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July 2004

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I know I am a bit late sending my comments on the format change at 93.7, but better late than never. Like most people, I am saddened at the loss of B937 as I have been listening to it since around 1990. I knew absolutely nothing about the format change until after the fact. I live in Punxsutawney and can pick up 93.7 FM quite well and sometimes, if the atmosphere is right, I can pick up a 93.7 classic rock station based in central PA. When I first heard of “K-Rock,” it was very hazy out and I simply thought that I was picking up the central PA station better…until I found out that no matter how close to Pittsburgh I got, the classic rock station was still there. Then I find out to my dismay that the 93.7 I knew and loved was gone. I am not a fan of classic rock music, so the format change has me somewhat disgusted. 93.7 FM has been removed from the #1 preset on my car radio (that honor now goes to 106.7). Since I am well outside of Pittsburgh, I can at least pick up other stations in other markets for my new music fix, such as 99.1 WGLU-FM in Johnstown. I also like 106.7 WAMO-FM since I am now able to pick it up here (I remember not being able to get WAMO-FM at all in Punxsutawney). In a way, these two stations I now listen to pale in comparison to WBZZ-FM, but…I kind of saw the end of B937 coming. Around 2003, B937 lost the pizzaz it once had, but it was still one of my favorite stations. The morning show took a bit of time to get used to without John Kline and I noticed that BZZ started to speed up the music a bit. (KISS FM, 96.1, does this and I HATE IT…the songs are sped up enough that they are ruined and I cannot listen to them.) As time went on, I discovered myself tuning to 99.1 and 106.7 more and 93.7 less. Once BZZ started incorporating old school music into the rotation (i.e. Anything Goes Lunch) I started tuning in more. Now, it has turned into nothing more than a spin off of WDVE and I am sad to see it gone. I wish the best of luck to all of the DJs that lost their jobs as a result of this format change. Now I have to get used to Anji and GQ on the WAMO Wake-up Show. They do a good job on the show and I am growing to like them. John Kline may be on Star 100.7, but it is just not the same as it was when he was on BZZ. Thanks, Doug L. (July 30, 2004)

Eric, Do you know anything about Fox 970 no longer airing Stan Savran over the internet? I have not been able to connect and just a “Off Air” message. Thanks, Ron H. Baltimore, MD (July 28, 2004)

What’s going on with KROCK? I heard Dave around 3 PM today. Are they getting permanent DJ’s or what? Ryan (July 26, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Haven’t heard anything about the DJ scene…but we have heard that Dave and Melanie have been on the air in the last couple of weeks.

Shawn Yancey; Anchor; WTTG-TV FOX 5 DC * She is being considered for the main anchor positioon at 5p and 10p. She will been rotating with a FOX 5 long-timer until the ND could determine who it is. (July 22, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Shawn was an anchor/reporter for WTAE-TV before leaving for DC a few years ago.

Hey Eric, I saw a blurb about my tribute site for B94. I appreciate the ink. Please understand though I did NOT spend 7 years there. I spent a total of about 3 off and on since 1997. Please correct this when you can. Thanks! T.J. Hess (July 22, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Done! 🙂

Hi Eric: Snipped a press release about KNDD (The End) in Seattle from AllAccess. Could this ever happen in Pittsburgh? A radio station that listens to and cares about the listener and the music?

“ENTERCOM Alternative KNDD (1077 THE END, SEATTLE’S ORIGINAL ALTERNATIVE)/SEATTLE continues to re-position the station. A message on the station’s website states: Over the past several months, we’ve gone back to you, our listeners, to reaffirm and reclaim our alternative beliefs. Taking your feedback and suggestions to heart, we, the entire staff of 1077 THE END make this Alternative Declaration: It’s about the music. We will listen to our listeners and treat them with respect. We will tell you the artist and title of every song we play. We will support local music, band, and shows. We will respect the music, artists, and our listeners by never talking over songs. We will seek out and support new music. We will employ knowledgeable deejays and give them control of their shows. We believe in diversity and will be open minded about what music we can play. We will play any good song on an album, not just the “hit” single. We will surprise you with songs we haven’t heard in a while. We will play more songs and repeat them less often. In addition, THE END has several on-air promos with Station Mgr./PD PHIL MANNING acknowledging feedback and suggestions from listeners. And before we leave THE END, MD/nighttimer HARMS premieres a new specialty show tonight (7/16), simply entitled, “THE NEW MUSIC SHOW.” The one hour show will feature brand new music every FRIDAY night at 11p and rebroadcast on SUNDAY at 7p.”

What a concept. There is a big “Classic Alternative” tussle happening in Seattle. Check these links: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/artsentertainment/2001821071_kndd23.html
In there, it quotes Phil Manning. Eric, did Phil Manning program 104.7 when it was WNRQ, the alternative station in town? Personally, I would like to hear an Alternative Progressive radio station. Many listeners get enough angst at work. Gimme some King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, mix in some Blue Oyster Cult, Joan Jett, sprinkle in J Geils, a touch of Living Colour – and a dab of The Fixx, hold the Bon Jovi. Infinity – take a risk for a change. I’ll get off my soapbox now. Thanks. Mike Kirven (July 20, 2004)

My ride to work in the morning just hasn’t been the same since 93.7 changed their format. I don’t like the music and I have no idea who the DJ’s are. I think Howard Stern should have a format for expressing himself, but Infinity has made a big mistake in Pittsburgh. I won’t listen to 93.7 anymore. Of course at this point I haven’t found any station I enjoy listening to. So much for radio in Pittsburgh. (July 19, 2004)

Eric, When will the DJ’s start at the new 93.7 K Rock? (WRKZ) Thanks, Ryan (July 19, 2004)

Re: Earlier message about tanning to the radio: That was Chuck Brinkman….not only on kqv…But on 1250/wtae……..it was the Chuck Brinkman Suntan Club….into every stop set which was only ten minutes….Chuck would tell listeners to roll over!!!!…With today’s long sweeps listeners could get burned!!!! (July 19, 2004)

Eric, Do you know if there are any FM radio stations for sale at this time in the Pittsburgh market? Also, have you heard any buzz about stations changing format, especially given the exodus of BZZ? Thanks, Brad and Stephanie (July 17, 2004)

Eric’s Response: In two words…no and no. If you are talking major FM stations, I know of none for sale. There may be some out in the fringes, but many of those are owned by Corporama too! As for any other stations changing to provide a place for disgruntled B listeners…I’m not holding my breath just yet.

