May 2005

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Eric, the song Amy is looking for is “Laurie (Strange Things Happen)” by Dickey Lee, which was a (minor) hit in 1965. The events of the song transpire just a little bit differently than her description. A Google search for “Laurie” and “Dickey Lee” should turn up more information on the song, lyrics, and opportunities for purchase. By the way, would you and Jay Thurber spin this one on “Radio 9” next week? Regards, C.I. (May 31, 2005)

Laurie (Strange Things Happen) was a 1965 hit by Dickey Lee on the TCF Hall label. I’m sure Paul Mawhinney at Record Rama has it in stock. Ed Salamon (May 31, 2005)

The song is “Laurie (Strange Things Happen)” and it was a hit for Dickie Lee in 1965. It’s apparently available on a CD called “Dickie Lee’s Greatest Hits.” ( The song made it up to Number 6 on KQV in June 1965 and Number 8 on KDKA, according to Jeff Roteman’s KQV website. (Jason Togyer, PBRTV Columnist and oldies lover) (May 31, 2005)

I’m not sure if you can help me or not, my father in law is looking for the title and artist of a song from the 50-70s (probably closer to the 50s), and the only thing he knows is that he loves this song and it is about a young girl named Laura (a male singer is singing about his date with her) and at the end of the date, he realizes she left her sweater in his car, so he takes it back to her house, and at the door, her parents answer, and say how cruel she has been deceased for however long, and he goes to her gravestone, and the sweater is already there. And at the end of the song, the lyrics are “strange things happen in this world” We are at a total loss on how to find information on this song, and I was hoping you could help me out. Thank you !! Amy (May 31, 2005)

Eric’s Response: I don’t know if that was ever made into a song. I do remember hearing it as a “ghost story” around Halloween though.

Hi, In searching the web I saw a couple mentions in the archives about Dave Shallenberger. He was on WWSW a while back. Just like to let everybody know that Dave is alive and kicking at 82 years old. His voice is the same as well as his jokes. Tx, Ed (May 27, 2005)

I thought it was impossible for two radio stations in two different cities in two different states to have the same call letters until I fumbled upon WWVA using radio locator. How is this possible? Thanks, Bill (May 25, 2005)

Eric’s Response: It is entirely possible to have such. Clear Channel owns both WWVAs. But the rule is that the WWVA you show must be IDed as WWVA-FM. The Wheeling WWVA that we all know has always been an AM service and because it is an AM, does not need the suffix attached.

Eric, I have some updates for you from the Ohio Valley Radio Market and a question for you. Living next to the Ohio and West Virginia boarders, I am able to hear clearly both the Pittsburgh Stations along with the Ohio and West Virginia Stations. While the Ohio Valley does have a ‘Kiss FM” at 95.9FM which is out of Youngstown (Link: there is also another “Kiss FM” broadcasting out of Wheeling at 95.7FM ( Link: I believe this “Kiss FM” out of Wheeling replaces “WEEL – FM” which apparently was a oldies station. Oddly enough, the “WEEL FM” website that I got it from your Ohio Valley Market page is still up. But I did a call letter search on ( Great site allowing you to type in any call letters and receive station information) and it shows that the call letters “WEEL” are not registered. “Kiss FM” is a product of Clear Channel right? Because on the WEEL website, it says that the station owner is Ohio Valley Communications. Perhaps Ohio Valley sold out to Clear Channel? Oddly enough, it looks like the station management didn’t know the output of their station, leaving a question mark in that field. I also think that this “Kiss FM”‘s morning host, a man called “Valentine” is the same gentleman who was the morning show host for our Pittsburgh “Kiss FM”awhile back. But don’t quote me on that. Here is a question, like all of us radio geeks know, 660 WNBC in New York City was a big time AM radio station until NBC sold of its radio division in the late 80s. Don’t you find it peculiar that no one has took up the WNBC call letters since they became available? While it doesn’t have anything to do with Pittsburgh, this puzzles me. Anyway keep up the good work on the site. I come by daily. I only found it a few years ago. Before then I use to read the late but that really didn’t have any material at all. Do you work in the communications business in Pittsburgh? As a communications major, I have been told that there is not any jobs in this area within the communications field unless you want to get a gig announcing what gas pump is on over the intercom at Sheetz. If that is the case, I will make a career out of my part time job as a stock clerk at Giant Eagle. Oh Well. Thanks Again! – Chris (May 24, 2005)

Eric’s Response: Clear Channel did buy out Ohio Valley Communications a couple of years ago. I don’t recall how many now, the years go by too quickly anymore! WNBC call letters are, as far as I know, still used by New York’s NBC – TV affiliate. ‘nough said on that…or this email could go on until the cows come home! Yes, getting a job in radio and tv can be like pulling teeth. In fact, I’ve often thought that I should have been a dentist because we do have a prestigious dental school in town (and I could learn how to pull those teeth). But why spend your day rooting through someone else’s mouth when you could be flapping your own?! Keep a positive attitude and get to know people within the business…you never know what might come out of that!

