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May 2000

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Hi Eric, Well, I made a valiant attempt to get to your chat, but I didn’t get home until after 9 ,and by the time I signed up as a member and all that, including trying to configure my browser to run Java (which has been screwed up for a while now), everyone was gone. Sheesh, too much work! You oughta do it in an AOL chat room 🙂 Besides which, …if you hold the chat on AOL, people will come in the room thinking DCRTV stands for Divorced Crossdressing Redheaded TransVestites. 🙂 Clarke; May 31, 2000

Eric’s Response: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm – good idea for next time, but sounds like we’ll have to change the name of our chat!

Did you know that WELA changed to country and is called “Froggy 104” I saw this information over at the U.S. Radio and TV Directory. See ya later. Jon F. May 31, 2000

Eric’s Response: I believe I did hear that! Just what we need, another toad!

Dame Broadcasting (not to be confused with the former “Dame Media”) is indeed the owner of WQWK 97.1 in State College, along with WRSC-AM and an oldies FM at 107.9 (can’t remember the calls) licensed to Port Matilda, PA. By the looks of some help wanted ads in the trades, Dame plans to split the simulcast from State College and program a Johnstown version of “Quik Rock” on 99.1. Dame Broadcasting also owns several stations in Chambersburg. Look for this company to acquire more stations in Western PA soon. May 30, 2000

Greetings from Pretoria, South Africa. I’m a PGH native who just ran across your page after reading about last years death of Rege Cordic (a long-time fan of his). The page looks good. Makes me hoemsick. Will check in on you from time to time. R.S. May 30, 2000

Eric’s Response: I wish you a toast! A Toast with “Olde Frothingslosh. The pale, stale ale with the foam on the bottom!” Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you will return to Pittsburgh!

(regarding a previous post) With the sale of WQKK in Johnstown/Ebensburg to Dame Media, does this mean that the parent station WQWK in State College was sold as well? If I recall correctly, all programming came from WQWK but was fed local Johnstown area commercials to the “translator” at WQKK. May 29, 2000

In response to an earlier post, WMTZ is licensed to Johnstown, PA, and is owned by Clear Channel. The station (along with sister News/Talk 1490 WNTJ) used to be owned by Dame Media. Dame spun all his stations off to the big boys, then reentered the Johnstown market by buying WGLU (92.1/CHR) and WQKK (99.1/Active Rock). May 28, 2000

I see u need some e mail, so I figured now would be a good time to ask a question. Where is Mountain 96.5 (WMTZ-FM) actually located at? I listen to them over the net alot (because there are no good country stations in town anymore) but they say exactly where they are. When they go to say their calls and C.O.L they say it too fast for me to understand wtf they are saying. Their commercials are for places in Somerset, some in Indiana and some in Latrobe. So I have no clue. Also, did WOGI 98.3 move their tower to Duquesne yet? May 28, 2000

Eric’s Response: WMTZ is licensed to Johnstown, PA and is at 96.5 . Probably add it when PBRTV expands into Johnstown. WOGI has not moved their tower yet to my knowledge.

Eric, thanks for your mention of Ray Walker’s well-deserved promotion to Assistant PD. One quick note on the ratings – the new Arbitrends were just released and while WJJJ was down a little (5.0 – 4.9), we managed to tie WMOJ in Cincinnati! So at the moment (not all markets have yet been released), it appears that 104-7 The Beat is now tied for the honor of being the highest-rated Jammin’ Oldies station in the nation. Of course, “it’s only a trend!” Regards, Clarke Ingram. May 26, 2000

Eric: This story ran in our May 20 edition — in the news section, not the radio page, for some reason. Jason Togyer, Tribune-Review. P.S. The Pittsburgh Courier is reporting that WCXJ will sign on again May 29. “Stay Tuned,” as we say. 🙂 May 22, 2000