Hi Eric, Just an update on WRKZ 93.7 K Rock. As I was listening to the station this morning, they started to add some disc jockeys. I heard Dave this morning from the former Dave, Bubba, Shelly, Brian morning show from B 94. It sounded though that Dave didn’t enjoy working at K Rock. I predict Melanie Taylor will be the midday person for K Rock. What’s your prediction for the K Rock Disc Jockeys? Have a good weekend. Todd (July 17, 2004)

Eric’s Response: I don’t have any predictions right now, however, Melanie might be a pretty good bet. It may have appeared as though Dave didn’t sound happy, but in reality he may have had to change his persona a bit to fit the format. In all honesty, a DJ surviving a complete format change is pretty rare. So I have the feeling we’ll be hearing either new voices or folks moving around from other stations.

Hey Eric: My friend and I used to oil ourselves down and sit on the black top listening to a certain radio show over the lunch hour (KQV??? help!!! around 1973-1977) in Pittsburgh, every 15 minutes or so they would say “turn” and I can’t remember who it was. I’ve been living in Ottawa, Canada for the last 16 years or so and would love to know who and what station it was….Love love love your site… Regards, Debbie, Baldwin, ’77 (July 17, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Anyone else tan to the radio?

Hi Eric, I was told by a friend that your station wanted input on what music should be played. I have LOVED the music so far. If Pgh. wants to stay with the times, we have to continue to play new rock, but also stick to the past greats. I was pleased to hear U2, Judas Priest and some of the other 80’s rock and metal. Anything metal, punk or alternative is great to me. Thank God B94 is gone. We’re not a a top 40 type of city. We have more guts than that. I won’t be listening to Howard Stern, but if you need to please the crowd, I can change the station for a few hours. It’s nice right now to have cool music to listen to on the way to work. Thanks, Cathy-Wexford (July 16, 2004)

Eric’s Response: I’d love to take the credit, but you’ll have to thank the folks at Infinity Broadcasting.

I think you are correct. 🙂 The present WWSW-FM did sign on as WMOT. There is an article about it on file at the Pennsylvania Department of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. I used a poor choice of words. Jason Togyer (July 16, 2004)

While I’ve lived in CT most of my life, my roots are in the Beaver Valley and I’ve kept track of Pittsburgh area broadcasting for many decades! I’m responding to Jason’s supposition that WWSW-FM began as such. Immediately, WMOT on 94.5 came to mind. I just referred to Jeff Miller’s outstanding “History of American Broadcasting – http://members.aol.com/jeff560/jeff.html to confirm my memory. In the FM section, his 1946 listing shows WMOT on 94.5 and licensed to WWSW Inc. at the Hotel Keystone, key personnel, etc. and listed the debut date as August, 1941. Jeff ‘s 1948 listings (which I provided to him from my copy of the June, 1948 issue of “Radio Craft”) continue to show WMOT on 94.5 His 1950 listing for the channel shows WWSW-FM. Thought you’d like to know! Keep up your great work with PBRTV. 73, Bill Davies Amateur W1UDQ and was in broadcasting for 14 years North Haven, CT (July 16, 2004)

Eric’s Response: I think in order to be fair, I do believe you are right about it being WMOT. I think Jason meant to say that the station was WWSW-FM before becoming WPEZ and then returning as WWSW.

Some additional info on the “Wilkens” subject. Indeed the host of the Amateur Hour at 6pm on Sunday evenings was Al Noble, who was also a DJ on KQV for a time. “Jane Wilkens” who did the commercials on the show was really Gloria Okon (not sure of the spelling). Abbie Neal passed away a few months ago out in Las Vegas. Mike S. (July 15, 2004)

Eric: In your mailbag, I saw a reference to Abbie Neal. Sadly, she passed away earlier this year at age 85. A couple years ago, my pal, Lou Christie, sent me a CD that I thought contained new stuff that he himself recorded. When I opened the envelope, I was quite surprised to find a CD titled, “Lou Christie Presents..Abbie Neal and Her Ranch Girls: America’s Favorite All Girl Western Band.” The CD featured some great vintage recordings from radio and TV appearances the girls made in the ’40s and ’50s. I never realized that Lou–who grew up not only listening to, but being a part of the Pittsburgh doo wop/R&B scene (before his hits, like “Lightning Strikes”)–was influenced by such pure country. Lou and Abbie were apparently friends for many years. I thought the CD, which was her final album, was a classy tribute by Lugee. If you log on towww.louchristie.com, you’ll find info on the Abbie Neal CD and her obit (I hadn’t realized that she started out with Cowboy Phil, who I only vaguely remember listening to, on WHJB in Greensburg.. Of course, he was LONG gone by the time I worked there). Hope everyone is well back home in Pittsburgh! Ed Weigle (July 15, 2004)

hello my name is stacy and i used to listen to b937 all the time. then it was taken off the air and for about a week i refused to listen to the new stuff but then one day i turned it on and ever since then i havent turned my radio station in my car. i even changed the station at work and my coworkers love it too. its about time we get a good rock station. thanx for changing. stacy (July 15, 2004)

Eric’s Response: I’m always thanked or blamed for something I didn’t do!

