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August 2005

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K-JACK 60’s-70’s-80’s radio launches in Pittsburgh via net radio. For net radio listeners,the first Jack style station has landed in Pittsburgh via the net. MetroCities Communications which owns 3 net stations in Pittsburgh, on July 25th dumped it’s 3 1/2 year old Retro 60’s & 70’s oldies format which ran on it’s flagship net station for a Jack style format called, (K-JACK Mega 60’s-70’s-80’s) radio. From the station web site, the description of the format is described as “What’s Now Playing From The 60’s, 70’s & 80’s? Who Knows ? Tune In To Find Out. Tell Your Friends That K-JACK 60’s, 70’s, 80’s Radio Is Playing Music Our Way!” From the stations staff page, I e-mailed the station program director to find a little more about the station. I was e-mailed back with the response that the format is an “eclectic 60’s-70’s, 80’s Pop, Top 40, Classic Rock, R&B Rock’n Easy, Soul, Dance And More format.” The articles about the station are at http://www.wrtro.com or http://www.e-hits-info.com (August 29, 2005)

Hi Eric: Ran into Eddie (Edwards) at a Starbucks in Monroeville in the Miracle Mile shopping plaza a couple of months ago. He’s still wheelin’ and dealin’. Thanks for the heads up about the WXXP show at the Rex in October and the link to DJ Bird. Is Paul Cramer still in the Pittsburgh area? Mike Kirven (August 25, 2005)

Hey Eric, just wanted to say that I hope KDKA-TV recovers from the water main break. Do you know if they’re collecting any donations of some sort for the nearby businesses or apartment complexes that were flooded as a result, or if someone else is? It’s nice to see WTAE-TV and WPGH-TV to offer them their equipment for as long as they needed it. (Where is WPXI-TV on this one?) On a related note, there is a hotlink on KDKA-TV’s website that takes you to CBS Sportsline’s website on fantasy football, and it showed a slightly different KDKA logo. Do you think that after just 2 1/2 years removed from the last variation of tge Group W logo’s retirement, they’re abandoning their longtime color scheme of blue, gold, and red and going with a more CBS-themed pale blue and white, or is this simply an alternate logo? Their TV graphics–water mainbreak or not–are due for an update anyways, as they have had them for about four years I do believe. With WTAE and WPXI having changed their’s in the past year and WPGH changed theirs somewhat when they adopted the News Central format, KDKA has the oldest current TV graphics on right now–and that was before what happened. (August 23, 2005)

Eric’s Response: I have to say, you worry too much about the TV graphics. However, here’s the thing. That graphic is not really that much different from the current graphic used at the station. There are always variations on the graphics used depending on what they are used for. This, for instance, is the fantasy football thing. They may alter it for other uses as well…just depending on the circumstance. While all of the stations have tweaked their graphics over the years, Channel 4’s is actually the oldest now. They have retained that same basic “4” within a circle from the early 70s. Channel 11 has retained that fancy 11 for about 20 years. 

Hello, I came across your web site… very informative. I was wondering if you can tell me what ever happen to Eddie Edwards.. does he still own any of the radio staions in Pittsburgh… or if not fo you know what he is doing now. Thanks, Jeff Linamen (August 21, 2005)

Eric’s Response: Last I heard, Eddie didn’t have any stations in the area. Readers: Would I be correct in remembering that he is no longer in the market? Any help appreciated.

What was Josey Carey’s Theme Song? Was it: “Thank you God – for each and every day?” (August 19, 2005)

Eric, A couple of observations from KDKA-TV since the water main break. Last night I was watching the 10:00 news on the UPN 19 affiliate and Stacy Smith said there would be no Nightly Sports Call since the basement was flooded out and thats where the show originates. No timeline was given before it returns. This morning my wife was watching the CBS Early Show on KDKA and during a cut in from the Early Show, Rebecca Hower gave the local forecast, but it was from yesterday, and she gave the Wednesday forecast, and she was wearing yesterday’s clothes. Could be fun to watch the next few days. Scott (August 18, 2005)

Eric’s Response: I would imagine that they will do their best to do Sportsline from another part of the building or another location entirely. I can understand why they didn’t do it yesterday. And yes, it will be a long while before the basement is used again…if ever according to the Post-Gazette. Yesterday’s weather? Well that’s better than nothing…and that may just be due to human error.

Hi there –On your web site I saw that someone was looking for Debbie Wilde from the X — was that question answered? She was a DJ here in Peoria for about a year at WGLO but then I believe moved back to the PA area. KCM (August 17, 2005)

Hello, Eric … Just to clarify for Tom, the release was sent by PCNC to our newsroom, and other area TV/radio writers. As noted, we did get a brief out of it in The Daily News, but hardly enough for my paper to put the item on its Web site. And it seems interesting that WPTT, Channel 4’s radio partner, is feeding an hour of one of its local talk shows to Channel 11’s cable partner. (Then again, Fred Honsberger, a KDKA talk show host, also is doing an hour on PCNC, and a Comcast show now can be seen at night on PCNC.) P.S.: I wondered why I felt so rundown … or was that runover? …the other day … Pat. (August 15, 2005)

Hey Eric, Saw Pat Cloonan’s note; while I don’t want to throw my friend Pat “under the bus,” I read that somewhere last week. Keep up the good work! Tom (August 12, 2005)

Chuck (Brinkman) has been taken out of the PD Role at KLUV in Dallas as of month or so ago. He’s just doing his afternoon show now only. I used to work for Chuck at KLUV back in the early 90’s. Just wanted to let you know so you could update your where are they now page. Thanks, Rick Daniels (August 12, 2005)

Didn’t that tune also appear at the end of Josey Carey’s children’s show on KDKA TV -2 ? RJ Kanary (August 10, 2005)

Eric’s Response: It’s very possible. But I’m not old enough to have seen that program…

I am trying to find out which TV show ended with the song “Tomorrow, tomorrow, we’ll start the day tomorrow with a song or two”. Please let me know which one it was. (August 9, 2005)

Eric’s Response: The earlier episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Fred eventually replaced it with “It’s Such a Good Feeling.”

Hi, I thought you if anyone would know – where is John McIntyre, former host of PCNC’s “Night Talk”? I’d like to write to him. Jim Lyons-Weiler (August 7, 2005)

Eric’s Response: John does Saturday evenings at KDKA Radio now. He just started the gig a few weeks ago.