Radio powerhouse purchases WCXJ By The Tribune-Review
The New York City political activist who saved the Apollo Theater from destruction has purchased WCXJ (1550) and its Philadelphia sister station, according to published reports. Inner City Broadcasting Corp., founded by lawyer Percy Sutton, has purchased the radio operations of Pennsylvania East Coast Communications Inc. from the Anderson family of Philadelphia. Chief Executive Officer Kyle Anderson or Vice President Bill Anderson could not be reached for comment. WCXJ, whose transmitter is in Forest Hills, has been taken off the air. The phones at its Homewood studio went unanswered Friday. The daytime-only station, founded decades ago as Braddock’s WLOA, has been struggling financially and recently reinvented itself as “Talk 16.” Pittsburgh school director Mark Brentley was among its talk show hosts. Pennsylvania East Coast also owned WHAT radio in Philadelphia. A WHAT employee said Inner City has not yet appointed a new general manager for either station. Inner City owns urban music and talk stations across the country, including WBLS and WLIB in New York, KVTO and KBLX in San Francisco and KVVN in San Jose, Calif. The company also produces the syndicated TV show “It’s Showtime at the Apollo.” Sutton, 79, is a former Manhattan borough president and state assemblyman. He came to prominence in the 1950s with a Harlem law practice that specialized in civil rights cases. Sutton was not available for comment yesterday. He purchased WLIB and WBLS in the 1970s and built the latter station into New York’s most successful station serving the black community. He purchased Harlem’s legendary Apollo out of bankruptcy in 1980 and spent millions restoring it. The theater was turned over to New York state in 1991. The Apollo became the subject of controversy in 1998 when the New York Daily News reported Sutton owed the state more than $4.4 million in licensing fees from his TV show. A subsequent lawsuit was settled out of court.

regarding WPQR-FM.If i’m not mistaken,the holding companies for both stations and the bank that wanted the companies liquidated reached an agreement which was held private (i.e. it’ll be a while before the judge reveals what happened),but I did also read that Forever would be interested in buying the stations. Only Q is if WPQR wasn’t able to make it in Connelsville,what chance would it have under Forever’s reign? Lord knows that we need another Froggy the same way we need a sequel to Battlefield Earth. If Forever gets the station,they could pull another “98.3” and move the frequency closer to Pittsburgh-without pissing off WSHH-FM (can you say Froggy 98.3-Duquense) as for WCXJ-AM,it may have something to do with a new antenna for the station,which explains why the station is off the air. I also looked in the FCC site and wonder who did buy the station? what good is a 1000/4 watt station that’s best reached in the eastern edge of Pittsburgh? food for thought…May 21, 2000

Will WPQR ever return to the air? Is there any truth to the rumor that Forever Broadcasting might buy it and make it simulcast of WOMP-FM? Thanks-Jon; May 21, 2000

Eric’s Response: There is only a possibility that WPQR will be bought by Forever, but there are other parties interested too. I believe most of Connellsville would like it to remain a local station and not a carbon copy station! As far as it returning to the air, it looks like that might be a while….

I have tired to listen to the talk shows for several days now. Why is 1550 silent? May 20, 2000

Eric’s Response: Anyone know?!

Eric, You are correct. WWMD will continue to air B/EZ music, but it will be on 101.5. 104.7 will be country WAYZ which is country and will continue to air country when it moves to 104.7! May 19, 2000

Eric, I have heard Star101.7 but was not aware it was a satellite format! They must have the jocks record weather tracks and assemble forcasts using their voices. In response to an earlier post, I believe there is an FM in Williamsport running Music of Your Life. There is also WWMD at 104.7 in Hagerstown, MD, which programs Beautiful Music. I believe WWMD will be swapping frequencies with 101.5 in Waynesboro. We’ll see if the format follows. May 19, 2000

Eric’s Response: Country. Check out DCRTV’s Mailbag Archive for More info!

In response to a previous message: WSRA in Central City PA is Soft Rock Star 101.7 with Westwood One’s Soft AC format. (local from 6-9am) This station does a good job of making it appear local. They used to carry WWOne’s Adult Standards format until a couple years ago when it moved to their sister station Sunny 1330 WYSN. You can listen to 101.7 online at www.star101fm.com. I live in Blair County and we do not have any AC station here so I listen to Star 101.7 most of the time. Jeff Mock; May 18, 2000

Aside to Clarke and you Eric… I was very familiar with the old K-Country format at 95.3 fm in Washington, I worked there for a while and was introduced to “Tex,” the huge, wheel-like automation machine they used for automating the format…the only other place I’ve seen one was a smaller version at KQV, which they use for their local drops during their overnight programming of CNN. As for time brokering, have you heard WZUM lately? Mike Horvath has been dropping in the old “zoom” jingles from Mad Mike–quite a treat hearing one of those next to a song by Animotion! Keep up the good work, Eric! Greg McAtee; May 18, 2000

Eric, to confirm an earlier post, 101.7 FM in Central City, PA (just south of Johnstown) did program standards until about three years ago, I believe. The format and calls (WYSN) were flipped to the co-owned AM in Somerset (1330kHz). The FM adopted the WSRA calls and programs an AC format. The Standards or Music of Your Life format is a very tough sell to advertisers whether its on AM or FM.; May 17, 2000

Eric’s Response: I suggest you talk to the folks at WJAS. It seems they sell pretty well!

