November 1999 – January 2000

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As for your comment of “So What?” to WPCB altering it’s programming to allow for the swap involving WQEX, the reason is simple: Psalm 119 verses two and three tell us that “Happy are all who search for God and always do his will, rejecting compromise with evil and walking only in His paths.” True servants of God, having been called, equipped, and sent on the mission are to reject compromising the message that they have been sent in to the world with. I praise God for Cornerstone’s decision to stand firm and not bow down to the whims of the powers that be in this world. Airing Martha Stewart for an hour is only gonna change a home decor…not a life. Which is more important? Scott; January 29, 2000

Eric’s Response: I don’t consider Martha Stewart at all educational! It might be a little more interesting than 24 hour preaching though. For religion, this “WASPY Episcopalian” goes to church every Sunday. As the old hymn goes, “Nun danket alle Gott”!

Eric, I translated your last “musing” by going to: Normal English Usage: Eric’s Musings By Eric O’Brien January 14, 2000 Welcome to the first Musings of the New Year. (Dare not I say Millenium, etc.) You know I was really amused the other day when I read several articles that stated Country Music is going down in the ratings. Well, it seems that’s not the case in the Pittsburgh area! Heck yeah, those twangs and thangs seem to be rather popular to the listener around here. Take the hint when you see that WDSY (Y108) is the top FM station in town in the 12+ category these days. Figure too, WOGG (formerly WASP-FM) is steppin’ it up with Forever Broadcasting’s “Froggy” format. (Several Froggy stations appear around the area – usually signified with the smiling frog in the middle of the “Froggy”) Despite the fact that the trends are saying that cross-over artists (Shania, Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill) are what keep country stations alive these days, I am still convinced that Pittsburgh likes its full-blown country and more than likely will for some time to come. Ok, now beginning Monday the 17th is “On Q” Magazine on Channel 13. I can hardly wait! This will be the first of its kind on Public Television and the first magazine show for Pittsburgh we’ve seen since KDKA’s Evening Magazine. I am expecting that with the rather large on-air staff and talent, this has the potential to last quite a while. More on this later… Speaking of Public Television, are you as sick as I am of hearing the hulabaloo about the sale of WQEX?! I for one, have had it up to here (points to top of head) with whether or not we need two public television stations, or whether or not religious programming is considered educational. The fact is, the FCC has approved the deal. Paxson may buy Channel 40, WPCB (Cornerstone) may take over 16 and QED gets about $18 Million! So DO IT! Well it’s apparrent that we can’t proceed until everyone is happy…which may be never! Nonetheless, let the transaction take place! WPCB may have to alter its programming content to fit the educational license, so what? I have only watch the channel once or twice and felt that maybe a bit of a change was necessary to attract some viewers. Stay tuned! In fact, stay tuned for more Eric’s Musings coming along in Y2K. We continue to ask for your email support and opinions! Thank you for joining us! I’m Eric O’Brien for PBRTV….

Da translation is: Eric’s Musings By Eric O’Brien January 14, 2000 Welcome to da first Musings of da New Year. (Dare not I say millenium, etc.) jano I was rilly amused da other day whenever I read several articles that stated Country Music is gowen dahn in da ratings. woll , it seems ats not da case in da picksburg area! Heck yeah, dose twangs and thangs seem rather popular to da listener arahnd here. Take da hint whenever yinz see that WDSY (Y108) is da top FM station in tahn in da 12+ category dese days. figger too, WOGG (fermerly WASP-FM) is tramppin’ it up wit ferever Broadcasting’s “Froggy” fermat. (Several Froggy stations appear arahnd da area – usually signified wit da smiling frog in da middle of da “Froggy”) Despite da fact that da trends are saying that cross-over artists (Shania, Dixie Chicks, Faith h’l) are wah keep country stations alive dese days, ahz still convinced that picksburg likes its fool-blown country and more than likely will fer some time to come. Oakel-Doakel, now beginning Mundy da 17th is “On Q” Magazine on Channel 13. I can hardly wait! This will be da first of its kind on Public Television anna first magazine show fer picksburg we’ve seen since KDKA’s Evening Magazine. ahz expecting that wit da rather large on-air staff and talent, this has da potential to last quite a while. More on this later… Speaking of Public Television, are yinz as sick as ahz of hearing da hulabaloo abaht da sale of WQEX?! I fer one, have had it up to here (points to top of head) wit whether or not we need two public television stations, or whether or not religious programming is considered educational. da fact is, the FCC has approved da deal. Paxson may buy Channel 40, WPCB (Cornerstone) may take over 16 and QED gits abaht $18 million! So DO IT! woll it’s apparrent that we can’t proceed until everyone is happy…which may be never! Nonetheless, let da transaction take place! WPCB may hafta alter its programming content to fit da educational liceness, so wah? I have only watch da channel once or twice and felt that maybe a bit of a change was necessary to attract some viewers. Stay tuned! In fact, stay tuned fer more Eric’s Musings coming along in Y2K. We continue to ask fer yinzes email support and opinions! Thank yinz fer joining us! I’m Eric O’Brien fer PBRTV…. Tom; January 27, 2000

