of Eric’s Musings in which you discussed the current and future role of “Beautiful Music” format. While it was true that for many years “Beautiful Music” stations such as WSHH, WJOI (WKJF) and others did quite well in the 12+ Arbitrons…further inspection found that most of the numbers came, as you mentioned, from the 55+ demos, which as we all know might as well go unmeasured since the advertising community has deemed it to be a useless segment of our population, (a stupid assumption) unless they need to schill for medical wares and cemetery plots. Advertisers also later found that since these stations were often used as “background” music in homes and offices, their commercials also often blended into the “background” and weren’t really heard. Thus the need for a more “foreground” sound began to replace these stations. To repeat a tired old cliché… radio is a business… blah blah blah. Frankly, Smooth Jazz has to be the closest thing we have to the traditional “Beautiful Music” stations. I guess you can call it elevator music for yuppies. I was really surprised to see the format replaced with “Jammin’ Oldies” in Pittsburgh. The station had a nice sound, decent numbers both quantitative and qualitative and a loyal following. As long as advertising and money drive the broadcast business (as it always has) and since the era of the independent non-mega media chain station owner is history, it’ll be a long time until a station will take a chance on any format that may sound good, but hasn’t proven to be a money maker. Cheers. – Rick Pantaleo (August 10, 1999)

I have a few questions for you. First, why do people call smooth jazz “new AC”? What does jazz have anything to do with AC? Second… Do you think that 100.7 is due for some changes soon? They have not been doing well in the ratings for a long while. – Geoff (August 6, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Smooth Jazz is known as “New AC” because it really is a modern day Easy Listening which is under the AC blanket. Recall that Smooth Jazz isn’t Jazz. Jazz is the type of stuff popular with Swing and so on. The only reason I can think of it being called Smooth Jazz is because of the fact that many of the instruments are jazz instruments. As far as the Point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something happen to it, although CBS makes it pretty big with KDKA, B-94 and Y108. They can probably afford to let the Point falter, but why? If you’ve noticed, it’s playing music from the 70’s – 90’s these days. The 70’s idea went the way of the wind, and good thing too, or Jammin’ Oldies would have wiped it out. Only time will tell!

Thanks for the explanation and writing back. Yes, I know 98.5 is only a 4 watt signal at 607 feet. Its just supposed to cover downtown I suppose. While WRWJ is only a 200 watt station at 243 feet. And WRWJ has a diectional signal reaching only north and south. So neither would have a strong signal of course. But taking all their stations together they reach a wide area. I enjoy looking up stations and finding their format on your site or other sites otherwise I would not have taken the time to write. – Brian (August 6, 1999)

While running down the dial, I noticed 1080 am is back on the air. What is their format? Who are they? – Tom (August 6, 1999)

Eric’s Response: According to the Post-Gazette they are going to be another religious format come September and be known as WWNL…I believe the owners are the same!

Eric: Heard 1080 back on the air at 2:45pm Today (Friday) playing songs you would hear on WJAS. They also were identifying the station as 1080 WWNL. Also WHJB is no more. The new calls are WKHB. – Ted (August 6, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Thanks Ted, According to the Post-Gazette on Thursday, 1080 was supposed to come back in September with another religious format. I have yet to hear 1080 at its present format. Thanks for the shocking info on WHJB…can’t imagine Greensburg without those call letters!

You did not even take the time to find out what station 98.5 was re-broadcasting which is WRWJ 88.1 from eastern Pittsburgh which you do not have listed either. Yet you have long descriptions of most other stations. So I tried to tell you about it and instead I got a sarcastic response. Well, I tried to help but I guess you do not care. Brian (August 6, 1999)

Eric’s Response: On the contrary I do care. However, the listings of PBRTV are based on the Post-Gazette. I know that WRWJ is in Murrysville and I thought we had it listed, but I guess not. WRWJ is actually pretty insignificant in terms of power which is why it has a few repeaters. Even though I live within 5 miles of the Glenshaw transmitter, it still barely makes it in my livingroom in Stereo. Sorry for the oversight. As for the sarcasm, well I have to wash that out of my system!

I hate it when christian stations are just listed as religious so I thought I would try to give a little more info to you. The 98.5 tranlator in pittsburg re-broadcasts the He’s alive network. I have heard them and they broadcast southern gospel in the morning and contempory christian the rest of the day. Their stations include: 88.1 WRWJ murrysville (eastern pittsburg) have dir signal 106.9 wrij morgantown, WV 97.3 wpcl johnstown, PA 90.3 waij grantsville, MD 97.1 wlic cumberland, MD 88.1 wkjl clarksburg, WV. thanks, brian (August 6, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Well the good news is that Christianity is considered religion. Therefore these stations are religious. However, we here at PBRTV are sorry to offend you and will hope that God can forgive us for the horrid error.

DCRTV Dave’s response: We use the broad term “religious” because it simply would be too complicated for us to get into more specific religious radio station categorizations (Christian, Hebrew, Muslim, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Hindu, Bahai, Baptist, etc.).

To answer Tom’s letter about Jim Penna, Jim was the sports anchor on the morning drive shows at WJAC-AM and sister WKYE-FM in Johnstown, which I believe is his hometown, before moving to WTAE-AM. He’s back in the Johnstown area anchoring the news at 10 PM at WWCP-TV, Johnstown’s Fox affiliate, and at 11 PM on its sister station, Altoona ABC affiliate WATM-TV. – Carl (August 5, 1999)

Hey Eric, Radio and Records is reporting that AMFM Inc. is about to unveil a new format. Maybe 96.1 will be one of the first stations with it. No word yet on what the format will be. (August 4, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Probably Jammin’ Newies or something lame like that. I doubt that 96.1 would be changing again so soon. Then again if it is a mild change, it might. 