Eric, in response to Greg McAtee, it was indeed Bob Stevens who flipped WJPA-FM to WYTK. As for WKHB/WHJB and the like, I find the brokering of the AM band rather interesting, if sometimes unfocused. My favorites are Zeke Jackson (gotta love those WARO airchecks!) and the Pennysaver Classifieds on WWCS. If they added an hour of Lost Dog Reports next, it wouldn’t surprise me – and I’d probably enjoy that, too! 101.7 in Central City PA did indeed play Standards for a while as WYSN. They flipped the WYSN format and call letters to their sister AM 1330 in Somerset some time back. I believe 101.7 is now WSRA (“Star”) and an AC station. Regards, Clarke Ingram.; May 17, 2000

Eric’s Response: I’d love to do the Lost Dog Reports. “This is Eric O’Brien your ‘Rover News Reporter’!”

To All PBRTV viewers who answered my question about 95.3: Thanks and thanks to u Mr. PBRTV for posting it on your site. I was almost going insane trying to remember it! When I moved to this area, was about the time it went off the air as WYTK and became WJPA again, and also the same time WRKY (Rocky 103.5) became country ( I miss WRKY!)Thanks again! May 17, 2000

Eric’s Response: Wow…I have a new name…”Mr. PBRTV”! I’m honored!

To answer the question about 101.7 FM in Central City: yes, it used to air the WJAS-type music. At that time, WADJ AM 1330 in Somerset was a talk station, and WYSN FM 101.7 (also known as Sunny 101.7) played the standards. A few years ago (sorry, I can’t remember exactly when), the WYSN call letters, format and Sunny name moved to 1330, and the FM station became Star 101.7, WSRA, playing soft rock. May 17, 2000

Eric, In response to your reader’s inquiry about WJPA-FM’s former call letters, the station was renamed “WYTK” and adopted an AOR format back in the late 80’s, followed by a country format (called “K-Country) for a short time before returning to the old calls and simulcasting the AM with the oldies format some time ago. I believe it was Bob Stevens (owner of WKHB in Greensburg and WBCW in Jeanette) who instituted the changes in Washington. As to the moanings I’ve heard about all the Doctor’s shows and info-mercials we’ve heard on local AM’s lately, I would like to see these people run a station today–advertising dollars are tight, and this is a quick and easy way to make money to do some of the things listeners like–sure beats dead air, don’t you think? Plus, I disagree that nobody listens to these shows—I know some people who do, and don’t you find yourself pausing to listen as you were hitting the “scan” button? regards, Greg McAtee; May 17, 2000

Eric’s Response: Darnitall! You caught me!

i am not sure but the call letters wytk seem right for the country format on 95.3 fm.; May 17, 2000

Eric’s Response: The answer seems pretty well confirmed huh?!

Eric, to answer the question in your Mailbag, WJPA-FM’s call letters were WYTK during its years as K Country. It also ran a short-lived album-rock format with the same call letters before switching to Country – I bet very few people remember that! Regards, Clarke; May 17, 2000

Dear Eric: In answer to one of your reader’s queries, WJPA-FM as K Country was WYTK. I used to listen to it a fair amount even though it was automated. Just to make sure my memory didn’t fail me this time, I also looked it up in an older edition of Bruce Elving’s FM Atlas. I also have a question maybe one of your readers can answer. I was told that the Central City PA station on 101.7 carried old standards similar to WJAS. I tuned in but heard Soft Rock. It is very difficult to get where I am because of it being right between WORD and WVAQ (Morgantown, WV 101.9). It would be great to have WJAS-style music on FM if it was local (not satellite) and the audio quality was good (it is not on most FM stations)! Anyway, can someone confirm that 101.7 used to have WJAS-style music?; May 17, 2000

Hello Eric, Just read your biography page; nice touch dedicating the site to WGAY. Your mentions of WSHH triggered a question which I’ve had for some time. On WSHH up until about four years ago, there was a program of show music on Sunday mornings hosted by a person from the CLO. Do you know what became of this program; is it on another station or just another casualty of consolidation. On the same subject of disappearing programs, WJPA used to have a Sunday morning polka party which doesn’t seem to be there anymore; any knowledge of what happened to that? I’m just recalling these items because the TV and FM radio got moved to opposite ends of the house; hence, I couldn’t use the TV antenna to pull in distant stations. I’ve now put up a 9-element Channel Master FM antenna which does wonders; WSHH and WJPA and many, many others are back on my dial (even that excuse for a station where WGAY used to be). Thanks. Keep up the great site. Howard; May 16, 2000

Eric’s Response: The show on WSHH that you are referring to is “Wish on Broadway.” It was hosted by none other than Charlie Grey who was the Executive Director of the CLO for quite some time. Basically the show came to an end because he had gone through each musical at least twice. It actually hadn’t been the fault of anything other than it’s own tiring. As for WJPA’s program I wouldn’t know. Here’s to the return of WGAY!