Your inquirer about WPIC may be interested in the following page: (May 23, 2005)

Eric, with the approach of summer and longer broadcast hours, a number of people have E-mailed me asking about which hours our radio stations, 620 KHB and 770 KFB, are playing music. 620 KHB is playing 60’s and 70’s oldies starting at 7:15 PM on Saturdays and Sundays, 7:30 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays, 10 PM on Wednesdays (preceded by a 50’s and 60’s oldies show), 8 PM on Thursdays, and 9 PM on Fridays. This plays through until the early morning hours (8 AM on weekdays, 7 AM on Saturdays, 6 AM on Sundays). On 770 KFB, the music hours are 6 to 9 AM (50’s and 60’s), 11:20 AM to Noon, 1 to 3 PM, and 6 PM to sign-off weekdays. On Saturdays, the entire day is 50’s and 60’s oldies except for 10 AM to 1 PM. On Sundays, listen for 60’s and 70’s oldies from 6 to 7 AM, 9 to 11 AM, and 3 PM to sign-off. Power change for 620 (and sign-off for 770) is 8:30 this month, 8:45 in June and July. I hope this helps some of your readers to find our unique mix of music when they’re looking for it. Regards, C.I. (May 23, 2005)

Dear Eric, Can anyone give me information on the original licensee of Station WPIC, Sharon, Pa., Sanford A. Schafitz? He was an “original” radio/electrical engineer and had his license when he was about 2l. At 13, he was the radio engineer at the Sharon Herald radio station, going to work there on his bicycle. What happened to him and to his much loved WPIC? Many thanks (May 23, 2005)

Eric’s Response: I don’t know about Schafitz, but WPIC is still on the air on 790. It’s a news/talk station.

As Many of the Pittsburgh AM and FM stations start to make their way back into streaming their programming over the net . A friend of mine recently directed me to an independent Pittsburgh net station called “Retro Mix 60’s & 70’s Music Radio” that has been broadcasting over the net since 2002 worldwide on the Live365 network. After listening to the station , I found it to be a great sounding station, not an amateur sounding station but quite professional sounding, they stream in stereo audio 24/7.The stations commercial free format is a flash back to the 1960’s and 70’s music sound of KQV, WPEZ ,WIXZ, 13Q ,WTAE AM / WTAE -FM Stereo 96 radio years. The station is contemporary sounding with a very wide variety of tunes. After checking out the stations web site @ and air staff page , I noticed that a local Pittsburgh guy by the name of Dave Anthony is the net stations owner, OM and PD. And has been in the radio programming , management and consulting biz for the last 23+ years .The station has a staff announcer by the name of Rick Martin with a 60’s & 70’s style voice doing the station’s ID’s and intro’s. As more and more AM & FM stations start to simulcast stream their program content over the net, we have a pretty darn good sounding independent 24 hour home grown net station here in the Burgh that fills the radio and music programming gaps that have been missing on local AM & FM radio for quite a few years here in the Burgh.

Wow I see the press has been rough on Scott Baker lately. I recall his days @ WSEE 35 in the mid to late 90’s. He did a great job as anchor there, especially in his “Baker spins the Dish” segments where he’d find something interesting that was on the satellite. It was a hip alternative to WJET 24 with Don Shriver, Joey Stevens & (now state represenative) John Evans. I’m not sure how he is on WTAE 4 News, but he has my support during this time. Tom Lavery, EMRTV & The Youngstown page. (May 14, 2005)

Hi, I found this on Radio and Records this morning. Personally, I’m sort of surprised that nobody has tweaked to the Jack format (I especially think WRRK missed the boat a couple of months ago). Scott (May 13, 2005)

Hey Guys, it’s Spank from the old B94. Adam Bomb called me and told me that there was a question about where all the old B Jox are now, and I was one of the “missing”. So, if anyone gives a poopy … I’m the Director of Creative/Station Image Voice for DC101 in Washington DC. Now you know … so, was it good for you? Spank, DC101 (May 11, 2005)

Hey Eric, found this article from Viacom’s web site. It is a few days old, though: Anyways, it basically says that West Virginia Media Holdings has signed a long-term deal for two TV stations, including Wheeling’s WTRF-TV. Still haven’t heard from WVTX/UPN 28, as the site still says “Coming Soon”, and UPN’s website still doesn’t have WVTX listed there. (May 10, 2005)

Eric – Here are two resources that I’m sure will help out Barbara from the Southmoreland School District in her Jay Michael search: If she poses her question at both of these sites I’m sure she’ll get the answers to her questions. Tom Lacko, Frederick, MD (May 4, 2005)

Hi Eric I love your site. Was wondering who you have covering Somerset county? WUZZ just changed to Contemporary Christian. Satellite feed from KLove, I believe. That leaves our county with one station remaining that actually has a human being at the board. Sad. (May 4, 2005)

I hope I’m writing to the right person. I work at Southmoreland School District in Scottdale and our Food Service Department is hosting an event in October with Rock & Roll as the theme. I’ve been going through my highschool scrapbook and found a May 1, 1959 autographed photo of Jay Michael of WTAE Channel 4 – Big Television in Pittsburgh – WCAE. He was the DJ for a school event on May 1, 1959 (I only half one-half of the ticket – the other part was used to get in to the dance.) I am making Rock & Roll placemats for our tables and each person will have a Rock & Roll placemat at their seat. The Jay Michael photo and ticket will either be a placemat or most likely part of the wall deco. Do you have any information on him that I can use representing that era? I’d appreciate any information you can give me. Thanks a lot! Barbara (May 3, 2005)

Is the czech show with Mary pospisil still on I used to live back there and know and love her show could you tell me if is is still on and how I can get it on my computer Thank you Evelyn A. (May 3, 2005)

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