Art Bell’s late night program should be on a Pittsburgh station that can actually be heard at night in the city. CBS should by 92.9 and make it into a FM talk station. After doing that, get the rights for Art’s show from Premiere Radio Networks. – J.D. (August 4, 1999)

Eric’s Response: 92.9 still probably will not be bought by anyone. Just like Wish 99.7’s parent Renda Broadcasting, Steel City Media really isn’t interested in selling. The thought of an FM talk station is unlikely as I see it right now!

Eric, you forgot to mention that even though country music is getting more popular, country line dancing isn’t. Thank God! Country line dancing is like synchronized swimming with cowboy boots. – Tom (August 2, 1999)

Anybody there ever hear from or hear about Jim Penna? The more I hear Madden, the more I miss Jim. – Tom (July 31, 1999)

FYI: WASP 1130 Brownsville and WASP-FM 94.9 Oliver have been sold by Humes to Forever Broadcasting for $2.9 million as reported at Radio and Records online. (July 29, 1999)

Just wanted to let you know, a nostalgia station (WJAS) has higher ratings than 104.7 the Beat. I just don’t think the Jammin’ Oldies to Big band format switch that I think will happen in DC at 99.5 (despite their good first book, but as always curiosity is what happens, look at what happened at Jammin’ 105 in NY to see what will happen to 99.5 when October’s numbers are out). Also WSHH was ahead of WJJJ. Alot of people must have been listening to all three when WJJJ was a smooth jazz station. (July 27, 1999)

Eric’s Response: I am guessing that in DC if the Jammin Oldies boils down to nothing, it will go back to being WGAY. I am positive that it won’t happen here though. WJJJ is most likely going to be Jammin Oldies a little longer than many others because of the fact that Pittsburgh likes the older music…(I know how lame!). WSHH has ALWAYS been ahead of the WJJJ. WSHH, I feel, will always be the leader in Soft Rock because they’ve established a good audience, many of whom were there in the days of Beautiful Music. The station transformed slowly, but never made the change too noticable.

As a non-fan of Rob Pratt, I see that more hours are being given to him. And the sad part is, they are being taken from Mary Ann Lewis, one of the bright spots on KD’s increasingly dull weekend talk show lineup. Mary Ann, unlike most of KD’s hosts, is unpredictable, you have no idea how she feels about a subject until she speaks on it. A month or so ago, they took an hour from her for an infomercial, and now they are taking one hour to give to Pratt (according to Mary Ann) or two (according to Pratt). Eric, do you have any idea why KDKA is doing this to her. Are they moving her “closer to the door”, or are they making her weekend schedule so unattractive that she’ll leave on her own. This is the way that WTAE “forced” Jonas Chaney to leave their station during its last months as W?EA. Take care, Tom (July 21, 1999)

Eric’s Response: I have no idea why KDKA is trying to make Pratt out to be something that he obviously isn’t. Many people in Pittsburgh feel differently than you do about Rob Pratt and if KDKA is making money based on his ratings, then they’re happy and that’s all they care about. Yes, it could be their way of getting rid of MaryAnn but remember, someone can appear just about anywhere and these days, it looks as though it will be WPTT 1360 or WZUM 1590. As I have stated in one way or another before, Rob Pratt isn’t holding you at gunpoint to listen to him. If you don’t like him, don’t turn him on!

Eric, Being the sympathetic soul that I am, and the fact that I have two (count them) shares in AMFM/Chancellor Media. I have to shed light on “104.7 The Beat ” You probably already know this but Chancellor already owns a station in Chicago, WUBT, that plays Jammin Oldies called “103.5 The Beat.” It was the former home of “Mancow” Muller, then Mancow left and the Rock format went downhill from there. So to recap, Chancellor and their corporate nimrods strike again. Don’t be surprised when the start another Jammin Oldies station and it is called “Mega”. Just thought I drop that little trinket for the people of the Quaker Valley that reads PBRTV. By the way, was the contest winner televised on TV? Please let me know. – P. Kenny Burns, K-Factor @ (July 21, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Yes AM/FM Incorporated (the combination of Chancellor and Capstar) is just wonderful huh?! I didn’t see any live coverage of the check presentation, but I saw it on the late news on WPXI. I know for a fact that several people came up with the name, “The Beat” and of course then you have to choose one name out of all of the people who chose the winning name to award $25,000 to! This world is just amazing…

I am responding to John G. about Mix Jamz in Pittsburgh. In my mind the best station I ever worked at. The Program Director was Rich Hawkins and he also served as morning man. Jay Silvers was Production and afternoons. Tony Q Fox handled mid-days and DC Taylor was on nights. I worked there ever Saturday into Sunday mornings from 1am – 6am. LOVED IT. What info were you looking for? -Scott (July 20, 1999)

Eric, (please don’t print my name or email address in the mailbag– this might upset some people) Issue#1: B94 , musically is a Hot AC. It used to be real Top 40 (remember the ‘Quinn & Banana…in the Morning’ Jingles?) but anytime you play the heck out of ‘I’ll Be’ by Edwin McCain , ‘Insensitive’ by Jann Arden or ‘I will Remember You’ (Sarah McGlaclin), you’re HOT AC. End of Story. Points to Ponder: If a station came in and played music that centered around The BackStreet Boys, Notorious B.I.G., Britney Spears, Deborah Cox, TLC, Jay-Z, and N Sync… more rhythm with less rock (kind of like Z98 with a better signal and a little more effort)–B94 would go the way of Mix Jams… Issue #2: Can’t 96.1 be anything other than Hot AC–how many times are you going to repackage the same thing-???!!! Gold 96, Variety 96, 96.1 The River, Mix 96.1….yawn!!’s a hint –go Urban and bury WAMO! Issue # 3: speaking of WAMO-FM. Without sounding too harsh. Radio rule #1: when you trade your signal with another station (as WAMO did with WXDX back in ’96), you should try to get a stronger one, not the other way around…Duh?! Since we’re talking about dumb moves, you might as well give up 106.7 &107.1, and just keep the AM. Issue # 4: Why does Soft AC compete? How ‘Soft’ and sleepy can you get!?!?!? Somebody get the hint!! Issue # 5: Action News is NOT everywhere!!…more Issues coming in the near future…Love the site! ’till next time! (July 11, 1999)