Mulhallo. 10 questions. 1. It is me or does B94 sound better than ever? Those seamless jingles into songs–they actually incorporate the beginning of, for example,”Say My Name” into the end of the jingle. The upbeat sequeways. the better music mix..More Sisqo. Eminem’s getting played while its still new! They actually played Real McCoy “Another Night” this past weekend! I haven’t heard radio that impressive since Z100 (no, not the one in Portland). 2. Who are those weekend overnighters on Wish and Lite? 3. Isn’t there something else to play besides 80’s on Sunday Night? 4. How about Saturday? 5. Should we start a “Radio we can’t get here in Pittsburgh” column?; May 16, 2000

Eric’s Response: 1. It’s not just you…it’s sounding better and better all the time! 2. I know of the guys at Wish, but not at The Lite. 3. Yes 50’s and early 60’s – a healthy plethora of it! 4. Dick Bartley on 3-W-S! 5. No, DCRTV provides a good listing…and besides anything not local to here and to DC would be a repetative redundancy! 6. Where are questions 6-10?

Do u know what the original call letters for 95.3 WJPA-FM in Washington were when they were known as K Country in the 80’s and early 90’s? It has been bugging me that I can not think of that! If you dont know,does anyone out there know? Thanks.; May 16, 2000

Eric’s Response: Good question!

Eric, I regularly check pbrtv and dcrtv and find both sites to be very good. You and Dave both deserve the proper kudos. Keep up the good work! Don; May 15, 2000

I have been surfing around and found that you are the only one left of the spin-off websites from the DCRTV/NYRTV group that isnt gone or trying to go. NERTV’s sparky gave it up(CT Radio is suppose to take it over) and the guy from VARTV is trying get rid of his. I dont know whats up w/ those guys. Keep up the good work -Akbu; May 13, 2000

Eric’s Response: Well thank you! Part of the reason that I am still around is the fact that I more or less created PBRTV with the advice of DCRTV Dave. He just gave me full responsibility. I don’t have any intention of giving up PBRTV for any reason. Thanks for dropping by!

Eric- This just in….I will be leaving WSHH to do mornings on AMFM’s CHR WQEN-Birmingham (Q103.7) at the end of May. Birmingham- where it’s green and hilly, everybody’s grandfather used to work in the mills, and outsiders make fun of their accent. Sound familiar? Banana Don; May 9, 2000

Eric’s Response: I wish Don the best in his new venture. I happened to be the Morning Show Intern when he started Three years ago. In fact, I had the honor of letting him in the building! The longest Wish Morning Show since Bogut!

Dear Eric: Unfortunately, I can’t answer your recent letter writer’s question about 940 AM, but I will vouch for the fact that WESA has been putting out an unmodulated carrier for a while. I don’t listen to AM radio but out of curiosity, I punched in a few times after Charleroi radio became history to hear what they were doing with it. At first, I heard the simulcast of Uniontown’s WOGG on the AM with very poor quality and low modulation. Some time later, I punched in to hear if the situation changed. It did – now there’s no modulation at all! I guess this is at least better than the months of noise that 99.3 WPQR had been pumping out, which now, thankfully, is off the air. May 6, 2000

Eric, What is going on with the 940AM frequency of the former WESA-AM in Charleroi? They have been transmitting an unmodulated carrier during daylight hours for over a month now! I know that the FCC had eased up on the big ownership groups, but this is ridiculous! How long is one allowed to waste a piece of the spectrum like this? Do you know if this station will be moving to Duquesne along with Froggy FM? JOC Pittsburgh; May 5, 2000

Eric’s Response: I am sorry I personally can’t help you. It is difficult for me to get 940 AM where I am, but that’s the beauty of having the ability to post email to the site! As for whether or not the frequency will be joining its FM counterpart in the move, I’m not sure. I have the feeling that it won’t be, I have not heard that it is. Anyone know?

