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March 2006

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Eric, KDKA appears to have a new website. It also says on the site that John McIntyre is on during the week nights. Is this new information or have I been sleeping to long? Thanks. Chris (March 31, 2006)

Eric’s Response: This is pretty new information but not really all that unexpected. John had been doing Saturday evening shows there for a while. His show precedes the Bill O’Reilly show.

Eric, Regardless of Roy Fox’s marital status, he is the caretaker of King Manor in the Queens section of NYC and also lectures about Rufus King, one of the USA’s founding fathers. He has researched King for a couple of books, which have yet to be published. This information is confirmed and current. Vic (March 28, 2006)

Hey Eric…tell Todd that “Karen Eden” is alive and well….just finished up a 5-year contract with FOX news in Denver Co. Thanks! Karen Eden ( former “MIX Jamz” D.J) (March 23, 2006)

Hello, 440 Satisfaction is incorrect. Roy Fox is divorced. He does not work with his ex-wife. Darla Cook (March 21, 2006)

Hello: Looking through your website of Pittsburgh area Radio and TV personnel I was amazed to find a name I had not forgotten….Art Pallan. I have such fond memories of him broadcasting on WWSW back right at 1950 just as I was starting to drive and would hear his broadcasts much of the time on the car radio…. His manner and voice was such one just looked forward to hearing him and the music he played. His name has never left my memory….and that’s 55 years plus now. I knew he was retired in Florida as I caught that info somewhere on the web some time ago…and was surprised that I found it then. All memories of his broadcasts are of high quality pleasant conversations and always with an upbeat tone to them. Listening to him was a pleasant fun time. Quentin Mong Muncie, In. (March 20, 2006)

What promos / jingles have been done by Pittsburgh TV stations over the years? I know KDKA did “KD & You,” WTAE did “Hello Pittsburgh” and WPXI did “Stand Up and Tell ‘Em You’re From Pittsburgh.” Well, you can still see that one at times. Could you tell me when each of the promos were used, to the best of your knowledge? If you don’t know what years they were, could you at least tell me which decades they were used? Would you also describe the promos as best as you can? Thank you so very much! Also — when did WTAE stop using the “Hello Pittsburgh” promo (image campaign)? I’d like to see them use it again. It was fun, energetic and peppy! (March 19, 2006)

Eric’s Response: “KD and You” was used in the late-80s and very early 90s. I’m not sure who the creative group for this was. WTAE’s “Hello Pittsburgh” was on the air during the early 80s and stopped use around 1986. That is a part of Frank Gari’s “Hello News” package. In 1986, WTAE debuted a rather popular Gari package called “Turn To News” with which was associated “Tell ’em Pittsburgh’s Great” image campaign. Ironically, and I have mentioned this before, the “Tell ’em Pittsburgh’s Great is essentially the same tune that WPXI recently used as “Stand Up and Tell ‘Em You’re From Pittsburgh.” I don’t remember much about each particular one other than most of the ad campaigns included shots of the anchor/reporter staff together doing fun things. The current line-up of theme music with our local “Big 3” are: KDKA – “KDKA-TV Prime” by SoundByte Inc., WTAE – “Hearst TV News Music Package” by Newsmusic Central – (All Hearst-owned stations use the same music and a portion of the music is set up to match the syllables in the stations current slogan.), WPXI – “The NBC Collection” by Frank Gari. My source for this info is www.southernmedia-nmsa.com where you can find and listen to many of the themes used at stations across the country. The information there can probably give one a little more insight on the stuff that has been used over the years.

To answer the question about what happens when someone writes down “Froggy,” there’s a complicated process called “ascription” which attempts to determine which radio station was heard by the respondent. To make a long story short, it has to do with the county in which the respondent lives, and historical patterns of radio listening in that county. So if they lived in Washington County, 103.5 would probably be credited; in Fayette County, 94.9 would likely get credit; and so on. There’s a problem in Westmoreland County, where “Froggy 95.5” from Johnstown is strong, but is not owned by Keymarket, who operates the Pittsburgh “Froggy” station group. I couldn’t tell you what would happen in that particular circumstance. Good luck, and good listening. (March 17, 2006)

Hello, I just received a DVD about CKLW radio, and it is loaded with the many varied versions of the CKLW Station Jingle. I would very much like to have the different ones of K-104 (103.7), which is no longer on the air. The program director or station manager’s name I believe was Bill Shannon. Does anyone there know him or a way that I can download the K-104 jingles? I grew up with those jingles and would love to add them to my collection. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim Hanson (March 16, 2006)

Does anyone have any news about the new WGSM FM that will broadcast out of Greensburg? Ali (March 16, 2006)

Eric’s Response: Right now WGSM is operating out of Indiana, PA with its sister stations. As it states, the station is called “SAM” which is Westwood One’s automated music service with the format. Some have gone so far to tell me that it sounds better than “Bob-FM.” Renda is working on finding a studio location in Greensburg to house the studios.