Eric’s Response: I have a secret for you. All AC nowadays (unless we’re talking Gold AC) is basically top-40. Yes it’s true. If you are an R&R reporter station, you are playin the top-40 hits! Mix 96.1 is very much like Variety and that’s very true. The River was actually a little MORE modern and considered Modern Hits Radio…not HOT AC. Gold 96 (of the early 90’s) was actually GOLD AC which played the hits of the 60’s – 80’s (if you recall, there were no hits of the 90’s in 1989!) Remember too, that WXDX gave WAMO $14 Million for the signal at 105.9 and the money was very badly needed. It was thought for a while that WAMO would seek out a stronger signal, but nothing has been done. If you check the station transmitter map, you’ll note the application for a new transmitter for WAMO actually inside Allegheny County. My guess to the Soft AC competition…they are both locally owned stations. (Still stupid I know, but let them have their fun!) Oh and maybe you aren’t looking in the right places for Action News???

1. The reason why WPTT cuts their power at night is because that they’re authorized for 5000 watts daytime and 1000 watts at night. This is to protect much stronger AM stations operating at 1360 AM. It also means that when they cut the power at a certain time (local daylight), several antennas that they have must be shut down as well. The other thing is that there’s three AM stations that are on 1360 that WPTT have to curtsey to WCKY-AM 1360 (aka “Homer”)in Cincinnati,WKMI-AM in Kalmazoo,MI and WWLG-AM in Baltimore. For those of you wondering where you can get Art Bell, WSPD-AM,a 5000 watt station from Toledo at 1370 can be picked up at night. 2.Steel City Media will never flip WRRK to active rock,knowing that they have no shot against WDVE and they won’t take a chance in making WLTJ into a hot talk station. They will do anything to keep Quinn in their group and keep him away from Infinity and KDKA. (July 10, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Yes, many AMers must cut power in order to allow for the signal bleeding through at night. Some of you may not know that the AM signal travels into the exosphere which is why it can go so far at night. 

You mentioned it in your write-up on WPTT, you can’t hear Art Bell, though they run promo’s for his show all day. Actually, I’ve sat through part of Michael Reagan’s show to find out what’s going on, and at 8:50, the signal died, without so much as a click. Any explanation? (July 10, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Well, assuming that you mean 8:50 PM (I don’t listen to WPTT so bear with me) I would imagine that would be the time that signal power is cut. Sister station WJAS cuts power at dark fall…as do many AM stations. I believe this is true of WPTT. However, one must remember that the WJAS signal comes from Greentree whereas the WPTT signal comes from the “boonies” of McKeesport…yup, far enough away that they can’t even get the broadcast signal at the station after dark! Also, I believe that Art Bell is received well on some other outlying stations, I’m not sure which one at the moment…

I think Steel City Media should move Quinn over to WLTJ and change its format to hot talk with him in the morning. After doing that WRRK should bring syndicated Mancow Muller to Pittsburgh for mornings and change to an active rock format. Pittsburgh has been lacking active rock for a long time and hot talk is something that could work here. We have too many old, stale formats in this city, time for some new stuff, other than old music being packaged as the next big format. – Kirk (July 9, 1999)

Eric’s Response: We have “old” formats, it is true. However, Pittsburgh never sees them as stale. Pittsburgh is a lot different than other cities as most know and while it might appear pathetically lame to some people, everyone is happy. I could go on and on, but I’d babble all day long!

My 2 cents on WRRK – make WRRK an “active rock” station – taking the best from both classic rock and modern rock. WWDC (DC-101) in Washington, DC uses this format and has a good sized playlist – and does quite well in the ratings! – Dave P. (July 8, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Nice idea. However I believe that’s what WDVE is trying to employ in their format. Of course, they’re DC101’s sister too! I don’t see Steel City doing much to WRRK in the near future.

I wish a Pittsburgh FM station, maybe 92.9 would become a simulcast of KDKA-AM 1020. Even though, KDKA-AM is 50,000 watt station there are places where it cannot be picked up clearly. In many cities an AM talk station will have an FM simulcaster. WBT-AM and FM in Charlotte and WGST-AM and FM in Atlanta are examples of that. You have a great site, by the way!! – J. Fox (July 7, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Ironically, KDKA was on 92.9 FM in the early and mid 80’s before WLTJ. It was an 18 hour broadcast day for KDKA-FM and the rest I believe was elevator music. Many people think that there should be an FM news outlet, but the idea of it happening any time soon is pretty far fetched!

You know what I would like to hear WRRK change to? A station that plays all 80s pop all the time. I doubt it will happen, but there is a station in columbus that plays all 80s music. Its called Star I have heard them over real audio, I really think its good stuff. Mix 96.1 is pretty good, they play some 80s, butI like Mix 98.9 in Youngstown better (WKBN), they play 80s music on weekends now that they have the time warp weekend. I just wish they would get rid of Delilah. (July 7, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Remember when The Point (WZPT) played all 70’s?! The 80’s would probably be just as, if not less popular than the 70’s format which I believe lasted two years before 80’s was added. WKBN in Youngstown is more Hot AC station nowadays and it shocks me that they keep Delilah because she is so mellow. Perhaps they are trying to keep a tweak of their one-time Easy Listening format!