Eric’s Response: This is quite fascinating. Maybe I should translate the rest of the musings from here on out?

Z98 is off the air,Forever took over the station and sacked the staff. the station will go dark untill tueday and then simulcast WOGG-FM. they will also move the stick closer to pittsburgh,which gives Pittsburgh another country drop-in….January 27, 2000

Eric’s Response: Shockers of all shockers huh?! Well amazingly enough, it can be done. Watch out for moving transmitter sticks!

Greetings, I have been enjoying your web page all evening. I have some information for you page. WRCT and WPTS both have waeb pages for you to link to. The URL for WPTS is The other is in Moon Township. Their web site is Both are interesting stations worth a write up. I believe there is also a community access in Monroeville. Finally, the link to WLTJ has expired. I don’t know if there is a new link or not. Keep up the good work. Jeff; January 25, 2000

Eric’s Response: I will consider all information for the site. No doubt we’ll want to put those radio station links on. I just checked the WLTJ website and everything is up and running just fine at!

(Regarding previous message about reception) I used to have problems getting channels 7 and 10 in my area. They are about 80-100 miles away. I can get them crystal clear with a special made antenna. They don’t make them anymore I don’t think, but maybe you could get your hands on one. It’s called a “ghost killer.” It’s made for the big cities to prevent ghosts from occuring (when we lived in NJ, channel 50 STILL had ghosts anyway), but it works really well to get stations from far away. With that antenna, one morning, I got channel 6 out of Oklahoma City (and I live near Farmville, VA). Rabbit-ears won’t give you a very good signal. – Mark Ericson of VARTV; January 25, 2000

Just checked the FCC files and WZKT 98.3 should become “Froggy 98.3” WOGI-FM when Forever Broadcasting takes over the station. January 25, 2000

Eric’s Response: It should be even as we speak. Forever has owned the station for a while now.

It’s not surprising that the local news product on WPTT is missed by some listeners. It sounds bush league, especially when you hear, sometimes verbatim, what’s on the TV or legitimate radio news stations or the headlines from the PG or the Trib. Pittsburgh radio does deserve better.; January 24, 2000

Eric’s Response: Frankly, it’s true for many markets…not only Pittsburgh. We ALL deserve better!

Eric, Think I can help a little with the Roy Fox question: after Denver he moved back east to do a show on WMCA/New York. When that ended, he stayed in NYC. He and his wife became caretakers of some historic house in the city. When Bruce Keidan started his short-lived general talk show on WPTT (spring of 1998, I think) he had Fox on as a guest via the phone. That was the last I heard of him. Vic; January 23, 2000

I have recently moved to WV. I am 65 miles away from PGH and really miss WPXI, WTAE-TV, and KDKA-TV. What type of antenna would you recommend so I can try to get these stations again. I don’t want to spend a boat load of money on an antenna, would rabbit ears work? Thanks for your help and you have a great page.; January 22, 2000

Eric’s Response: Can anyone help us with this one? I’m not that “technoweinie” to understand this!

Regarding the channel 16 deal being off. Yes!!!! How dare they turn a non-comm TV station into a religious outlet. Shame on WQED. You’d think the IDIOTS at WQED could program a second station. I mean, how many non-comms does Pittsburgh have? One? Here in DC we have five. Certainly, Pittsburgh could support a second one. Tiny little Richmond VA has two, both operated by the same educational broadcaster…..- Dave; January 20, 2000

Eric’s Response: Well I don’t know if they are “IDIOTS”…I mean they are in debt and it’s pretty hard to have two PBS stations with separate programming going when you don’t have any money.

