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September 2002

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Can you tell me where Thor Tolo has found his new job? Also, any bets on how long Paul Alexander will last. I have stopped listening to the show because he puts me to sleep! Thanks, Sandra (September 29, 2002)

Eric’s Response: I don’t know if Thor has found…or if he will find…another job.

(Re: Changes at Froggy 104) Here is The Froggy 104 dayparts. 5:30 to 9am: Jimmy Roach and The Green Team (simulcasting WOGI 98.3), 9am to 12pm: Steve Kline, 12pm to 3pm: Randy Ribbit, 3pm to 7pm: K-Frog, 7pm to 12am: Hoppy Gilmore (simulcasting with WOGI 98.3 FM), 12am TO 5:30am (simulcasting With WOGI 98.3 FM). I haven’t heard anything about the weekends on WOGF 104.3 FM. I guess they might have the same DJ’s on the weekends Froggy 104 Weekend DJ’s: Jumpin Juila, Jimmy Hoppa, Dennis Hopper {was at Froggy 103}, Hop-a-Long Cassidy. (September 26, 2002)

Eric, Along with all the stations that you already mentioned, here’s another short-spaced VHF station: WJTV, Channel 12 in Jackson, MS, which is only about 160 miles north of another Channel 12 station, WYES-TV in New Orleans. Also, WTWO, Channel 2 in Terre Haute, IN is mighty close to Chicago’s WBBM-TV, also Channel 2, and WCMH-TV, Channel 4 in Columbus, OH is only about 170 miles from your area’s Channel 4, WTAE-TV. What exactly is the minimum distance between two TV stations on the same channel? Also, did you watch “American Idol” this summer?” Martin Connolly, America’s Biggest Fan!! (September 25, 2002)

Dear Eric, Keymarket has done something agian. They got rid of Lia Knight from Jones Radio Network on Froggy 104. They are simulcast Froggy 98 on 104 from 7pm to 9am. Jimmy Roach and the Green team are on Froggy 104. Keymarket has really messed something up to get more ratings. Thanks From Jordan (September 24, 2002)

Eric’s Response: Check out more info regarding this from Bill Brock at OVRTV.

I enjoyed your site. Here is my latest info. (Take a look for Eddie’s Info on the Where Are They Now Page.)
Thanks, in advance, for including me on your site. I have great memories of Pittsburgh and some of our high profile promotions for the people of Pittsburgh. In particular, I remember the “traveling” 13Q Bootie Kickers basketball team during the gasoline shortage; the free Aerosmith/Brownsville Station concert in the park; the “Snake Jungle” in the display window of Hornes; the huge “Boogie Barge” concert on the rivers and just off the point with “the world’s largest sound system.” Most of all, I remember the people, the people of Pittsburgh and the great team of people at 13Q. Eddie Rogers (September 18, 2002)

What happened to Thor Tolo from KDKA Sports ? (September 18, 2002)

Eric’s Response: Thor’s contract wasn’t renewed…gone at the end of July. Big news item at the beginning of the summer.

Dear Eric, I am looking for any information that you or anyone else has on a former WDVE DJ…Steve Frankenberry. Anything would be helpful. I went to Waynesburg College with him for a year back in 1986. He graduated from there in 1987. Thanks for your help. I hope to hear something soon. Holly Ramos (September 17, 2002)

(To OVRTV) Hi Bill — just thought you might like to know of a potentially big event coming to our Ohio Valley TV stations. I have it confirmed that Jim Forbes’ — who was WTOV’s 6 pm news anchor for years (and very visible with his youth work in the community) will return to TV here soon — but this time it will be as an anchor for WTRF TV in Wheeling. Jim left News9 in 2000 for a news job out west, but came back east to become Communications Director for our 18th District Ohio Congressman, Bob Ney. Jim was viewed as a beloved news anchor here — he pastored a church and founded Sonshine Youth Services — so this should be quite a coup for 7!” September 17, 2002