I remember now. It was Al Noble. Thanks for replying so fast. Yes the Amateur hour was one. Esther (July 15, 2004)

Hi Eric. Slim Bryant had a radio show on KDKA called the KDKA Farm Hour in the 1940’s. In January 1949 he appeared on the first broadcast of WDTV/KDKA from the Syria Mosque in Oakland, and later hosted the “Slim Bryant And The Wildcats Show” on WDTV and later KDKA TV. Slim is alive and well and living in Dormont as we speak. As far as “Jane Wilkins,” There was a group known as the E-Z-C Ranch Girls” that appeared on KDKA back in those days. They were sponsored by Wilkins Jewelers, and E-Z-C stood for Easy Credit, (Wilkins Is The Place Where You Can Get It!!). The leader of this group was Abbie Neal, who is living in Reno, Nevada at the age of 80. Hope this helps. Bruce – Ingram PA (July 15, 2004)

Dear Eric, I’m not sure it applies here, but I’m looking for information of a country &western program on either WDTV or KDKA in the 50’s. Slim Bryant performed on this program. Also a trio of sisters from Tintown PA played here. I would like to knoew the trio’s band name. Also remember “Jane Wilkens” who always did the ring commercials for Wilken’s Jewelry. And the host was a man. I can see him but don’ remember his name. Blond hair. I think his first name was Al. Any help on this program is welcome. (July 14, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Well WJAS had a Wilkin’s Ameteur Hour many many years ago. That might be something that moved to television in the 50s. My guess is that if the host was a man…with Blond Hair…and the first name of Al…it would be Al McDowell.

I see Darieth Chisholm has made a comeback to WPXI. I’ve also seen her in some station promo’s. Good to see her back! – Jim, Pittsburgh, PA. (July 14, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Yes, the comeback was made about 3 months ago. It is indeed good to see her back!

Bender is currently doing mornings with his wife Jackie at Top 40 KBKS in Seatle Washington. He’s been there for several years! David Edgar (July 14, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Well thank you David Edgar! How in the world are things with you?! 🙂 

In response to the K-ROCK survey, I have twice unsuccessfully tried taking the survey myself. It didn’t freeze my computer, but both times when I executed my preferences in music, it wouldn’t complete it and kicked me back to the main screen. I was thinking it was just me, but now I feel its happening to others. Thanks for the info on WRKZ, the additional info about Cat Country and Cool Pop is correct as I go back to eastern PA about once a month. Red 102.3 was WHYL-FM for many years before the changeover. Scott Lithgow (July 13, 2004)

Good grief, Eric, I don’t write in an eon, and suddenly I’m moved to write twice in a week. OK, some WRKZ history, if I may. First off, I believe WRKZ stood for “Robert K. Zimmerman,” who once owned that station as well as WRSC in State College and some other properties. WRKZ became part of the Citadel chain of stations, “reaching across America, one station at a time,” its Web site says. Citadel changed its call sign in 2002 to WCAT-FM (Cat Country), then recently to WCPP (or “Cool Pop”). It kept WCAT as the call sign another country station, “Red 102.3,” also in the Harrisburg market. Hope it helps … Pat Cloonan. (July 13, 2004)

Hello to all, I was wondering when people were viewing to take the K – Rock Music Survey IF the website froze your computer? I know my Computer is a piece of crap and maybe it won’t let me view it for some odd reason. So, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem? (July 13, 2004)

In response to the question about what B94 Disc Jockey’s were our favorite, my personal favorite was Bender back around 1996 or 1997 when he was the evening disc jockey. He was my favorite DJ of all time, he had a great show and had such a great radio personality. When Variety 96 changed to The River, Bender moved there to host the morning show, but it just wasnt the same as him on B94. Does anyone happen to know what happened to Bender by any chance? I’d love to hear him again!! (July 12, 2004)

Eric’s Response: If I recall, his wife was heavily involved in the show as well. Bender went from WDRV on to Richmond, Virginia. I think he is now somewhere on the West Coast.

Hi Eric, I sent you a note last week about my feelings towards the new format. I had to chuckle tonight when you confirmed what I thought I heard earlier in the day on the new K-Rock. WRKZ. I lived most of my life in eastern PA in Lancaster Co. and the callsign WRKZ was used by a country FM station called “Z-107” since it was at 106.7. That station recently switched formats too. I don’t know if its an Infinity station or not, but found it amusing that after being away from Lancaster County I have to listen to the WRKZ callsign again and remember it won’t be another country song. BTW, what has 200 feet and 8 teeth? Front row of a Willy Nelson concert. Scott (July 11, 2004)

Eric’s Response: HA! I love the joke!