(In response to a previous message:) 107.1 is even worse than 106.7. B94 well they beat any competition and dont you think 100.7 sounds like Mix, B94 sounds to much of a hotac than top40. you think WRRK should change even though they wont,well what should they change to. great transmitter maps. do you now anything about Youngstown radio, if so , do you think there is any chance of 101.9 the beat strengthening to compete with hot 101. In ptown maybe Z98 could move closer to pitt to compete with the B. Ever listen z98, they sound pretty good. (July 6, 1999)

Eric’s Response: WRRK should go to Easy Listening bringing back those Living Strings and Ronnie Aldrich to provide offices with a nice background music! It won’t happen though, trust me! As for B-94 sounding Hot-AC, it really doesn’t. B-94 is top 40 all the way. Mix 96.1 is our Hot-AC station. The two are very close but there is a noticable difference in their sound. As far as the stations in the Youngstown area, the only one I’m familiar with is WKBN-FM and its sisters WKBN-AM and TV! Z-98 will probably not move down this way as most radio stations do not move from their signal area. The station is hardly receivable in this area and puts no competition on B-94 and probably never will!

May I also add a vote for Rob Pratte being intolerable? “Don’t listen” is the best advice but the guy is almost unavoidable, sometimes filling two different shifts in the same. I guess the best advice is don’t listen to KDKA. What used to be a great radio station is now pathetically bad. – Vic (July 6, 1999)


Eric’s Response: First off, WAMO is available on two signals to cover the problem. If you have a hard time reaching it on 106.7, why not try 107.1? It’s simulcast on WSSZ in Greensburg. Secondly, WRRK isn’t about to change…although it should…as long as Quinn is there, we’re probably not going to see much change. I definitely don’t think it would compete with B-94 because that’s what Mix 96.1 is trying to do. As far as The Point goes, they’re just trying to keep up with demand and attract their station to a wider audience. The idea of a 70’s only format was great for a while, but it died…pretty much like Jammin Oldies will…Thanks for writing!


Eric’s Response: That should put an end to any and all confusion of WTKN back in the days when it WAS on 970 AM!

I think Doug Hoerth’s “laid back”, “lite”, whatever, approach to his talk show on WPTT, 1360 on the AM dial, M-F, 3-6 p.m. (Doug would want me to say that), is the most refreshing thing to happen to Pittsburgh talk radio in a long while. The other shows, be it open talk or sports, are about 90% b**ching and whining, by both the host and the callers. Doug certainly has his serious side, and he will expose it from time to time on the show, but entertainment and good times always shine through. Tom from Allison Park. (June 24, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Doug is a good guy, no doubt! I’ve ridden in the Renda Broadcasting Elevator with him twice. Always says Hello! PS – This is a webpage about radio and TV, the language barriers are the same!

In response to previous message: << Have you checked with AT&T to see if the offer really does exist? >>Yes, I’ve even played a tape of the ad for them. It does not exist. If you heard Pratt’s Stoney/Iron City campaign, I think you would agree that he is doing this as a self promotion for himself. – Tom (June 20, 1999)

Am I the only one who can’t stomach Rob Pratt? There isn’t anything he hasn’t done, and no place he hasn’t been. He thinks the sun sets on his a$$! His show is constant commercials, the majority done by him. And full of misleading claims. I have on tape, numerous AT & T cell phone commercials in which he says that for $29.95 a month, you can get a cellular phone service with 200 free minutes, and NO ROAMING OR LONG DISTANCE charges. Not true, there is no such service at this price. I have called the station several times about this, leave a voice mail, and the next weekend he is still making the same false offers. I have yet to be able to speak to a living being at KDKA about this. Now he’s teamed up with the Jones and Pittsburgh Brewing companies in a campaign to only drink Iron City and Stoney’s beer. Local beers, keep the money here, keep Pittsburghers working. How about these breweries? Pittsburgh Breweries Currently Open Breweries….. Church Brew Works ….. Foundry Ale Works….. John Harvard’s Brew House….. Pennsylvania Brewing ….. Strip Brewery and Alehouse….. Valhalla ….. Wainwright Brewing….. These are breweries that are a lot closer geographically to KDKA studios and tower than Jones Brewing. What’s wrong with purchasing these beers? How can KDKA allow Pratt to encourage people to NOT drink the beer that these Pittsburghers brew? WCNS-AM in Latrobe, home of Latrobe Brewing (Rolling Rock), WKBI-AM in St. Mary’s, home of Straub’s Brewing pay for the privledge of carrying the PITTSBURGH Pirates broadcasts. KDKA is the flagship of these broadcasts, and they have an employee, Pratt, telling listeners not to buy the products made in towns that support the PITTSBURGH Pirates???? I only mentioned these two breweries because their product is readily available in Pittsburgh. There’s more, WFLP-AM, Erie, home of Erie Brewing, WMAJ-AM, State College, home of Nittany Brewing. Trust me, there are even more cities that carry the pirates and have breweries. I know this isn’t the type of comment you are looking for, I have written you before, and you have printed my email, but I had to get this off of my chest. I can’t see why KD continues to allow Pratt to do this type of talk radio. – Tom (June 20, 1999)

Eric’s Response: I think Jack Wheeler of WJAS has the best acknoledgement to this. His basic theory is, if you don’t like the show, don’t listen. Precisely what I think! Have you checked with AT&T to see if the offer really does exist? I highly doubt that KDKA is going to allow Pratt to falsely advertise cellular phones. Lord knows that KDKA is too reputable and powerful to be THAT stupid. As far as the beers go, if Schlitz Beer wanted to sponsor something on KDKA, and they were willing to pay for it, they would get the business! I know, they’re in Wisconsin, but heck, KDKA knows that the money is just as green there as it is here! 

Hi! Great site and very interesting. Back in the late 70’s WDVE had a night time, gravelly voiced DJ by the (on-air) name of Maxwell. Maxwell left the station sometime in the early 80’s and a rumor was going around that he was actually fired because he dedicated the Queen song “Another One Bites the Dust” to the kids that were being murdered by a serial killer in Atlanta. Is their any truth to this? Thanks – M West (June 18, 1999)

Eric’s Response: I am not sure if this is true or not, however, posting this on the mailbag, we might see a response from one of our radio friends who visit the site! When this happened I was just a little tyke who barely heard anything other than WQED-FM! Thanks for the comments!