(Re: 9/13 Update on CPRTV) Not all Forever stations were “business as normal” on the 11th. I had my station (WMAJ-AM) doing wall to wall coverage. 6am to 8:30 we aired Doug Stephan who was at Ground Zero, then from 8:30am to 11am we aired CBS Radio’s wall to wall coverage of events. We were to air Chuck Rider’s program at Tussey Mountain that evening, but as we were setting up the broadcast, one of the participants 3WZ threated to pull out if we broadcast the prgram so we were “uninvited”. Anyway, from 7 to 8pm we ended up airing the hour long CBS World News Roundup, then from 8 to 9 we simucast the 60 minutes interview with Prez Bush, and we had the Prez on at 9pm with his speach. In between events, we aired special songs, salutes, montoges, and comments from callers that we’ve been recording for weeks about sept 11th. So we worked pretty hard on our coverage. Later, Bob Taylor (I worked for you part time when you were at forever. I worked sunday night on Froggy.) I’m now engineer at the State College group and I program MAJ-AM. (September 14, 2002)


I was able to pick up WNPA 19 while DX-ing this morning(9/8). I also had interference in 2, 4, 11, 22, 8, and 23 that I could trace back to Pennsylvania. BTW, this catch of 19 (230 miles) breaks my old Mid-Atlantic reception records of WMPB (190 miles) and WDPB (205 miles). My Southeasterly reception record of WJCL (370 miles) and my Skip record of KIVV (1400 miles) still stand. – Mark Ericson (September 8, 2002)

OK, the condom ads & sexual pill ads are tasteless. I usually hear them on Nostalgic WRIE AM 1260 in the Erie area. However, some of my former WXTA Country 98 co-workers reading this may remember a couple of classic we aired in the late ’90’s. I cannot remember the name of the product but it was to stop vomiting. There are two people on the ad, one is describing the product & the other is describing various terms for vomiting. Example : Barf, Puke, Blow Chunks, Praying to the Porcelain God, etc. This goes on for 30 seconds & then I have to turn the mic back on without losing it from laughing so hard. The other was for “Nestea Cool” with Penn of “Penn & Teller” reading the script. Penn was describing how it was so hot to be “Bobbing for french fries in a very hot fryer with hot oil.” He then said that “Cool” would be so refreshing after such a feat. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The ad ran a few more times before a concerned parent called in to complain that children might get the wrong idea & we pulled the ad. Of course I thought that was wrong because parents should be teaching kids not to be bobbing for fries or any other hot food in a fryer or even be near a stove. Oh well, I will not go on a tangent……LOL. Tom L of EMRTV. (September 6, 2002)

Eric, Pat Cloonan was correct. The fourth short-spaced VHF “drop-in” was Channel 13 in Salt Lake City. KSTU eventually moved from channel 20 to 13, and the license for channel 20 was cancelled. Regards, Clarke Ingram. (September 5, 2002)

The worst radio commercial without a doubt is that one for a particular brand of condoms where they actually interview an amourous couple about what it was like to use them “the first time”. Invariably it is run during daylight hours. So much for listening to the radio at work or when the kids are around! Shows you how far the business has really fallen (would anyone have even THOUGHT about running that back in the day?) Regarding the short-spaced VHF station, I think it may be WZZM-TV13 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is dangerously close to WTVG-TV13 in Toledo as the crow flies. I have lived in the fringe areas of both stations, and they bleed over one another so badly most days, it is not worth even trying to watch. JC South Hills (September 5, 2002)

i was listening to kqv this morning and pj maloney is reading a commercial (on tape)about improving female sexual performance. he is reading this cold with no music under. a female reads the tag line and then pj comes on live to read the news 5 seconds later. not so cool. (September 5, 2002)

(Re: Worst/Best Commercials) I stopped listening to commercial radio at work because of the (in my opinion) very inappropriate “male sexual dysfunction” commercials that were (and might still be) played constantly on most Clear Channel stations. I’m glad I decided to switch channels. I discovered WYEP, one of the best radio stations my ears have ever enjoyed. Caroline (September 1, 2002)