I enjoyed reading the comments on your website. There was adequate warning that Stern will be taking over B94. A week or so before the announcement, the Trib Review wrote an article on the possible change. The article was posted on www.howardstern.com. B94 will have a place in most people’s hearts who grew up in the eighties but they were in the past years slumping in the ratings (12th). They were obviously the one that was riped to 1. Bring Stern back. 2. Increase the ratings through format change. 3. possible to overtake DVE and score a 1,2,3 in the PGH market, and 4. hurt their main rival’s top show. It is sad that Pittsburgh is so “old” of a town that there is a high possiblity that an Elton John song that was written and recorded 20 years ago will be played on several stations at the same time as the current top 40 songs are. (July 10, 2004)

HI What a sad loss now 93.7 has become just another American rock station, the gray people have taken over. Good job Kiss 96.1 still lives. Phil (July 10, 2004)

Hello, Eric. Cumulus for all intents and purposes gave up its option to buy WLSW. Its plan to move WLSW’s tower to North Huntingdon Twp. would be precluded by the fact that Keymarket moved two of its FMs from Ohio to transmitters just over the Pennsylvania border, on FM 103.5 and FM 104.3. Essentially, two 50-kw Frogs trumped a 6-kw Music Power. Hope that helps … Pat Cloonan. (July 9, 2004)

Does anyone know who will be the DJ’s yet or rumors going around at 93-7 K-Rock WRKZ? Thanks, Ryan Pittsburgh, PA (July 8, 2004

Hi, Eric. Whatever happen to the rumor that WLSW was going to be sold to Cumulus ? Did the owner Stan Wall change his mind or did Cumulus ? Is the transmitter going to stay atop the mountain above Connelsville or move to North Huntington ? Just curious. Tom B. (July 8, 2004)

The real reason that B94 as we knew it died is that traditional Top 40/CHR also died. It used to be that Top 40 was its own genre. There were a number of music acts that didn’t fit into other genres such as rock (alternative/modern rock & classic/album rock) country, R&B, etc. Now Top 40 means primarily Hip-Hop, which is already its own genre. Take a look at Billboard’s charts and you’ll see that most of the songs in the Top 40 are indeed Hip-Hop. Once in a while you’ll hear songs on the radio which can be considered part of the Top 40 genre – Sheryl Crow, Kylie Minogue, Nickelback, Matchbox 20, Maroon 5, Los Lonely Boys, etc. But these acts are getting fewer and farther between. So I can understand why B94 fell by the wayside. They tried to stay with the broader definition of Top 40 instead of changing formats to be more like WAMO. I would assume that 96.1 KISS and WAMO pretty much have the same playlist? What we once know of traditional Pop/Top 40 sort of lives on in the “Hot AC” format. But even then Hot AC tends to play a lot of older songs as well as currents. I assume that’s what Star 100.7 is like. Dave in Fredericksburg, VA (former Pittsburgher) (July 8, 2004)

Dear Sir: When Merle Pollis was host of the morning talk show on WJAS in the early 1970’s, his traffic reporter was a lady named Linda Murray. I have not heard anything about Linda Murray since then, and was wondering if you know whatever happened to her and might be able to tell me what she is doing today. I grew up in Pittsburgh, but have been living in California since 1979. I discovered your web site just by doing a Google search. Rick Miller (July 7, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Wow, there’s a name I’ve never heard of. Anyone know?

My two cents…. B94 didn’t accept the 2004 definition of top 40. hip hop. Hip Hop is hot. TO deny is to hold onto what isn’t hot. I have been on a 10 year crusade to bring more hip hop here…It sells! Look at the southside and the strip district. Look at Reebok and McDonalds. Hip hop sells! Pittsburgh collectively has been about 5 years behind, but patience is a virtue. 961 kiss is top 40. MTV is playing what 96.1 kiss is playing. (Don’t tell me MTV isn’t top 40). I was hoping we could get what Austin and Providence now has. A Rhythmic CHR with the howard morning show. The only way to win is to be hipper and more heritage at the same time. I was in the studio at WXYV Baltimore in June of 1997 when 20 year urban (infinity) switched to Top 40 (dance pop) 102-7 XYV. It shocked me, but i saw how the station only reacted to the community it wanted to attract ‘turn its back on it for its competitor.’ 1997 was a period in urban radio where heritage stations were being chopped left and right in the same way the elderly might stand out like a sore thumb in a nightclub setting, and thus being singled out as possibly being weird. When your radio station is weird, you tend not to stick it out unless you have some financial or personal vested interest in it. So if you want to hear the last moments of B94, just send me an email or go to my web page www.jjsolomon.net I honestly didn’t think anything until…well you listen to the tape and it sounded like the last hours of WXYV in Baltimore, complete with crying staff on the evening news. J.J. SOLOMON (July 7, 2004)

Eric’s Response: MTV still plays music videos?

Hi, My name is Todd. I’m 30 years old and am also sad that B94(a.k.a B937) changed formats. I grew up listening to B94 as a kid and listened to it through the sad day of June 30,2004. I know a lot of people like Howard Stern, but I would never change a radio station for one guy. I have been a volunteer radio disc jockey in Pittsburgh for a small station that does not exist anymore and have never seen a format change decision happen that fast. There was roughly only a 17 hour warning of the change. It’s hard to believe that B94(a.k.a) B937 changed formats when they were still advertising contests, such as being a summer DJ on the air, and the winner would be a DJ for the summer and interview Jessica Simpson at her concert on Sat July 3rd. I bet the summer DJ finalists were very upset with the news. It was their one opportunity to show Pittsburgh what they are made of. It turns out that KISS96.1FM sponsored the concert, and it just was not the same as if B 94 would have done it. I do not consider KISSFM 96.1 a true top 40 format. They play mostly R & B and rap. We need another true top 40 station in Pittsburgh. I say to possibly change Star 100.7 to a top 40 format and occasionally throw some 80s in. I know a lot of you probably think Star 100.7 already does play top 40. They do, but not all genres of it. There is no way that 4 rock stations will make it in Pittsburgh, even though they have different rock formats. I see 105.9 the X staying, because it is the only true alternative Rock station. 102.5 WDVE will stay, because it is a legend in Pittsburgh and has a great rock n roll format. However, I thought WBZZ was also a legend. Channel 97 WRRK is probably the one that will hurt out of this with their classic rock station because of DVE and KROCK playing classic rock as well. The new K ROCK 93.7 The Rock of Pittsburgh seems to have all three of those radio stations blended into one. My prediction, K ROCK DVE and the X will last ,but Channel 97 will change to a true top 40 format. Just some food for thought. I’d be interested to hear other ideas of what to do with the Pittsburgh radio market. Also who were your favorite Disc Jockeys on B-94 from 1981-2004. Have a good evening, Todd (July 6, 2004)