Enjoyed your musings on Delila. Didn’t know she was so popular. I only caught the show that one time and thought her voice mesmerizing and her appeal very intimate–personal–whatever. Sara (Lockard) and Don (Jefferson) {Wish 99.7} is easy on my ears at 6.30 am but I keep expecting smooth something. Line up for your chance to co-host! The banter would be great. ttfn, Marty (June 16, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Isn’t it always like a neighbor/honorary mom to tell you to line up for a radio audition?! Believe me friends, I would love to! I don’t want to sound conceited, but I think I’d do pretty well!

Hello Eric, this is P. Kenny Burns emailing from work. I hope that you would not be surprise if the new “Jammin 104.7” chooses the worst an or most tabloidy news outlet in the Quaker Valley for the contest. Being a Greater Washingtonian, I wouldn’t know which one it was. If it is a Hearst station, I would not be surprised. I hope you read my column this week, I ad gotten on 99.5 about that name. I hope that they have a better variety than what we started out with. Also to be perfectly honest with you, I saw a picture of WGAY on DCRTV nostalgia page, I think that is the same building. If I get a chance I will go to Wheaton and have a look at it again. See you later, P. Kenny Burns DCRTV (June 9, 1999)

Eric’s Response: I would imagine that Chancellor would choose WPGH-53…since they are our Fox Affiliate…I could be wrong though. Our Hearst outlet is Channel 4 WTAE. Surprisingly they aren’t very tabloidy. Channel 11 WPXI (Cox Enterprises) is probably our most tabloidy station…at least with the talk show circuit (RealTV, Judge Judy) IF Chancellor does the “Prize Patrol” show here, I’ll let you know who the winning station is!

Eric, I saw your post on WJJJ changing to “Jamming Oldies.” I’m wondering what happened to the air staff, particularly Sara Lockard, whom I worked with when I was in Pittsburgh back in the seventies and 80’s. I’m a Pittsburgh native (worked in the market from 77-85) who’s now in Detroit. Thanks, Jeff Gilbert (June 2, 1999)

Eric’s Response: I am not sure what happened to the airstaff, but I am sure it was a similar fate to WGAY in Washington, D.C. This means I assume they are no longer on the air at WJJJ, but who knows I could be wrong. I worked at WJJJ for about 3 weeks last May (1998) and knew everyone. Nice bunch of folks.

I am extremely disappointed in the format change at WJJJ. I live in Blair County and listen over every day. I encourage fans to contact Chancellor and voice their opinion. (June 1, 1999)

Eric’s Response: I agree with you. Smooth Jazz was a good format in comparison to Jammin Oldies. If you want to convince everyone to write in to Chancellor…GOOD LUCK!

I would like to comment about, WAMO 106.7 money phone ! from Steubenville,Ohio would like very much for our town to join in. We are all day and much of the night listners…. No matter what age you have something for everyone…..So give it some thought we’ll be home !! jynelle (June 1, 1999)

Eric’s Response: I suggest therefore that you contact WAMO radio! I am not a direct connection!

I found your site when I did a web search for Pittsburgh radio stations after I thought I lost WJJJ over the cable. Living here in Altoona area (on the other side of the Laurel Mountains), I could only hear WJJJ over the cable. I’ll miss smooth jazz when I travel back and forth to the Burg. Have you thought about doing a “Where are they now” section and searching out some of the former TV/Radio personalities? Tim (May 31, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Thanks Tim for writing. As you probably read WJJJ has succombed to the Chancellor Media Jammin’ Oldies Virus. (I still proclaim that it is NOT Y2K Compatible! Thanks for your suggestion for “where are they now”, I think that’s a wise idea and maybe I can get it implemented.

WJMN 94.5 in Boston is known as Jam’n 94.5 and plays rap music not Jammin Oldies. – Hank (May 28, 1999)

Eric’s response: Basically, the set up is the same, the format runs on the same idea, but is tweaked to the tastes of each market. 

Well…to be honest, I really like the Jammin’ Oldies format on WJJJ because it’s something that hasn’t been bought to Pittsburgh. I know that WAMO-AM does a lot of R&B oldies,but to hear them on the FM is great. It’s like the stuff I grew listening to (along with prog rock and AM radio) as a kid in the 70s (I’m 32 btw). But it does sadden me to see that great radio minds are no longer the case in commercial radio. Everyone’s appeasing the stockbrokers. I do hope that microradio can help in bringing ideas back to the radio. I started out in radio in Ohio as a DJ and producer. Got out when I realized that I knew too much about the biz. If microradio does become a reality,there should be an effort to start up a new station in the Pittsburgh area. for those who are saddened by the death of smooth jazz. it should be noted that we do have an “old school” jazz outlet in WDUQ-FM and anyone who is a jazz buff will tell you what passed off as “smooth jazz” on 104.7 wasn’t true jazz,that was more like fusion. plus money makes the world go round…so since wjjj wasn’t making any money-kaboom!!! sad but true folks, this is radio 1999. – Dennard Summers, Pittsburgh Chief Correspondent, (May 26, 1999)

Chancellor’s WJJJ 104.7 in Pittsburgh has become Jammin Oldies. This puts them in direct competition with WAMO AM 860. In a city where changes occur slowly, this frequency has changed it’s format no less than 9 times in 18 years!! It has gone from AOR to Modern(New Wave circa 1980), back to AOR, to top 40, as energy 105, to Easy listening, to country, to religious, back to modern, then contemporary jazz,now Urban Oldies. In Steel city, Jammin Oldies could be a winner. But then again, so is rock n’ roll. Hmmmm. – Norm (May 26, 1999)