Re: WAMO posting. Don’t know where TJ is….but it’s never safe to assume somebody there is “on vacation.” Sheridan Broadcasting has an established reputation for mercilessly firing quality air talent — usually for financial reasons, or for no reason at all — without notice…no on-air goodbye…no goodbye to fellow staffers…just the PD or GM’s secretary escorting you to clean out your desk or locker…turn over your security card…and that’s it. When the newspaper calls to ask what happened to you, the standard response is “(Name of air talent) left to pursue other interests.” Staffers who leave on their own to better their careers get the same treatment….fired as soon as they announce their resignation. No “congratulations,” no “good luck,” no “stay in touch,” no going-away party or greeting card….it’s just get out. At this point you get the same degrading treatment. For this reason at least one staffer who left for another job gave no notice. In spite of all this, Sheridan still manages to attract talented people…go figure.; January 18, 2000

Eric: The history of Pittsburgh is fascinating. I am interested in learning the whereabouts of the 70’s KDKA radio personality, Roy Fox. The last I heard he was in Denver replacing Alan Berg. I think the radio information on your sites, Pittsburgh, DC etc. is fantastic. Frank; January 18, 2000

Eric’s Response: Anyone out there know?!

What happened to TJ of the Bad boys on WAMO? I haven’t heard him at all this week. January 14, 2000

Eric’s Response: Not listening to WAMO, I’m not at all sure. However, if it’s only been this week, chances are he’s on vacation. Only get concerned when people have been off the air and they don’t tell you where they are!

Saw some recent criticisms in your email section for WPTT-AM. Most of it was in regard to no local news during the Lynn Cullen and Doug Hoerth shows. Don’t know when the last time these complainers listened to these shows, but they’ve had local news for months now! Non-local is Dr. Laura, a taped listener call in show. What a great format, a call in show where you can’t call in. Geeez, at least the old Party Line show was current, even though you heard only Ed and Wendy’s voices! As far as KDKA-AM doing infomercials, so what, that’s all you hear when Pratte is on. Should change the slogan to the “50,000 watt Pratte Mouth” – January 5, 2000

I was looking at your website, and I noticed something familiar to me. WDRV – “The River,” former callsign for 96.1 FM in Pittsburgh I used to listen to that station all the time and then all of a sudden, I forgot about it. Now I’m trying to find it again, do you know what happened to it? The word “former” suggests to me that it’s no longer running, or did it just switch call letters and/or frequency? Please help me, if you can!; January 4, 2000

Eric’s Response: The River is GONE! In fact it has been for about a year now. Mix 96.1 has taken over as WPHH. Unfortunately, Mix is about as successful as The River…

Hi Eric, Happy 2000 to you and here’s to another great year for your much-appreciated site! Some radio thoughts for “Mailbag” — and you can use my name on them…I was pleased to see someone noticed WKST-FM’s (New Castle) all-Christmas format, which started on Thanksgiving and ran through New Year’s. The poster didn’t like it — but I did. It got me to spend hours listening to a station I ordinarily wouldn’t pay ANY attention to. If they do it in 2000, one suggestion: increase the playlist. There are hundreds of good Christmas tracks they ignored. There was too much Mannheim Steamroller/Al Jarreau/Celine Dion/”Very Special Christmas” series. The turnover was ‘way too quick and I don’t consider Kenny Loggins’ “Celebrate Me Home” much of a Christmas song! Take a hundred bucks, go to Jerry’s Used Records in Squirrel Hill and pick up a carload of the great albums that haven’t made it CD. Cart up the best tracks and you’re ready to go. I DO agree with the poster that KDKA sounds awful on weekends. Jane Crawford is putting people to sleep on the overnight shift. Overall, they sound tired and cranky, too. My wish for 2000: cut the terrible Thor Tolo back to two hours ( 6 to 8) or, if they insist on doing sports, get a GOOD host for that slot. Then give 8 to midnight to Doug Hoerth. He’d pump some life into the station, particularly with its night time reach. Mike Romigh is OK but he’s not strong enough to carry a regular shift. He’s more a fill-in and weekend-type. Even with pre-emptions for baseball, Hoerth would be strong. Turn him loose and don’t interfere. He has a better idea of what to do than a management which puts Rob Pratte and Jane Crawford on the air! Also — I know the bottom line rules because it’s a business. Still…those brokered programs on weekends are an embarrassment on a station of KDKA’s stature. I realize WPTT is on a tight budget but they should have some form of local news during the Cullen and Hoerth shows. They sound minor league otherwise. That cost of that newsperson could probably be spread out — maybe he/she could tape quick hourly headlines for WJAS in the afternoons. A station that appeals to adults the way JAS does needs some local news presence in PM drive. ESPN Radio is a waste. Listen to WFAN/New York to hear how all-sports should be done. The key is having year-round play-by-play and WEAE has none. Their update people are poor, too — incorrect information, mispronounced names. Mark Madden is an obnoxious gimmick who promotes himself first and foremost. He’s immature in dealing with callers and knows little about any sports aside from hockey. It’s a disgrace that he has Myron Cope’s old slot. How about a Pittsburgh radio reunion? The promotion has been done in a lot of places but we’ve never had one. It would be a major attention-getter for 3WS. Invite back the old KQV guys who are still available (Chuck Brinkman, Fred Winston, Jim Quinn, Harry West, Jon Summers, Bob Wood, Todd Chase, Bob DeCarlo) and/or the old 13Q jocks (Jack Armstrong, Batt Johnson, Don Cox, Earl Lewis, Eric Chase, Dave Mason, Rick Hughes, Don Bombard and a cast of thousands, it seems) and let them play the records they used to play and reminisce and let the listeners in on some “inside” stories. Maybe have a dinner or a river cruise to help cover the costs. The travel/lodging costs could probably be traded out for on-air plugs. This would be a better promotion than having another stale oldies concert at Star Lake. With all respect to Scott Paulsen’s considerable talent, the DVE morning show won’t miss a beat. Pittsburgh audiences are loyal to a fault and as long as Jimmy Krenn is doing all their favorite characters. they’ll stay. Finally…will Quinn have any advertisers now that the Y2K crisis has turned out to be nothing? Seemed like most of his sponsors were people appealing to the millenium panic.; January 2, 2000