Hi, I was on vacation last week so I didn’t get a chance to hear the end of the great B94. I listened every morning from 6:30-8am. My mornings will never be the same w/o the lovely and talented Shelley Duffy. How many years exactly was she with the B94 morning shows? Are her future plans yet known? Now that B94 is dead, I’d love nothing more than the Queen of Morning Pgh Radio to be reunited with John Cline (her former side-kick) on 100.7. If they throw in Dave, I think I could be somewhat content with the lose of my favorite station. I’m still in denial that I’ll no longer be hearing Shelley reading the news at the top of each hour, listening to Bubba rap to our birthdays, hearing Giant Brian doing the Outskirts of Pgh and the Morning Buzz from Hollywood, and having fun with the new interns each semester. One thing I will NOT miss with B94 is the new rap format which is contaminating CHR/Pop stations around the country. At least we know it is the terrible music that killed B94 and NOT the DJs. They were sharp until the very end. How can I go about obtaining a copy of the final hours/moments of B94 on Wednesday, June 30, 2004? Can I purchase/hear it somehow? If not, are there ANY diehard fans out there that actually taped any or all of the final show and would be willing to share it with a trustworthy heartsick fellow fan? I’ll reimburse for all postage and I’m even willing to prepay if you like. I will also return the tape(s) promptly. Please email me if you are willing and able. I was terribly sad to come back from such a nice vacation to find that my favorite radio station was gone. I’ve listened for over 20 years. My email: djkst35@pitt.edu PBRTV, please keep us posted on any developments in regards to the former B94 DJs. I’ll be checking this site everyday. Dave (July 6, 2004)

Eric’s Response: I bet there are very few people who caught the change on tape. The change came rather abruptly…and everyone who heard there was an “announcement” probably thought it might have to do with a concert or some such thing. With the exception of the rumors that were going around before the change was made, there really was no warning whatsoever.

Yaaaaaaay! I was listening to Star 100.7 during my lunch break this afternoon and Melanie Taylor, former afternoon DJ on B/93.7, was filling in for Kerri Griffith. It was nice to hear her pleasant voice once again. Now, I would be very happy if Infinity would reformat the Star Morning Show to be “John-Dave-Shelley” at the very least. Nothing against JR and Kate… I’m sure they are wonderful. In fact, I think they’d be perfect for the new K-Rock station. I enjoyed both of them when they were part of the Classic Rock format of The Point, 100.7. Reuniting Dave and Shelley with John Cline in the mornings would help me get over the blues of losing my B-94. Any chance of this happening? Missing Shelley terribly, Dave (July 6, 2004)

Hello, I’m interested in contacting former fellow employees of WPGH-TV when it was operated by US Communications Corporation in 1971. Please email me at scsunnybeach@hotmail.com. Bob Kristof (July 6, 2004)

I’m 21 years old and all I have ever know for good up to date songs and morning laughs is B94. This switch to classic rock is ridiculous. There are a ton of people age 12-25 or older that really like the new music that comes out. If you want to listen to classic rock, go to 102.5 and listen to the good stuff. What are we supposed to do when Kiss 96.1 plays the same song 10 times in 5 hours, we don’t really have anywhere else to turn the radio to for something new. B94 covered all genres of the music that was coming out and new, KISS 96.1 plays mostly R&B and rap. 100.7 plays 80s which is good for a change but gets old fast when you want something new. Also, I enjoyed the B94 morning show on my morning drive into work. Howard Stern is rude and has absolutely no decency. Thats not what you want hear on the way to work, you want to laugh and have upbeat songs to listen to in the morning and not have to be disgusted before you arrive at work. Really, this is a shame for the radio. I don’t really see the need to cut the station, moreover, how can ratings be down when all you hear on the radios of local restraunts and in other peoples cars is B94. If the ratings are down, then why not simply just adjust your program to fit the wishes of the listeners and not have this problem. Its really a complete load of (BLEEP) that they wouldn’t even tell the listening audience ahead of time so they new it was coming. Then we wouldn’t turn on the radio expecting to hear our favorite programs and songs and get the exact oppisite. Ashley (July 6, 2004)

Eric’s Response: It’s not about the listeners to be perfectly honest. It’s about the advertisers and the money coming in. If the ratings are down, so is the price of advertising. If the ratings are up, so is the price of advertising. If the ratings keep going down…well you get the picture. Essentially if downward trends keep happening…no matter how many listeners…it becomes a matter of bottom line. As for no warning. Sometimes station management has no warning. In this case they did, but I honestly only remember ONE time when a station somewhat warned its listeners about a change. That was in 1991 when WEZE (easy listening) 104.7 became WORD-FM (religious) and WEZE promoted Lite-FM (WLTJ) as an alternative…

Lived in Pittsburgh most of my life.. worked most of my broadcast career there too. Had a chance to listen to the new K-rock while up visiting family over the 4th and I really enjoyed what they’re doing. First time I ever spent that much time listening to 93.7 since it was WJOI. Keep up the good work Infinity… you just may have something there. By the way to the poster who said that Clinton and the FCC changed the law with the telecom act better do a little more homework. Clinton signed off the 1996 Telecom act, which had a lot more in it than just broadcast ownership matters. Other telecommunications (read phone company etc) measures were included in it as well. It was the GOP congress, especially one Conrad Burns, a Republican Senator from Montana who played a major part of Telecom 96. Clinton, Gore and other top Democrats now point to the broadcast ownership deregulation aspect as being a “big mistake”. Oh well can’t force the genie back into the bottle. And the FCC only enforces laws not makes them. Congress is charged with that. (July 6, 2004)