Recently, DC and Pittsburgh got Jammin’ Oldies stations on what were decent stations to begin with. Apparently Chancellor Media’s core audience ain’t listeners in these markets, it’s the guys on Wall Street. Why did Chancellor take two good stations in these markets and flush decent formats down the tubes just so they can air this Jammin’ Oldies? ‘Cos radio people have lost touch with the listener, they don’t care about the listener, except in rare cases like WRVQ Richmond or WIYY Baltimore or WJFK Washington. All the VP’s, GM’s and PD’s care about are numbers to impress advertisers and Wall Street with. That is why WNEW New York is going to go the way of WGAY Washington, victim of a format change, and a really idiotic idea on CBS’s part to not use Liddy or Don and Mike if they flip the format at WNEW. And we the listener anxiously await microradio cause at least it hopefully won’t be run be people who care more about the bottom line than they do the audience. And I’m glad commercial broadcasters are running scared of microradio, since most radio executives don’t have a spine to begin with or have any knowledge of how to run a radio station. Radio is on the verge of dying and becoming extinct as a reputable medium. What radio needs to do is to develop talent and forget about the bottom line if they want to be in radio past 1999. I hope the FCC sees this message and takes it to heart, and approves microradio over the objections of commercial broadcasters whose IQ is probably in the mildly retarded range. So to the Jammin’ Oldies stations in DC and PItt, here’s hoping that Chancellor Media gets taken over and programmed by people with brains not trying to kiss Wall Street’s butt. – Stephen (May 26, 1999)

Eric’s Response: What you said is very true, it’s the almighty dollar that is revered instead of the listener…yet, if the station doesn’t get any advertising, then they need to change. I don’t think advertising was the factor in either situation though…

Eric, Its a sad day, isn’t it? I was hoping that Pittsburgh would be spared the same fate of other Chancellor controlled cities such as Washington DC with the Jammin Oldies format. I now highly suspect that Chancellor has lost touch with radio listeners. Keep up the good work! – Dave (May 26, 1999)

Do you guys have enough LPTV’s in Pittsbutg? – “Airwaves Media” (May 26, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Well first off, they are in “Pittsburgh”, but yes and many of them aren’t even heard or seen by anyone.

Just wanted to let you know (in case you dont know already), that 104.7 is now Jammin Oldies. Its a simulcast of jammin 105 in New York right now. I read that you dont like jammin oldies very much, but i like it pretty good so far… i wasnt a real big fan of the smooth jazz format, so I am happy with the change. You know what I think would be a great addition to your site? A discussion board, so that everyone can post their thoughts about radio in pittsburgh. – Geoff (May 24,1999)

Eric’s response: I did find out that Jammin Oldies has reached the Burgh. The reason that I don’t care for it is the combination of music and the fact that MOST of it can be found on your regular oldies station. Other songs are tunes you can’t find on the air in most cases, but people will probably get sick of hearing after a week! Thanks for the discussion board idea, I don’t know if it would work out that well. That’s why we basically post the email we get on the mailbag page. 

Hey Eric, I’m glad you had fun in DC. I don’t know if you had heard, but they had named the new “JAM’N 99.5” today. I think that it’s amazing that they choose a name that was already on one of their stations in Boston, don’t you? I hope that you saw WTOP’s lovely art deco building in Wheaton, MD. Keep up to good work on you column. Sincerely, P. Kenny Burns (May 22, 1999).

Eric’s response: Hi Kenny, I missed getting up toward the Wheaton way. So I didn’t get to see WTOP’s art deco building. In fact it was sad not to be able to get up to WGAY…the real WGAY-FM! At any rate, I did discover that I was within a block to WRQX and WJZW. In all 5 visits and stays at the Chevy Chase Pavilion, I never realized that I was only a block away from those two stations…I thought it would be two or three! It’s also sad that a $25,000 prize was given to “Jammin’ 99.5”. I noted Dave’s Mailbag and saw many people felt it was a hoax. They’re probably right too. Like I said, I think Jammin Oldies is NOT Y2K compatible!

Eric, There is a Bob Delmont doing afternoon drive at WPOC 93.1 FM in Baltimore. Is this the same person who was at Y 108 in Pittsburgh? Greg (May 16, 1999)

Eric’s response: Yes it is none other than the same man! I believe he left after contract was up.

Once and for all…WTKN was at 970 (WWSW-AM). They launched an all-talk format built mostly around Doug Hoerth and Scott Cassidy in the early 1980s. They used the identity full-time and even had jingles. It was “WTKN — we’re talkin’, Pittsburgh.” I have an aircheck of a Hoerth show so let’s forget this notion that WTKN was ever anywhere but 970 AM in Pittsburgh! WJAS did very liberal-leaning talk in the late 60s and early 70s with Ira Apple, Perry Marshall, Ted Payne, Buck Buckley and Mike Silverstein (among others) but they had the WJAS calls. They didn’t change calls until Heftel came in and made it 13Q in early ’73. It became WKTQ but in the early days they were still legally WJAS. – Vic (May 13, 1999)

Hello Again Eric, Thanks for the info on WZUM do you know who the new owners are? Back to the WTKN part << Eric, WWSW never used WTKN as it’s calls. WTKN was WJAS for a short time in the late 60’s early 70’s. Perry Marshall and Ira Apple were among thelocal talk hosts at WTKN.>> I’m sorry but this guy is wrong. It was WWSW-FM and WTKN-AM during their stint as talk. Again, this change in call letters was made in 1982-83. At least that’s how they ID’d themselves at the top of the hour WTKN, Pittsburgh. And, from I remember of FCC rules and regulations this was their legal ID and so their licensed call letters. Sorry about the hub bub on this but I wanted to help clear the air on this. – Rick (May 7, 1999)