Eric’s Response: It seems that all the stations are stuck on the same Christmas Music except when Wish does their 36 hours of Christmas! I agree with you that 99% of their music at Christmas is pretty annoying and redundant! I didn’t hear WKST’s stuff. Great suggestions by the way…it seems the KDKA feeling is being felt all over!

I checked out your site…I enjoyed your wish list.Give up on that easy listening issue….I spent most of 15 years associated with that format and it’s not Y2K ready. Smooth jazz was the closest attempt to resurect an instrumental based format, and overall it’s not doing very well. I’ve had a vision for many years for a sophisticated (read that,upscale) format that mixed the most laid back smooth jazz, mainstream jazz (no wild improvisational stuff) and great vocalists like Ella, Sarah, June, Anita, Joe Williams, Frank, Tony B, Harry C, etc. It would sound wonderful, but would anyone listen…well, yes, but not nearly enough, and what’s more they’d be 50+. Oh well, I suppose I could just dream, or just play that stuff at home….but then I’m too lazy for that, I’d rather a radio station put it all together for me. Even DMX misses the boat on this one…their MOR channel is ridiculous. Later, Warren; January 1, 2000

Eric’s Response: Ok ok, I’ll give up on the thought that ANYONE would try Easy Listening again…but it’s a nice thought you have to admit! I agree that DMX never did a very good job at programming the music…which is PART of the reason why I don’t have it anymore! Oh well, I hope still that something will change! 

I agree with your writer about the stale, dated, sound of KDKA. It’s especially evident when you compare it side by side with comparable stations in other markets (even smaller markets). I listen to WFLA in Tampa on the internet a cutting edge full-service facility. KDKA sounds like my grandfathers station in comparison. What’s sad is you could sign off KDKA and still grab big ratings. It kinda reflects the Pittsburgh attitude vis-a-vis everything: “Change is the enemy!” I miss the sound and style of Talk Radio 1250 WTAE…now that was a station with a major market sound. But the undeserved dominance of KDKA (and 50KW) was too much to overcome. January 1, 2000

What’s wrong with Pittsburgh talk radio? KDKA is becoming so stale and predictable. Nights and weekends have turned into the amateur hour. Production is sloppy and news is unreliable. WPTT, while still in its infant stage, is a disappointment too. Its sound is too inconsistent and lacks the “feel” of a big city talk station. Its farmed-out news service needs some work. Pittsburgh deserves better. January 1, 2000

Eric’s Response: Talk becomes stale I feel because so much of it is based on the same stuff day in and day out. There is no fresh material. The news is generally sloppy because it’s more of a ratings thing than a public service and no on is ever satisfied. I think talk stations are trying to fill in the gaps of the talk from music stations…which they’ve jettisoned. If there was more of a mix of hosts and discussion talk radio could definitely be better!