I’m reading with interest all the boo-hoo, bye-bye-B94 letters, and I see people are calling it either B94 or WBZZ, nothing else. So much for the recent repositioning strategy. The end of B94 strikes me like the end of KQV: lots of folks complaining, but relatively few listening. I also notice that someone at Infinity said that they were trying to make Star 100.7 into “a comfortable home for people who listened to B94 in the 80’s and 90’s.” The content of your complaint letters seems to prove beyond a doubt that the “comfortable home” for older B94 listeners should have been B94! But it’s too late to turn back now. Bring it on, K-Rock, and maybe you can take the big egos at DVE down a notch or two. (July 5, 2004)

With all the complaining being done about the format change at B-94 I can’t help but wonder where everyone was when President Clinton and the FCC changed the law allowing media giants to own many stations in a single market. Without local ownership, opinions and complaints go unnoticed. Since there was no uproar about the Radio Act it paved the way for TV media to do the same thing. Pity (July 5, 2004)

I am extremely upset with Infinity’s decision to change WBZZ-93.7’s format. I’ve listened to B94 since the early 90’s. What makes this even more depressing, is that a “major city” the size of Pittsburgh has NO top 40 radio station!! 96.1 Kiss FM and Star 100.7 sometimes play that type of music, but Star 100.7 is geared towards the 80’s and KissFM is almost always playing Rap or R&B. I see a need for both of those stations, but there is definitely lacking a top 40 station in Pittsburgh! Infinity’s decision created a huge market gap with an incredible opportunity for a new station to come in. I mean, come on Pittsburgh. Not to mention the big cities, small cities such as Toledo, OH, Youngstown, OH, Morgantown, WV, Lansing, MI, in addition to numerous rural places, all have true top-40 stations!! What I think Pittsburgh needs is a true top-40 station, that plays a variety of modern hits (pop, rock, some dance/techno (note there is NONE of this in Pittsburgh but there is in Toledo!), and some r&b and rap). This would bridge a huge gap and a lot of music enjoyed by people normally from 13-35 years old, which is the type of people this city is trying to retain and attract! I think a station like Boston’s Kiss 108 FM with some dance/techno thrown in would be perfect for Pittsburgh. What do you think? How can this message be spread to make a difference? No offense to anyone, but do we really need all these classic rock stations in Pittsburgh? Thanks, Jon (July 5, 2004)

i still can’t believe it… man does this suck. thank god i have several old tapes of their morning show (i used to tape it when i couldn’t listen and listen to later in the day). guess i will have to live on re-runs. 🙁 hey eric…..could you please post contact information on here for infinity radio (i guess that’s who owns b94?) ??? If you could, it would be greatly appreciated. mike (July 5, 2004)

Eric’s Response: All station contact information (for the major stations) is on the Address page.

All those blasts at the mailbag about B94????…..It hasn’t been B94 for over a year!!! Infinity should have blown it up last year!!! (July 5, 2004)

Dear Eric I am very angry with the infinity higherups who decided to ruin a very good radio station. I had friends at the B. who were disc jockies including: Adam, Stupid Giutar Boy and Chris Mack. If Cheap Channel has any caring brains in their heads they will let the annoying kiss jocks go and allow Dave, Bubba, Brian, Shelley and all the other B. jocks take over that station. As far as K. Rock I hope that nobody in Pittsburgh listens and they lose money and ratings. Thanks for letting me put my two cents in. Brian from Mt. Lebanon. (July 4, 2004)

I am furious at the fact that B94 has been taken off air. I along with all of my friends and family listened to B94 all the time. I loved all the crazy stunts that the morning show did and all the fun that Melanie, Kobe, and Adam had with their job. I think that it is very stupid to take off one of the best morning shows on pittsburgh radio and replace it with Howard Stern. All the DJ’s on B94 made my ride to and from work enjoyable and made the time go by quickly. Whoever made the decision to get rid of B94 is absolutly crazy. I know that I will not be listening to K Rock 93.7. I know that I am not the only person who feels angry and frustrated about loosing the best radio station in Pittsburgh. Maria (July 2, 2004)

Hello all, I was wondering if WBZZ let everyone go? Also does anyone know who will be the DJ’s any rumors going around yet? I was thinking Melanie will still be there because, you still hear commercials for Starbucks and Kobe doing another ad and I forget who else… But was just wondering if anyone knew the DJ’s who will be on the new K-Rock? Ryan (July 2, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Chances are the commercials you are hearing could be finishing out their contract…or they may cross over to the new audience. As it said in the papers, some of the DJs may retain their positions with the new format. Others may appear on the other Infinity stations.

I am having trouble finding the words to properly express how angry I am that there is no more Dave, Bubba, Shelly morning show. Who made the decision to pull a morning show team who has continually been voted the number one morning show? This person(s) is obviously off their rocker! I, along with MANY others, will not listen to the new B94 or the stern show. Dave, Bubba, Shelly, and Brian put me in a good mood every morning. I listened to them on my way to college every morning and then on my way to work every morning. It feels like a death in the family! These guys have shared my mornings with me for years. It’s a shame that some guys in a suit, that have no clue what the people want, get to make these decisions. If the owner of any other radio station out there in the Pittsburgh area has even half a brain, they will move heaven and earth to hire the complete B94 morning team! 100.7 already has john. If they would get the rest of them, look for a major shift in radio station ratings. These guys MUST be together on the same station! Separately they will never be the same. These guys had a chemistry that can’t be repeated by anyone else or any other combination. As far as the new B94 goes, I hope their ratings plummet (as I’m sure they will). I will not tune to that station again. And to the original B94 morning team, we miss you already!!!!! (July 2, 2004)