Eric, WWSW never used WTKN as it’s calls. WTKN was WJAS for a short time in the late 60’s early 70’s. Perry Marshall and Ira Apple were among thelocal talk hosts at WTKN. It was at 1320 am. At one time, 1080 WEEP actually tried to compete with KQV for the top 40 audience. WEEP left the top 40 format for country in the late 60’s. WEEP was Pittsburgh’s country station for a long time. It wasn’t until the late 70’s that WDSY (WEEP’s FM) became a strong country station. WDSY was refered to as Daisy as it had a much softer sound originally. WPTT – Before it’s WIXZ days it was WMCK, The Mighty 1360 was the home to the “TL” Sound, and Terry Lee’s Music For Young Lover’s. Terry came along with the changeover to WIXZ. During it’s days as WIXZ, not ownly did Jeff Christie work there, so did Mark Roberts, long-time WTAE-AM Program Coordinator in the 70’s. Mark is still one of the top voice-over artists in Pittsburgh. WXVX – Was a small 250 watt deytime station that was originally owned by the Thompson family. The late Pittsburgh broadcaster Bill Lynch helped sign the station on as WPSL in the early 60’s. Long time area oldies guru Charlie Appel worked at WPSL for years. WPSL also hosted a broadcast school “Broadcast Arts Academy of Monroeville”. (yes I started there in 1969). It’s most successful programming in that era was the various Sunday Block programs… Sam’s Polka Part with Sam Pugliano and the Irish Hour with Mike Folan. In 1978, WPSL went dark and was purchased by a Greensburg Doctor, Dr. Barua. A new staff was hired and WRUA was put on the air with a soft adult contemporary format. I was part of the original staff doing Middays. The rest of the staff included Dave Garrett (PD), Gregg Stone – mornings from State College, and former WEEP jock Dennis Reed in afternoon drive. The station went through many changes and many financial problems as well. Former WLOA-FM (FM 97) jock Chauncey Ross was pd for a time. Former WIXZ jock Terry Lee tried to make a go it for a while in the 80s as well. Eventually it used the calls WCXJ and was an urban format under former WAMO personality Del King. WRRK – Before it’s current format, WRRK went through a number of incarnations. The first I remember was WLOA, AM & FM in Braddock. It was a very soft doctor’s office type sound. It eventually became a soft contemporary station in the 70’s as FM-97. Dave Popovich, now a consultant with McVay Media was the PD. The late George Hart (KQV, 3WS, and WXKX) was also a part of the staff. The format was known as fem-fm. It was a soft rock format geared to women. The WLOA call letters were dropped in favor of WFFM, FM 97 Rockin’ Easy. Later the station became Magic 97 and Chuck Brinkman (KQV and WTAE) was pd. The station was one of the first in the country to give away 1 million dollars to a single listener. They ran a promotion that the 97th caller when they played Men at Work’s “Who Can It Be Now” would win 1 Million Dollars. Needless to say they blew out phone lines all over Pittsburgh. Almost all 97 calls were taken live on the air. That’s enough ramblings for today. -Jeff (May 3, 1998)

Eric’s response: Ok, WTKN…970 or 1320?! Getting conflicting views here! Help! Charlie Appel is a friend of mine and still does the “C A Show” On Power 103.9 in Connellsville.

Perhaps you can fill me in on what is happening with WEDO McKeesport, 810 on the dial. I have not heard them on the air for about two to three weeks now. I hope you can shed Some light on why they are off the air. – Gary (May 1, 1999)

Eric’s response: WEDO has been off the air due to some technical problems. Namely, some bratty kids decided to go clip the wires at the transmitter tower and whack the tower so badly that it’s beyond repair. WEDO plans to be back though, hopefully sometime in the next couple of weeks. They are shopping for a new tower and probably restoring the transmitter. Never fear! It will be back!

What time period do the latest radio ratings cover? I would think that WEAE would have climbed some by now, if they were winter ratings, the station’s format was up in the air, and I assumed they were being abandoned by listeners. Take care, Tom (April 30, 1999)

Eric’s Response: The ratings are the final Winter Arbitrons. WEAE’s format will probably climb a little once the ESPN SportsRadio gets into shape. Now that ABC Disney has settled on that, I think things will be a little more stable. Besides, Children’s Radio just wouldn’t make it here…at least I don’t think so!

I do recall WWSW-AM going talk and using WTKN (talkin) as calls! I worked on the air in Pittsburgh in the 1980’s and remember quite well how some folks were upset that heritage WWSW changed to WTKN (We’re Talkin’ Pittsburgh) – Rick (April 30, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Your guess could be as good as anyone’s! I thought the AM side went to talk at one point…but I really didn’t listen in the 80’s! (Eric’s sidenote: Rick later admitted to working at WWSW so he actually can confirm that the format and callsign existed!)

Eric, Your write-up of 92.9 is a little off the mark. It’s first call was KDKA-FM and I can still hear Jack Bogut give the legal: “This is KDKA and KDKA-FM, Pittsburgh, Group W Westinghouse broadcasting. It’s nn o’clock.” Also, when Pirates games went past midnight, a KDKA/KDKA-FM legal would be slipped in right after the simulcast started. Of course, this means that 1020 and 92.9 simulcasted from 12 midnight to 10 AM. Outside of those hours, KDKA-FM was elevator music. I’m not sure if the WPNT call happened before or after the simulcasting arrangement ended. You have left out an important chapter of 94.5’s history: it’s run as top-40 WPEZ! In fact, I believe that WPEZ was the first time that top-40 hit the Pittsburgh FM scene. Eventually, WXKX and B-94 were their competition. WNUF and the big band sound was on 100.7 in the early ’70s as well. WDSY has been a country station for as long as I can remember (early ’70s, again). Cheers! – Dave (April 23, 1999)