Eric, in response to an earlier post, it is my understanding that WMOJ in Cincinnati is ahead of WJJJ. They have a 5.8 share 12+ and reportedly are #2 25-54. So we’ve still got a little ways to go before we have the highest-rated Jammin’ Oldies station in the nation! Regards, Clarke Ingram. May 3, 2000

Eric, The “Groovin’ Oldies” format on WAJR-FM, as told to me by a friend who works down there, is all satellite run. I worked for a short time in Fort Myers, Florida and while there they opened a new frequency in the market and started a satellite run “Groovin’ oldies” station. Anybody know if there might be any similarity? The calls are WJGO-FM in Fort Myers. The funny thing about WJGO was the liners that were special cut for the station’s positioner, put in before the jock began his regular talk, were always too long timewise which caused the jock to talk over himself. Guess they didn’t know about time compression there, huh? Certainly didn’t add that air of locality to the market! BTW, I am very proud to say I’m working for a great bunch of guys at The Beat and they deserve all the praise they can get for our recent success. Keep up the good work with your webpage! -B.J.; May 3, 2000

Actually 103.3 WAJR-FM is licensed to Salem, WV which is 35+ miles away from Morgantown. WAJR-FM did simulcast most of the programs from sister news/talk AM 1440 WAJR Morgantown. The West Virginia Radio Corporation of Morgantown owns WAJR-AM and FM. Jon F.; May 2, 2000

Eric, I dont think any Ohio Valley stations changed to Jammin’ Oldies, either. No stations in the Ohio Valley are owned by AM/FM. and is’nt Jammin Oldies only on AMFM Stations? One thing I have been noticing is WOMP (100.5) ‘s been playing more late 80’s & early 90’s songs lately. could it mean they might bne changing to Hot AC, tired of competing with 105.5 (WZNW)? Their(WOMP) new announcer for contests is the old Mix 96.1 announcer. If anything is gonna change or has changed it has or might be WELA 104.3, Since I dont receive them at my house anymore,I wouldnt know about them. I dont think Forever will have 2 Froggy’s on in an area that already is able to pick up 2 or in my case 3 other Froggy’s. So maybe WELA will go Jammin Oldies,do u think? May 2, 2000

Eric’s Response: It has been corrected by Jason Togyer that the station is NOT an AMFM station and it’s the “Groovin’ OIdies” WAJR 103.3 in Morgantown…

Re: Earlier Message Eric: My geography was slightly … OK, very, very off (at least the mistake wasn’t in print, just in an email). Such are the hazards of relying on my memory! Supposedly, WAJR-FM in Morgantown has “reinvented” itself as “Groovin’ Oldies Jams 103.3.” It had been a talk station, I suspect it was simulcasting WAJR (1440). FCC database shows it registered to a company in Sterling, Va. It only signed on in 1999 — can that be right? I’m assuming “groovin’ oldies jams” is a variant on “jammin’ oldies,” and that the term “jammin’ oldies” is trademarked, like “music of your life.” Interestingly, WAJR has a website (www.wajr.com) but it seems to be down for maintenance. Part of the format change? Don’t credit me, BTW. Credit Pittsburgh Media Insider. Hang by your thumbs, Jason Togyer; May 2, 2000

Eric… Congrats to Clarke Ingram and everyone at 104.7 for a great winter book. The “Real Deal” Mike Neal is always entertaining! A question for Clarke: Is WJJJ the highest rated Jammin Oldies station in the country 25-54? I think it might be!; May 2, 2000

I grew up in Morgantown, WV and listened to Paulsen and Krenn for years. In fact, Scott was my inspiration to get into radio. I’m now the PD at WSRT “Star 92.1” in Greencastle. I was not aware that Scott had left WDVE! Where is he now? Thanks; May 2, 2000

Eric’s Response: Scott has left the business. Whether temporary or permanantly I do not know. He has been off the air since January 1.

Eric, Jason Togyer is reporting that a station in the Ohio Valley has switched to Jammin’ Oldies. Do you know which one?

Eric’s Response: I have not heard. Does anyone know? I shall report if and when I hear about it….

Eric, when I called Jammin’ Oldies the first truly successful format on the 104.7 frequency since WYDD, I was not entirely correct. My interview in the Trib was done before the release of the Winter ratings. To the best of my knowledge, WYDD never achieved a 5 share 12+ or ranked #3 25-54. No format on 104.7 ever had, until WJJJ did so in the Winter results. So Jammin’ Oldies is not simply the most successful format on 104.7 since WYDD – it’s the most successful format that has ever been on 104.7, period. How about that! Regards, Clarke Ingram. May 1, 2000