Eric, I just needed to complain about the change at WBZZ. I am 32 and my children are 4 and 8. WBZZ was the only station that we all could listen to together. I will miss the morning show more than anything. Thanks for letting me vent. (July 2, 2004)

Hi Eric, I grew up with B94 and over the more recent years just tune in for the morning show. I did not realize how much of an impact that crew had on my life until this morning when I tuned in and they were not there. I am still in shock. I understand the popularity of Howard Stern, and realize change is inevitable- but I feel strongly that the popularity of the morning show and the rest of the music, Dj’s and material the station had to offer out weighs Howard in the long run. He has a group of listeners, but not as broad of a variety. I am just so sorry to see it go. I know I will not be tuning in. Good luck to Bubba, Dave, Shelly, and Brian! As for now I’ll go to my digital satellite radio.-Amy (July 1, 2004)

Man does this stink. I am very very happy that Howard Stern is back to the Burgh but to cut B-94 and the DJ’s for it isn;t worth it at all. Howard is always talking about quitting and all he does is whine anymore. His show is funny and amusing but it just isn’t the same show. I’m gonna miss the morning show but what I am gonna miss most is the night show with Adam. His skits and remotes were great and made me laugh. I will miss his show the most. Something else is wrong here…what about the person who was supposed to win the intern contest? Talk about getting your hopes up. I have been pissed off at this for two days now and it’s going to take awhile for me to get over it. Down with the new station. –Matt (July 1, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Yes, I have received several inquiries of what is going to happen to the Intern. My best bet is that the intern will either A. Be hooked up with one of the other stations; B. Learn early on how cruel the radio world can be; or C. Anyone care to take a stab at C?

Dear Eric, First off thats a very nice name. The reason for this email is that I’m trying to get a hold of Giant Brian from WBZZ morning show. Brian and I had went to college together at Point Park and I was going to ask him for a favor. I was wondering if you had any information from him that you can give me. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much. Its a shame what happened to Giant Brian and the whole WBZZ team. Sincerly, Eric (July 1, 2004)

Eric’s (O’Brien that is) response: I don’t have any contact information for any of the hosts other than at Infinity. I would just recommend giving the station a call at this point….unless by some miracle they all got jobs elsewhere overnight! And…yes…I like the name Eric…nice name you got there…you even spelled it right!

I’ve only been in Pittsburgh since 1999, having moved here from San Jose, CA. I can understand everyone being upset that B-94 is gone since they grew up with the station. I’m not a Stern fan but I do believe in the First Amendment. Infinity is just rubbing it into Clear Channel’s face by putting Howard back on. I was hoping the rumors of a format change was going to bring a good active rock station to town. After the first day I think its leaning a lot more towards a DVE type station than The X. As I am typing this I just heard Bennie and the Jets and I Drink Alone and only one song the X would play (Talk Show On Mute). I hope these guys at K-ROCK can fine tune this more towards active rock and less of this classic rock crap. I can get that on Channel 97 or DVE. There’s much too much classic rock in this town. Scott, Cranberry Twp. PS – Eric I really like your website. (July 1, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Thank you!

I’m happy that Howard Stern will be on the Pittsburgh airwaves. Everyone has the right to speak their opinion without censorship. I’m not a big fan of Howard Stern however I feel that Clear Channel’s choice of removing Stern was the wrong answer. Another wrong answer was changing the format of WBZZ 93.7 to all rock. WBZZ has been a favorite since I was a teen. I’m 32 now and I still listen to WBZZ for today’s hit music. My favorite has been the morning show with Dave, Brian, Bubba, and Shelly. It was comforting to listen to the morning show when I would drive into work or college. The morning crew is the best team on radio. I remember when Bubba was known as Bubba The Goat boy and the morning crew of Quinn and Banana. I don’t understand the change unless it was for Stern’s benefit. Pittsburgh has become a depressing town with the money situation, sports teams loosing, lack of jobs and great music. Again I’m happy that Stern got the upper hand however I’m depressed that Pittsburgh had to loose a great radio format because of it. Wendy in Irwin (July 1, 2004)

My morning’s drive into work today, just wasn’t the same. Something was missing. It was Dave-Bubba-Brian-Shelley. When I heard the news yesterday, I felt the same way as if four of my best friends had died. I will sadly miss the laughter of the morning show. It always started my day, and I am sure most of the Pittsburgh viewers, off to a really good start. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave-Bubba-Brian-Shelley for the great job they did each and every morning. Thanks for giving me a great start to everyday. I will pay my final respects to WBZZ. Louanne (Robinson Township) (July 1, 2004)

I think it’s really awful that hometown radio has been replaced by the content of radio that is now wbzz. I immediately began searching the airwaves for another station that was personal to the area in which I live but why was I put in this position. It’s such an abomination that Howard S. is still permitted airtime but more of an abomination that he has replaced personal radio – radio at its best. Patty (July 1, 2004)

i have a reply to this WBZZ change..In my opition i think the Pittsburgh Radio market sucks. There are no Smooth Jazz Stations no Jammin Oldies no Top-40 stations because i know that Clear Channel is going to change 96.1 WKST to some other station. i know 96.1 Kiss is changing you ever notice the change in music and the name of the station? 96-1 Kiss FM now it’s 96-1 Kiss. Kiss FM played Top-40 music…now Kiss is playing Hip and R&B with 1 pop song every 5 urban songs on the playlist. usually Clear Channel is known for changing a station every 5 years. so don’t be surprized. i’m living in harrisburg right and the station here are even crappier but i’m moving back. do you think this is a competion The X vs. K-Rock…or is there any ideas of The X losing ratings and pulling the plug on The X? Vic (July 1, 2004)

Eric’s Response: I do not see The X or DVE going down anytime soon. It might pull at The X a little bit.

