November 2002

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jerald jeffery christopher not jeff christy(rush) was world famous. on kqv during the battle or 13Q and i believe 14K which is what kqv was for a while. this has to be 1973-1974. world famous set the record at kqv for being on the air the longest. they even had him broadcast from kennywood on a coaster. listeners were told that the previous record was held by tv’s own don cannon. that’s the way i remember it. vito (November 30, 2002)

Eric, In answer to RJ Kanary’s question. World Famous was at KQV in 1975 as part of the Joey Reynolds staff. Gerald Jeffrey Kristafer, Jr. came to KQV along with Joey and a number of others from 11-7 radio in Lakewood, NJ. Here is part of what I wrote about World Famous on my KQV website.
“One of the most unusual personalities to ever hit Pittsburgh Radio was World Famous. Gerald Jeffrey Kristafer Jr. was different. Along with Peggy the Talking Time Telling Pig, World Famous’ show was an assault on Pittsburgh’s ears. During the months he was at KQV, World Famous set a then world record for staying awake on the air while raising food for the Pittsburgh needy. He also managed to antagonize both the NAACP and the NOW. The Humble Modest Honest Super Duper Star of Pittsburgh Radio was Lewd, Rude & Crude. Especially during Gripe Line Time on the Phony Telephone.”
He started on air at KQV on January 20, 1975 using the name Mr Kristafer. To the best of my knowledge he started using the World Famous name on the air on February 19th. By the end of May, 1975, Reynolds, World Famous, and music director Gary Waight were all gone. There is some audio of World Famous on the Joey Reynolds page…. then click on the Joey Reynolds link on the menu. Jeff Roteman (November 29, 2002)

Dear Eric: Answering a few Mailbag queries: While on the road late Wed. morning (11/27), when the WURP stick came into view, I punched in 1550 and heard neither program nor a dead carrier. When the station was on the air some while back, few people listened to it so I wonder why anyone would care if it was on or not. Most people have modernized and listen to the superior system of FM. Maybe this is a question that Tom from Maryland or other readers can answer. “Sporadic-E” is also known as skip. Infrequently, the ionosphere becomes more heavily charged than normal and is then able to bend higher than usual radio frequencies back to earth. Radio signals that otherwise would have gone into outer space in a straight line are bent and return to earth during such a condition. During such episodes, I was able to watch Channel 3 from Texas and listen to FM stereo from Nebraska. It is this ionospheric bending in its normal condition that makes possible the reception of so-called shortwave radio from around the world. Sparkles on TV are caused by electrically generated radio noise. A car with an unfiltered ignition system and a sparking commutator in a motor are two sources of such noise. Commutator type motors powered by AC and contaminated AC power line insulators will typically generate these sparkles in horizontal bands that drift vertically on the TV screen. The intensity of this noise decreases as frequency increases so the higher VHF as well as UHF channels are relatively immune to this interference. (November 28, 2002)

First time post here. If I don’t get booted , there will be many more. During the Seventies, the battle of the Top 40 Stations was indeed a hot one, as I remember in my late teens, early twenties. Part of one promo, that I can’t remember the source of, contained the following. “Crude,Rude, and sometimes Lewd. The Super Duper star of the Pittsburgh Radio Scene…..It’s ‘World Famous!’ !” Who was the personality, and which station was it ? RJ Kanary (November 28, 2002)

Eric, Thanks for your recent reply concerning WURP. I’m still hearing Don of the Don & Mike show tout that they’re on the air in Pittsburgh at AM 1550, WURP. Apparently you’re unable to pickup the signal at your location so, can you do me a favor post this in your mailbag section so someone closer to the stick in Braddock, Forest Hills, East Pittsburgh or McKeesport area might be able to let me know if AM 1550 is back on the air? Thanks a bunch! Tom in Frederick, MD (November 26, 2002)

I would llike to think I know most of what there is to know about radio and tv, but in a previous post i saw something i’ve never heard before…..What is “sporadic E-interference”in the low VHF band.And also,i recently moved and cannot get cable. Can anyone tell me what causes those little sparkles on 2,3 (Cleveland),4,5 (Cle.) and 7.once you get above that,there arent any. RMS…Columbiana Co. OH (November 26, 2002)

What’s the status of WURP AM1550? I heard on the nationally syndicated Don &Mike show on Wednesday, November 20, that they’re coming back to the Pittsburgh area airwaves and will be on WURP beginning Monday, November 25. Just curious. Tom Lacko (November 21, 2002)

Eric’s Response: I haven’t heard anything lately. I actually was contacted by a group who was interested in bringing a religious format to the signal. However, I don’t think they purchased it. I do know that it has been sold and even though its signal doesn’t really serve Pittsburgh, I guess it will be on the air again soon!