Well, I saw your wish list, and I decided to make up my own (smaller) list! 92.1 WKST- Please dont play christmas muic 24/7 for a month straight next year. Nothing wrong with christmas music, but play other stuff too! 92.9 WLTJ- I want an all 80s station!!! =) 96.1 WPHH- I think that this station should become a CHR/Rhythmic station. This would do pretty well in the ratings Id bet. 98.3 WZKT- PLEASE dont flip to country!!! Your sister station WASP already plays country. I think they should just keep the format they have now. 98.9 WMXY- Just get rid of Delilah, and this station would be my favorite. I just LOVE those time warp weekends!! 100.7 WZPT- Get rid of craig and company, and bring bender back to pittsburgh!! 101.5 WORD- I would like an FM christian music station here. Geoff Waag: December 30, 1999

Eric’s Response: Thanks for your Wish List! You put a lot of good points. WMXY is outside of the Pittsburgh market though. It is the former WKBN-FM in Youngstown, Ohio.

Hello Eric – help! I have been trying in vain to find an am station in Pittsburgh that broadcasts Penguins hockey on a regular basis which we might have a hope of picking up at night over here in Delaware County, Ohio. Any suggestions? Thanks – December 29, 1999

Eric’s Response: WWSW is the station of the Pens this year. They can be found on 94.5 FM and 970 AM. Hopefully it will travel far enough for you! 

You have a very interesting website. It even caught Michael Kunkle’s attention! There one correction to your WPXI listing. You wrote: Don Riggs and his duck (whose name escapes me) were both up at channel 11. I also believe that Hank Stohl and his friend “Knish” were up at channel 11. Don’s duck was Willy the Duck. Also, 11 may be the only one of the big 3 not to have Hank Stohl’s program. He was originally on channel 2. I believe he was also at 4. (December 25, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Thanks Frank! I was waiting for correction on that information (knowing that it didn’t seem quite right) and believe it or not…it took a year!

Eric; Further rumor is that Forever Broadcasting has applied for the call letters WOGI for the present WZKT. Rhymes with Froggy doesn’t it?? And what is the handle for their big country station in Central Pa?? Apparently they had a staff meeting in Charleroi yesterday with the new people, who basically told them nothing. (December 22, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Amazing isn’t it? This Froggy format (which is indeed in Central PA and Erie) seems to be gaining popularity. Can we say “Froggy 98”?!

Eric; Just some things rolling through the market, and through my head….. >>Surprised at the reaction to Scott Paulsen’s annoucement yesterday. Thought that the cat was out of the bag on that one a long time ago. Scott’s been telling many, many people since about this time last year that he was walking at the end of his contract. Just about everyone who knows him has tried to talk him out of it. He’s burned out, plain and simple. Trust me, he doesn’t need the money anymore. He and Kit made very sure of that. Sorry I couldn’t give you any warning about any of this in advance. Jimmy Krenn asked me to keep it under my hat. I gave him my word. >> Sara Trexler isn’t talking to anyone here. Yet. She’s engaged to someone up here. What she was doing in Austin just wouldn’t translate to the older demographic in this market, but she is talented. Could make an interesting replacement at WPHH, The Point, 3WS, all of which are liable to wind up in big morning show numbers trouble in 2000…… >>Did you hear that CBS/Infinity is requiring an engineer and a member of upper management to be on-site at midnight on the 31st?? They aren’t taking chances. >>Hear that Forever Broadcasting is going to simulcast WZKT and WASP after they take over Mon Valley station after the first of the year. Rumor of the day is that they are going Country and pushing Jimmy Roach’s morning show. Eric, have a great holiday. Talk to you on the radio!! (December 19, 1999)

Eric, you are beginning to look absolutely right when you said “jammin’ oldies’ wasn’t Y2K compatible. A Nostalgia station and Wish are beating up on “The Beat”. Sounds a little like what’s happening in Philly with a nostalgia station ahead of the rhythmic oldies station there, and yes “Smooth Jazz 105.9” in DC has finally tied 99.5 down there. Can anyone say nostalgia on 99.5 WGAY-FM in DC before 2000 is out; December 1, 1999

Eric’s Response: I told myself the same thing as I read all the Arbitrends. Just a shameless pat on the back!