I must say that I think what has happened with WBZZ and particularly the morning show crew, Dave Bubba Brian and Shelley, is a travesty to Pittsburgh. Everyone keeps talking about the top 40 music but they are missing what really made the morning show and all the WBZZ jocks special. It was not the music format they played at all. When you tuned into WBZZ in the mornings you heard REAL Pittsburghers as jocks, talking to REAL Pittsburghers at REAL Pittsburgh locations. They had bits where they would determine who had the best pizza in the burgh and they would continually promote other local businesses and organizations with special events. Those are the things that will be missed above the music. I think it is very rare to find a station that is as connected and involved in its community as WBZZ was. The morning jocks especially seemed more like friends than radio hosts. They shared their lives with us on the air and they made me personally fell like had real friends on the air. I will miss that most of all. I will never listen to 93.7 again. Chris (July 1, 2004)

After the “wardrobe malfunction”, America finally woke up and fought back from all the crap that’s been on TV and radio for a long time. The FCC was finally doing their job. Its that a lot of people are upset because of the approach. They should have been doing this all along but they were too lax. Clear Channel got fined and they got rid of Howie as a liability. Infinity still needs to wake up. Just my 2 1/2 cents. (July 1, 2004)

Eric, It is always hard to see change come. I also remember the first days of B-94 and listened to them through the 80’s and 90’s before moving out of town. When I did come back to town, I rarely listened as I found that my appetite for Top 40 had waned, as it was a diet of rap and hip hop. My only thought is that if there was a loyal 20-50 audience that loved B-94 in the glory days of Big Hair, flipped collars and Duran Duran, why not capitalize o that by using the Star format at B-94 and move Stern to 100.7? But in the words of some country song from the 90’s “Life always changes nothing stays the same, How Can I help you say Goodbye.” (July 1, 2004)

I thought it was a very bad joke! Hate the new radio station I want Dave, Shelly and Bubba back What a stupid idea to change Mornings will never be the same… Why does all of the good things in life change Susan – Bruin, PA (July 1, 2004)

I, for one, am glad to hear Howard back on here in town, and not have to listen to him by alternative means anymore. If people don’t wanna listen to him, fine, go to other stations, but it is hard to deny that he was a presence in morning radio here. I do wanna say that its also great to have a nice mix of music to listen to on K-Rock, and welcome its arrival. One last thing to all the Howard haters that think of the former B-94 as so great and such…..They were nothing but cheesy Howard wannabe’s…as are most morning shows that run on main FM stations are. Viva Stern!!! Robert from Bethel Park (July 1, 2004)

I have been listening to DVE for about 30 years (I’m 41), and though I did not listen to B94 that much, when I did I found it to be enjoyable because it played NOW. It lived in the present with no regards to the past or future. This I will miss. I will always listen to DVE and the X, but where will I get my pop fix? And their morning show was funny. It sucks to get old and lose your past, but this is the present that we have lost…Gonzo from Ligonier (July 1, 2004)

Hi Eric: Just a couple of comments about the transition of (as some of us in the biz used to call it) “that bug station” – the bee has been swatted. Howard is a good revenue stream – and more entertaining then Quinn. (IMHO) I’m sure it was not a surprise to the jettisoned air talent. As one who has went through a regime change at WYDD in 1989 – Metro Music, Power 105, then the 9 month Rick Sklar machine called Energy 105 in the 80’s, I feel the collective pain of the air staff at the B. My replacement at Energy was Stereo Quad Susie Wadd. I remember the first song on the air the evening Energy 105 launched – broadcast live from Metropol: Donnie Osmond’s “Soldier of Love”. Hey now. That was worth waiting for. I recall when I was music director at YDD in 1979 here in New Kensington, we had NO budget, but we (at times) went toe to toe with DVE. If I get a chance to chat with Keith at Infinity, I would suggest bringing back the WYDD call letters and/or the spirit that the station still represents in the fuzzy memories of us geezers. I’d also pluck former YDD news maven Rose Ryan Douglas from KDKA and migrate her to K-Rock. Chris DeCarlo would be a great addition to the staff at 93.7 too. Hersh – where ya hidin? Heard he was selling real estate. We need some real variety and local folks on the air in real time in this market. A rock station would work if it played music for the rest of us. Intelligent, interesting, eclectic, and profitable. Look at Radio Paradise on the web. And it could be very successful, if programmed and processed correctly. Check out the HD Radio demos on the ibiquity website. I could get into discrete six channel sound anat – in my car or home. That would be very cool. Let’s see if we can put our money where our collective mouths and wallets are. Clarke Ingram nice to have you back on the air again. Thanks for the bandwidth Eric. I was watching Return of the Pink Panther the other day, and this quote from the movie reminded me of radio daze gone by. Inspector Clouseau is walking his beat and comes upon a beggar with his accordion and a small monkey on a street corner. Clouseau is about to write him a ticket for performing without a license. The beggar says: “I am a musician, and the monkey is a businessman. He doesn’t tell me what to play, and I don’t tell him what to do with his money.” Just a random thought for the day…. Mike Kirven (July 1, 2004)

It is my opinion that some things need to stay the same when they are good! Pick up Howard Stern on a Pittsburgh Channel and you will have people that listen. Personally, I can turn him on and off easily BUT Why kill a good radio station. I enjoyed BZZ, and all its names since I have been a teen. My kids enjoyed it too. Now none of us will. Sad! (July 1, 2004)