Dear Eric, In the past when 3ws was on am and fm and a person filled out a diary and wrote 3ws. The gm had 7 votes go to FM and 3 votes go to am. This is what I was told. Does anyone know if a person in pittsburgh or north hills or wherever says I listen to froggy. with no frequency. which froggy gets the vote? I am looking at some ratings and just trying to get a better perspective. Can anyone help? Thanks and again, Vito (March 16, 2006)

What became of Roy Fox (KDKA)? I just stumbled into this site and it is wonderful, thank you for the nostalgia knowledge. (March 16, 2006)

Eric’s Response: According to 440 Satisfaction, Roy and his wife are the caretakers of King Manor Museum in Jamaica, Queens, New York. Apparently he’s quite the history buff!

Hi Eric, I was curious if you knew where some of the former mix jamz 100.7 DJ’s are at now? The station was on in Pittsburgh in the early 90’s. Some of the names I’m looking for are Rich Hawkins, Tony Q. Foxx, Bill Knight, Jay Silvers, Bill Webster, DC Taylor, John Anthony, Karen Eden, Dan Simon Thanks, Todd (March 15, 2006)

Eric’s Response: Bill Knight spent some time at WEZE (104.7) and WRRK in the past. Jay Silvers was at 3-W-S for a while. Not sure where they might be these days.

Dear Eric, In 1975 my first pgh radio job was as Perry Marshall’s weekend producer and the very first week perry was off and I was producing the Joe Gearing. Both Joe and Perry are very nice. I still chat with Joe and he has a production agency and hosts several long form talk shows on 620 am and 770 am and other radio stations. I would like to talk to Perry some time and say hello. Vito Capaccio (March 15, 2006)

I am wondering what happened to kelli olexia? Was she fired or has she moved on. I enjoyed her on kdka. Thank you (March 14, 2006)

Eric’s Response: As we reported a few months back, Kelli Olexia made the decision to leave her job at KDKA at the end of 2005. She is doing some non-TV work near her home in WV.

Don Geronimo indeed was a personality on 13Q in the late 1970s, before B-94, although not for very long. Legend has it that he punched a hole in one of the studio walls. I’ll leave it for those who worked there to confirm/deny. To Randy Miller: Kathi St. Claire is working at an Orlando TV station as a reporter/anchor under her real name, Kathi Belich. A friend of mine spotted her some years ago on a trip to Disney World, and a Google search indicates she’s still there. (March 14, 2006)

Don Geronimo was a DJ on B94, not 13Q. (March 13, 2006)

I was part of the star-studded line-up for 3 years at 96KX, (WHTX-FM) from 1981-84. I did the morning show; Suitcase Simpson did afternoons, and Bobby Christian was the program director. He had a news person by the name of Kathy St.Clair. Does anyone know what happened to Kathy? I left Pittsburgh to do mornings in Charlotte at WRVQ; then to mornings in San Diego, Atlanta, Kansas City, back to San Diego, and then Cincinnati. I’ve been back in Kansas City for the last 13 years; 10 of which were spent in morning drive at KBEQ-FM. I launched an advertising and marketing company called Brainstorm Media 2 years ago, and my wife and I bought a horse ranch operation in Spring Hill, Kansas! www.bsmedia.net Randy Miller (March 12, 2006)

Is Joe Gearing, talk show host from the ’70s on WJAS and sometimes KDKA still alive? (March 10, 2006)

Don Geronimo was a D.J. on 13Q’ he is currently on a syndicated talk show that airs on 1550 am called the Don and Mike show.It is like a shock,Howard Stern type show but not as offensive. (March 3, 2006)

Hi Eric, per yes.com I find it interesting that 96.9 changed the calls back from WBZB to WRRK. Any info on that. Thanks, Todd (March 2, 2006)

Eric’s Response: None…it was a surprise here too.

Are Porky Chedwick’s shows available on the intranet or are tapes/CDs available? When my Dad was young he lived in Pennsylvania and was a fan of Porky Chedwicks. We live in Virginia now and I would like to be able to give this to him, it would be great to get a copy of his birthday broadcast. Thank you, Lori Lupo (March 2, 2006)

Eric’s Response: I’m sorry to say that copies of Porky’s shows aren’t available anywhere that I am aware of.

In response: Ken Michaelson (February 12, 2006) Porky is still on KFB 770 am Saturdays from 12noon to 3pm. Same old Porky format, but no internet I’m aware of presently. (March 1, 2006)