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July 2003

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What is the channel number for the Weather Channel in Pittsburgh? Thanks. (July 26, 2003)

Eric’s Response: I believe on Comcast it is Cable Number 16. I have a dish now so I am not 100% sure on that anymore.

Just got back from the ‘Burg and I noticed what I would think are format shifts. Am I right? WJAS seems to leaning back toward MOYL and away from the soft AC ballads. WLTJ really sounds like a “classic hits” format. I did not hear anything by any current artist at any time and the music was only “Lite” in comparison to WRRK. Are they trying to be WRRK lite? WSHH sems to leaning far more to soft “oldies” than the AC stations I listen to, WWRM and WMTX in Tampa. It is very hard to find new music on Pittsburgh radio except on stations aiming at young adults and teens. Is this the idea? X-PGHER in Tampa (July 25, 2003)

Eric’s Response: What many people don’t realize is that Pittsburgh is an older market…age wise. So it’s probably what you are noticing in comparison to Tampa. WJAS is certainly hitting older music to keep the older folks happy…and is doing a splendid job. WSHH is playing a lot of older songs as well, but they play a number of currents (like Sheryl Crow and the like). So I would say they are a Gold AC/Soft AC (although I question if some of them are “soft”) to still pretty much take the cake as the softest FM in town. I don’t know that LTJ is playing classic hits. Sounds like “Lite Rock” as they bill themselves. At any rate, you’re going to find “new music” on WBZZ or WKST mostly.

I am curious if anybody know’s what happened to Jan Patton. He was originally on WFFM/WMYG, then went to WYDD/WNRJ. He was a local guy who while sometimes got corney, was a decent listen. Just curious. (July 24, 2003)

I love to listen to Howard Stern a possible “shock jock” but I hope that you have no intention of ever letting The Tom Leykis Show on any of the stations. I guess that I am just saying that a show that has no consideration for peoples safety shold probably not be on the air. Howard has far better taste than to pull a stunt like that. Sandy Walters (July 24, 2003)

Eric’s Response: Leykis is already on WURP 1550 AM.

The character that came out of the inkwell on Paul Shannon’s Adventure Time was “Koko the Klown”. It was based on a Max Fleischer cartoon. He’s the same guy who created Popeye and Betty Boop. Here is a link to site that has a picture of one of his comic strips. http://www.lambiek.net/fleischer_max.htm. Jeff Roteman (July 24, 2003)

Is it me or does “The Hometown Advantage” seem a bit bland as a moniker for KDKA-TV News? Why not go back to “Eyewitness News” the way WTAE went back to “Action News” after several years of the bland “WTAE 4 News?” It seems Viacom just wants to erase any and all traces of the old KDKA and just make the station a cookie-cutter of all the other Viacom CBS O &O’s. Any thoughts on this? Thanks, Tim Reed (July 23, 2003)

Eric’s Response: I think “The Hometown Advantage” is a unique name for a newscast. I do miss the Eyewitness News moniker myself. Anything beats “WTAE 4 News!” Remember that hotline they used to have and they’d play the “feedback” at the end of the newscast? 99% of the people would say, “I jes wanna say that yunz have the bess newscast in tahn! Keep up da good werk n’at!” The other 1% would actually leave their opinions on the news stories. As for making KDKA seem bland. Well, what can we do? I think I’ve only heard of one instance where the public complained about a new TV news theme and demanded the old one be put back in place…maybe Pittsburgh can complain about the current KDKA logo?

do you know what ever became of Marcy Lynn, Don Rigg’s attractive female sidekick on KDKA TV’s “Daybreak” show ? RJ Kanary (July 22, 2003)

For years I have tried to remember the name of my favorite cartoon on Paul Shannon’s Adventuretime. The cartoon was the adventures of an ink drop that was created at the very beginning of each show by a hand dipping the pen into an inkwell and the drip came from the tip of a pen and began to talk. Does any remember the name of the cartoon? Here’s a marketing idea, how about a WQED program with reruns of the Paul Shannon Adventuretime or perhaps even tapes you can purchase of his shows. A great childhood memory!! Thank you, Dara Tomassi (July 22, 2003)

Hi, I am looking for the orginial WDTV Pittsburgh station logo. If you have any idea where to find one, please advise. Thanks, Jim Hines IT Mgr, WDTV NewsChannel 5 Your Hometown News (July 17, 2003)

Eric’s Response: Visit Clarke Ingram’s wonderful DuMont Site.

Hello, Eric … Bumper Morgan manages WWNL-am1080. Pat Cloonan. (July 17, 2003)

Just a quick note to let you know that Bob Dearborn, mentioned on your “where are they now” page, is now morning man on CHWO 740 “AM 740”, Toronto, Ontario. I think this station might be audible at night in the Pittsburgh area. Sincerely, Eric Conchie Tweed, ON (July 17, 2003)

Eric, There is a new discussion board for Pittsburgh radio nostalgia: http://www.voy.com/152202/ There is no registration required, it is open to everyone. Could you please mention this on your site and perhaps post a link? Thanks very much. VS (July 16, 2003)

Hi. I love your website. My husband, Rich, and I are from Pittsburgh and are planning to move back as soon as we find jobs back there. Do you know where John Michaels is used to do news on KDKA about 20 years ago. How about Bumper Morgan who used to be with 3WS? No one seems to know. Thanks. (July 16, 2003)

Eric’s Response: I don’t know about John Michaels. Bumper Morgan has had several stints around town. He was at 3-W-S, then went to Variety 96, followed by Wish 99.7 and then back to 3-W-S. The last known report was that he is the PD for 1080 WWNL.

Dear Eric, In my opinion the chnages for radio info are bad. The postings for Pittsburgh are less. Because most people do not wish to give an e mail address. It seems like the real information is gone. I would always go to the links page and go to your site. Since the change this is the first time I remembered that I had saved your address and could check the site. Sincerely, Vito (July 14, 2003)

Eric’s Response: I’m not sure that there is really any difference to the radio board on Radio-Info right now. The only reason I say that is because there isn’t much going on in the market right now. I also think that the reason Radio-Info did what they did was to prevent those who were posting slam messages from doing so perhaps?

Eric, I wonder how much longer Don Cannon will continue to co-anchor the weekend news with Kristine Sorensen on KDKA-TV. I also wonder whether or not KDKA will renew his contract and the contract of Stacy Smith. These two men are some of the finest broadcast journalists Pittsburgh has ever had. Stacy is a very competent anchor who has a very professional on-air demeanor. Don is a legend for many things, both professionally and personally. I commend him for getting his life squared away. I hope KDKA keeps both of these professionals. Nothing against the new kids at KD but I prefer the old guard. Incidentally, is there ANY chance at all that if KD doesn’t renew Mr. Cannon’s contract would WTAE re-hire him and place him next to Sally Wiggin at the anchor desk? Probably Not? Too many miles under that bridge? Thanks, Tim Reed (July 2, 2003)

Eric’s Response: I don’t think we should worry about this yet. I would hope not anyway! KDKA would be foolish to let either one go.