Is there something wrong with KDKA-TV 2’s signal? I am usually able to pick up a decent picture of Channel 2 with my rooftop antenna, but for the past several weeks there has hardly been a picture. I thought it may be atmospheric conditions that is causing me to have so much trouble picking the station up, but that isn’t the problem. Any ideas? Thanks, Jon Fox; November 27, 1999

Eric’s Response: Chances are it could be atmospheric conditions or it could be the fact that KDKA is working on their digital transmitter for HDTV. I know that they were slated to do some work on the Transmitter site on Perrysville Ave. You might want to contact one of the engineers at the station.

Eric, Just picked up the Sunday (Nov. 21) Tribune-Review and the magazine section has a lengthy article on Rege Cordic. Great memories! Try: VS, November 21, 1999.

Eric’s Recommendation: Check it out folks! It’s a great story! TribLIVE – Cordic & Co.’s inspired lunacy tied up region’s tunnels and airwaves – November 21, 1999 . Read it for yourself! You’ll get some good memories…or you’ll find you wish you had been alive to hear it all!

Eric, KDKA may be #1 overall, but I can’t help to think that ESPN Radio, and now possibly Jerry Boyer on WPTT-AM, are cutting into Cigna’s morning drive time. Why else would they have promoted for a week, a MAJOR KDKA BROADCASTING ANNOUNCEMENT coming on Wednesday morning, 11/17/99 at 7:40 a.m.? Then on that morning they had all of the on-air personality they could muster come into the studio. They speculated all morning on what it could be? Honz said it was that he would be joining Cigna again. Cigna constantly denied any knowledge of what it was. After the annoncement was made, it was the lead story on the 8 a.m. news, and described as being “Historic!” This “Historic” event has happened many times in the past since 1921. The difference being between then and now, then it would have been a two sentence paragraph in Chuck Finder’s or his predecesor’s column. Oh, what was the announcement? Sound the trumpets, roll the drums, “The Pirates have signed a seven year contract for KDKA-AM to be the exclusive broadcaster of their games. To qoute Archie Bunker, “Whoopdee doo!” Comparing this “major” announcement to a hockey game, Paul Steigerwald would have called it “A garbage Goal”. Mario Lemieux would have called this particular morning show, “Bush League!” Take care, Tom Allison Park, PA (November 17, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Most of the stations do this when they are about to introduce something new. Did you listen to the Point change formats? All day that day they were announcing their official “Y2K Testing” at 5 PM, and to be listening. Wish did the same thing when they introduced the 8AM All Music Hour. It really isn’t a ratings thing, it’s like that annoying teaser on the news about this big story that ends up being a 10 second blip! I agree, whoopdeedoo, but hey you listened didn’t you?

Got some info here on corporate formatting strategies that might be of interest to you:1) CBS/Infinity classic rock outlets now using “seven song super sets” (WARW Bethesda and WZGC Atlanta), 2) AMFM/Clear Channel’s “Jammin’ Oldies”, 3) AMFM/ Clear Channel’s “Rockin’ hits of the 80’s, 90’s and today (is this the new format that AMFM hinted at a couple of months ago)(as in WYXR and WWWW-FM now both known as Alice), and 4) Clear Channel’s “Mix” format that is the same on most of their hot AC stations (where the big promotions involve one prize and listeners from all the “mix” stations have a chance at the one prize). Pretty soon, all the stations will be sounding alike and radio will once again be relegated to the junk heap because of a lack of creativity in radio- due to a the owner’s obsesssion with Wall Street, not with what radio was supposed to be, an entertainment medium and a public service. November 11, 1999

Eric’s Response: I couldn’t agree more! Thanks be to (Deity of Reader’s Choice here)!


Eric’s Response: This refers to a letter that Phil sent to us dated October 5 on the Memories Page. The corrected edition should be there now.

Eric, The Don King proposal, as I understand it, was for 4 BILLION dollars, not million. Also, a little birdie has told me that Forever Broadcasting has purchased Charleroi-based WZKT-FM and WESA-AM. Have you heard this? Keep up the good work! Josh; November 6, 1999

Eric’s Response: I was only printing what All Access had on their page…so blame them! I am not sure whether Forever bought WZKT and WESA – I know they have purchased WASP FM and AM.

In response to the question regarding Fox 53 and doubleheader weeks…If the Steelers are at home, and the blackout is lifted because the game was sold out at least 72 hours in advance (which is always the case), the tradeoff for getting to see the home game is that the other network can only show one game in the market, and it can not be in the same time slot as the home team’s game. Been that way for at least 20 years. (November 5, 1999)

Eric’s Response: Thanks be to God (or deity of your choice) for people who know about sports and can answer these things for someone who honestly doesn’t know one sport rule!

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