Eric, to answer your reader’s question, WFJY’s application for Wilkinsburg, which is for a low frequency (660 kHz) using the WWNL towers in Hampton Township, should cover the Pittsburgh area very well. WURP, which has been accurately described as a Braddock daytimer, does not. I’m sure there would be little interest by anybody in the Portage station if it could not be readily moved in frequency and location to serve Pittsburgh. By the way, I remember when 1470 was WRML/WWML and essentially a small-market full-service radio station for the Mainline, around the time I consulted WBXQ in Cresson. Regards, Clarke Ingram. (November 20, 2002)

Eric, The WAMO move to wexford was as far as the FCC would permit that station to move due to spacing requirments of several nearby channels…. 106.3, 106.9 and 107.1. Fm is not as bad for moving sites due to the “Skywave” factor not being there, causing am stations concern. If you look on the internet articles, you will find stations all over the country that have cases of interference (not sure why a toaster would play fm, more of an am station’s symptom), and it is even a problem in the pittsburgh area with other stations being close to neighborhoods, just new to the wexford area due to a recent move. Any peice of electronic equipment can pick up interference whether it be from a CB radio, ham radio, hair dryer, or radio station. If your previous poster would like info on it, please follow this link which describes a little of what i heard the people are actually having issues with, and not what the news reported. FCC Interference Handbook : (November 20, 2002)

Eric: Regarding WAMO in the toaster, I seem to remember WAMO selling their 105.9 72,000 watt outlet to WXDX and taking over XDX’s 106.7 spot at less power. When AMO lost their urban audience because of reduced power they then began simulcasting on a Greensburg outlet at 107.something to recapture the audience. Still not satisfied they install the Marshall twp antenna. How do they get away with all this when all the other weak stations, especially the AMers, seem to be stuck at their locations and power ratings? WAMO wanted the millions of $$ when they sold the most powerful outlet in the area, and now seem to want their cake and eat it too. The 106.7 was a Beaver Falls permit I think, so why do they get to push back to Pittsburgh? Bill (November 20, 2002)

Eric’s Response: Money talks! I remember being a student at the Art Institute when this transpired. The one instructor was a WDVE employee as well and was able to explain most of it. Secret Communications (who owned DVE and XDX at the time) really felt that alternative would serve the actual Pittsburgh market better than Beaver Falls. That’s why they offered $14 Million to Sheridan. At that time, if I remember correctly, Sheridan was under some sort of financial distress and in great need of the dough. As a result, they had better ratings in Youngstown than in Pittsburgh for a long while. As far as the move goes, I don’t think there was any change in power for 106.7. I just think it was some sloppy work on the modulation of the signal. Again, if memory serves, Wexford was the farthest they could move the antenna in the “safety zone” of the 106.7 signal. They might have new plans for WSSZ in Greensburg.

(Editor’s Note: This message was sent to Phil who forwarded it to PBRTV.) I have a Question, WFJY from Portage Pa. is spending alot of money to relocate here to Wilkinsburg as a Daytime only station with 270 watts of power, But WURP with 1,000 watts of power has been off the air for almost a year stating it could not make any Money.Why Not just buy WURP and have the same Program on both 1470 in Portage and 1550 in Pgh. area? (November 19, 2002)

I work at Channel 9 and we have a secondary affiliation with ABC. We pick up Ohio State and other ABC and ESPN plus games or events that are of interest to our viewers including the OSU vs. Michigan game next Saturday 11/23.(We will also air the Academy Awards in the spring) I am in sales so my answer may not be totally correct, but when you were watching the ABC feed of the Ohio State or Purdue games yesterday you did see the abc bug in the lower right hand corner of the screen.I assume the abc bug is part of the feed that we cannot block out. We also keep our “9” bug on all the time so the 2 bugs clash! Hope this helps and thanks for watching.As far as I know NBC is on TOV for a long time. Since we are owned by Cox and also own WPXI and WJAC of course all NBC’s it makes a nice cluster buy for big advertisers. By the way work is proceeding on our new HDTV plant, you can see pictures of the progress on our web site Click the “Under Construction ” icon on the right side of our home page. Best Regards, Trefdawg (November 17, 2002)

Is WTOV, ch9, Stueubenville switching to ABC or is it temporary just to cover another station’s inability to carry a football game on 11/16. The ID in the lower right corner of the screen even says 9ABC. This would be great as it would be an ABC outlet in the “vhf hi-band” which is unaffected by sporadic-E interference which often wipes out channel 4. Their web site still says NBC. Howard (November 16, 2002)

Eric, When I was a little kid, I always watched the “Hot Fudge” TV Show on Sunday mornings. Do you remember that show? It had Larry Santos(remember his 1975 Top 40 hit “We Can’t Hide It Anymore?”), along with puppets like Seymour and Jammin’ Jimmy, and neat features like “Name That Feeling,” “Hot Fudge Write On,” and “Holy Moley.” In my area(Philadelphia), I think it aired on WKBS-TV, the old Channel 48. When and on what channel did “Hot Fudge” air in the Pittsburgh area? Martin Connolly, PBRTV’s Popstar (November 13, 2002)

Eric: I got quite a laugh out of your “reading the phone book.” I, too, have noticed outdated and erroneous radio station listings in the white pages for years. But until your expose (X-PO-ZAY), i hadn’t realized it was that extensive. As I recall when I was in charge of such things in Hartford, I reviewed our phone listings every year. It was always the way we wanted it. Best regards, Warren (November 6, 2002)

Eric’s Response: They probably don’t think of things like that at Clear Channel!

Great web site…. T.J. Winick-WTAE’s Westmoreland County Bureau Chief from 1998-2000. Now reporter at WBZ-TV, CBS affiliate in Boston. T.J. Winick (November 2, 2002)

Angie Moreschi (formerly of WTAE Channel 4) now works for SNITCH, an alternative weekly in Louisville, KY, devoted to crime. Twice a week, she appears on WAVE3, the NBC affiliate, doing the ‘SNITCH/WAVE3 CRIME REPORT.’ Her print work can be seen at (November 1, 2002)

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