(Regarding WGAY Commentary) Obviously Chancellor doesn’t know a good thing when they have it or else top 10 is not good enough. Great musings. – Marty (April 17, 1999)

(Regarding WGAY Commentary) Thanks, Eric….and I enjoyed your tribute in DCRTV today as well. I have a feeling that the soft/AC format won’t be missing from DC radio all that long. Nothing definite, just a logical hunch, considering that there are only about 1 1/2 AC’s in the market at the moment. Some under-achieving property might see this as a golden opportunity to inherit some instant loyal cume. – Bob Moke (April 17, 1999)

Eric, Just a couple of notes on WWSW and KQV. To the best of my knowledge, WWSW-AM always used the same call letters thru the 80’s. For a short time they did have a country format as Double Country, but never changed the call letters. As far as KQV, they signed on before WJAS. November 19, 1919 they first signed on as 8ZAE. They began using KQV unofficially in 1921 and were given the call letters officially in January 9, 1922. WCAE was licensed on May 3, 1922. WHAF was licensed on June 30, 1922. (not sure who they ended up as) WJAS was licensed on August 4, 1922. There was actually a station in grove city … 8CO (WSAJ) in 1914. This info is from Jeff Miller’s Chronicle of AM Radio Broadcasting Pt 1 Another note, Del King used the call letters WCXJ for awhile (Approx 1987-1988) on 1510 am. I don’t know if they were ever officially applied for there or not. Del was a former WAMO jock who ran the station for a time. (I did morning sports reports for a while there before moving to Central Pa.) – Jeff Roteman (April 17, 1999)

Correction/addition to your listings… Jeff Christie (Limbaugh) may have worked at KQV 1410, as you mention, but he also worked at 1360 WIXZ. In the late 60’s, WIXY 1260 was doing a strong number as a top 40 in Cleveland; the same ownership (Wain & Weiss) bought the suburban McKeesport station and tried to duplicate the success in Pittsburgh with the similar-sounding 1360 WIXZ. However, the station had signal limitations and KQV was not easily overthrown. (April 14, 1999)

Eric’s response: Actually, I knew that Limbaugh was at WIXZ, but I think I didn’t mention it because he wasn’t there very long as I understand it. Probably due to signal strength. He was also more remembered for being at KQV however!

Hello, I have a question for you… I may be asking the wrong person, but i dont know who else to turn to. Is mix 96.1 going to have DJs any time soon? They have been on since feburary, and they still dont seem to have any on air DJs. About a month and a half ago, I called thier studio, and I asked the same question, and he said a couple of weeks. Obviously, he was wrong. – Geoff (April 11, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Well your question certainly is one many people have. It was to my understanding that several part time DJ’s were kept, like Troy Garrett. I would imagine that they will have DJ’s soon because they need people in order to be competative in the ratings. I look for people and probably a callsign change too. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Dear Eric, Thanks for the wonderful write-up about NMB on your website. If we had more people like you we wouldn’t have to worry about losing the Conrad Garage. Right now we are hoping to get an option on the property which will take it off the market for a few months while we finalize a business plan and try and get commitments from major funders. We need to raise about another $10,000 to be able to hold the property for six months. Unfortunately there are three other parties interested in buying the property and we have only a short time to make a move before one of them makes an offer that the current owners can’t refuse. Right now we need all of the publicity we can get to motivate funders to donate to the effort. Your piece on the PBRTV website will bring this project to a wider audience and hopefully spur broadcasting professionals and businesses to help out. We’ve often said that Frank Conrad’s Garage is to the broadcasting industry what Henry Ford’s workshop is to the auto industry or the Wright Brothers’ workshop is to the airline industry. These and many other birthplaces of business and industry have been preserved in museums. Why not the same for Conrad’s Garage? Our president, Alice Sapienza-Donnelly, wrote in 1972 when she saved the garage from demolition: “Ironically the little sanctuary which revolutionized the world through commercial communication is now unable to attract interest. Somewhere communication has failed!” The same holds true today. We haven’t reached “critical mass” in this effort where there is a public outcry to ensure that this “cradle of communication” is preserved. I’m reminded of the Syria Mosque in Oakland a few years back. It wasn’t until the bulldozers were on the site ready to knock the building down that people realized what they were about to lose. By then it was too late. We’re not quite at that stage with the Conrad Garage but we’re getting close. We must get the funding community, broadcasters, historians and the general public involved now before the property is beyond saving. Thanks again for your help and please pass along any advice or suggestions you have for getting others involved. I’ll let you know if your web article generates any inquiries or contributions. Thanks! – Rick Harris, chairman, Conrad Project (April 6, 1999)

Eric’s response: I am glad to be of service to you! Hopefully things will work in the favor of NMB and the garage will be saved.

Here’s a couple of notes on 96.1. In the mid 70’s it was WTAE-FM and simulcast WTAE’s Solid Gold TAE format. In the 1976 as disco became popular, it continued the TAE simulcast until 7 pm. At 7 pm they became “Disco 96”. It was an automated format, with lots of Pop Disco music. As disco faded, the frequency became one of the early “Top Trax” formatted stations in the country. Bobby Christian took over as PD and brought the KX format with hime from Denver and WTAE-FM became WXKX, 96KX (or 96 KIX for short). It was a top-40 top trax mix. In the beginning O’Brien & Garry were simulcast from WTAE and the stations seperated at 10 am. Long time Pittsburgh jock George Hart worked there under the name Shawn McCoy. Susie Barbour got her start in Pittsburgh at 96KX as well. As B-94 became stronger, the station made the switch to a more adult Top 40 approach and became Hit Radio 96. – Jeff (March 26, 1999)

Before B94, the frequency was WJOI, a beautiful music station. – Jeff (March 26, 1999)

Eric’s response: Pittsburgh was once a breeding ground for elevator music it seems. That’s perfectly ok, I like the stuff. Kind of “wish” it would return!

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