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June 2003

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Eric, Sad to hear Bob Kmetz is leaving KDKA radio. I had the pleasure of working with him back in 1979 when he and Judy Fertig handled the evening and weekend newscasts at KD radio. He’s a great newsguy! During my frequent visits back home to Westmoreland county it’s always great to hear Dave James doing the weekend news on KD radio. He’s another guy I had the pleasure of working with. A gunuinely nice guy with a great sense of humor. Tom Lacko, KDKA Board Operator in 1979 now in Frederick, MD (June 28, 2003)

Eric, I too miss the old style “2” logo. Viacom is making a serious mistake replacing the classic “2” with a cookie-cutter “2.” The new KDKA logo is the same as KCBS L.A., WBBM Chicago, etc. Ever since CBS (and now viacom) took over Westinghouse Broadcasting it seems the new owners have gone out of their way to destroy any and all ties to the glory days of this legendary station. Don’t they (Viacom) realize KD INVENTED local TV news in Pittsburgh? KD is a treasure and should be treated as such. I never thought I’d miss the old logo as much as I do! Tim Reed, Corry, PA (June 25, 2003)

Eric, I happened to drop by KDKA-TV’s website and noticed they have dropped the classic stylized “Westinghouse” typeface. It was only a matter of time. But, dear Lord, does it look aweful! Viacom must be on a ‘homogenization’ streak. They recently changed KDKA’s sister station WCCO-TV/4 in Minneapolis to a similar generic look (www.wcco.com): Two symmetrical squares (left in white, right in red) with a black CBS Eye logo on the left and a large, white “4” scaled so it hits each of the four sides of the square. Very generic. — Scott Bryant Traffic Assistant-Programming KMWB-TV “WB23” (June 24, 2003)

Hi Eric! I’ve written you before but I have to ask a question. Seeing the talk of KDKA’s new logo reminded me to ask this question: “Whatever happened to KDKA-AM’s old famous jingle?” You know the one they’ve always played from the 1950’s until last year. I miss that old jingle, no matter where I travelled, if I was able to hear that jingle, I knew it was KDKA and Pittsburgh. I’ve been meaning to call the station but never got a “round tuit” so I decided to ask here. I miss the old days when “Group W” owned KDKA, since Infinity bought them out, it just isn’t the same. Thanks, Chuck from Moon Township. (June 24, 2003)

Eric’s Response: It is a shame isn’t it? I don’t know what they’ve done with the jingle, but I think it would be wise if they brought it back…the newer stuff isn’t as nice…as we all know!

The old KDKA logo traces its design to the Group W days, when it was part of a standard graphic system for all Westinghouse O&Os (WOWO, WBZ, KYW, etc.). Why should CBS be any different in wanting to impose a uniform graphic identity on its stations? That said, I’ll miss the old KDKA, too. (June 20, 2003)

KDKA looks like just another carbon copy CBS O&O with their new logo. (June 19, 2003)

Is it just me…or do I sense a image change coming to KDKA-TV … I noticed this afternoon that they have a new “Logo” or “bug” that they have started using during the news…Kinda falls in line with other CBS O&O’s that have been using similar “bug’s” for the past few years. DJ Mt Washington (June 17, 2003)

Eric – Were there any responses posted in my appeal for info on Mary Ethel Wade on KQV in the late 1930s? many thanks – I am having trouble locating the posting boards Lee Harris Burbank CA (June 9, 2003)

Eric’s Response: Can anyone find any info?

I cannot wait until Clear Channels buys all the TV stations in Pittsburgh too!! (June 2, 2003)

Eric’s Response: You’ll be waiting a long time. Clear Channel issued a statement today that expresses their displeasure with the decision.

I was listening to 89.9(FM) Sunday night at 11:30. I really liked the music I was hearing. Is there anyway that you could give me a number to contact them? I didnt see any listing on your site for it. Please let me know if there is a way to get in touch with that station (If its even in Pittsburgh). Thanks so much! Ed Colerich (June 2, 2003)

Eric’s Response: I believe you probably picked up WNVP Radio out of Wheeling, WV. It tends to be a strong signal. It’s kind of a cross-formatted station combining programming of the three Pittsburgh non-comms. It’s a part of West Virginia Public Radio at www.vwpubrad.org.