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November 2004

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Hi Eric, I was a student in Pittsburgh 1985 – 1988. I am trying to locate playlists, etc. to form my own collection of “alternative before it was alternative” for myself and my college roommate. WXXP is the station we listened to religiously until that fateful midnight after “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” by REM. Any ideas on how I can track some of this music down in an organized fashion? I have forgotten many of the song titles, but would know them to hear them. I’ve tried iTunes with some luck. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark Overlow (November 23, 2004)

Eric’s Response: It’s pretty doubtful that there are any playlists still lurking about since WXXP is long gone. However, when I post to the mailbag, there’s no telling what might show up! Stay tuned!

Just a few notes, Eric … For one, WSHH-FM 99.7 also is into all-Christmas. These items were in The Daily News but did not make its Web site: FCC has put both of Robert Stevens’ city-of-license moves on fhe fast track … meaning that sometime soon it will be WKHB, Brentwood, and WKFB, North Huntingdon Twp. Also, FCC has given fast track approval to Renda shifting AM 910 from Apollo to the South Hills, but hasn’t done so for the proposed move of AM 1360 from McKeesport to Apollo. Pat Cloonan. (November 22, 2004)

Dear Eric, I am needing some assistance in tracking down Dave Reedy who used to work with me at “Double X”, WXXP. I was told that he had emailed your website earlier this year. I was hoping that you might be able to point me in the right direction of where I might be able to locate Dave…possibly thru an email address. The last I heard he was living in Atlanta. I would like to write Dave and let him know about some former co-workers of ours….any help or guidance you can give would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time- Warmest regards, Cris Winter; “Merkel & Cris” 94.5 3WS Pittsburgh, PA (November 20, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Because I do not tend to keep email addresses, I have posted Cris’ email here in hopes that Tom will email me so I can put him in touch with Cris.

Hey, Tom Leturgey! The AIR awards are kinda like the lottery in that you have to enter to win, and as best as I can tell, the *nominees* are likely the top five or so entrants in each category. My first entry was on Metro Networks, as I was their employee at the time of submission. However, when I left Metro the following year, I paid the fee to enter. I even had to go to the sponsor (the March of Dimes) to get an entry form as the one mailed to me at Metro before I left *somehow* never made it to my mailbox. However, I was eligible and wanted to enter, so I did…and won, which was sweet! 🙂 There are eligibility rules which I am sure the March of Dimes would give you that for the asking… There are stations (including our common former employer) that do not enter. 🙂 Jenna (November 20, 2004)

VDO [ vdo.tv ] is the designer of the new pkg. The new music is NBC Collection by Gari Communications. (November 20, 2004)

The transmitter for 92.1 definitely has been moved into Beaver County. Apparantly they’re using a tower across the river from Beaver Falls, in the Daugherty Township area. They are not using the WBVP tower. I was in the Moon/Coraopolis area a few days ago and noticed that the signal was notably stronger than it was before the move. WPTS’ tiny signal is surely more limited now (not that they can do anything about it). (November 19, 2004)

Dear Eric, I was in Ellwood last week. and cannot receive 92.1 very well. I have heard the tower was moved south of the city. I had trouble receiving the signal in Cranberry as well. Where is it now the old BVP FM tower? Does anyone know? I guess 1200 is still rush and talk? vito (November 19, 2004)

I was in Cranberry last night, and I decided to see if AM 1280 came in. It did, but instead of it being the soft AC “Star 1280 WJST”, it was instead an oldies station known as “Just Oldies 1280 WJST”. I’m guessing that because of the name, the WJST call sign will stick around, but what I don’t understand is that Clear Channel already owns an oldies station in the Youngstown/New Castle market with WBBG-FM 106.1, not to mention WWSW, which at times gets better reception in Youngstown and Mercer, where “Big 106.1” is based, than WBBG-FM itself. It’s also a sad end to Star 92.1/Star 1280, which like 3WS and WDVE had been around without a format change since forever. Yes, it competed within Clear Channel with “Mix 98.9”, but unlike “Mix 98.9”, WJST was more focused around New Castle & Ellwood City (though it was considered part of the Youngstown market), giving it more of a Pittsburgh flavor. Of course, CC recently sold 92.1 FM to whoever owns the “Froggy” stations and turned it into Pickle 92.1, which I know a lot of people, including myself, already tend to listen to on a regular basis, even though unlike WWSW, it tends to stay away from the early 80’s that 3WS has been somewhat focusing around lately. Anyways, do you know why of the format change? Joe (November 17, 2004)

Hey Eric, I apoligize for emailing you a lot, I just always have a question that you might know the answer to. Anyways, what’s up with Sinclair Broadcasting these days? The parent company of WPGH-TV & WCWB-TV has been pre-empting a lot of stuff on its ABC affiliates in other markets like Columbus, Ohio lately, as they were one of the companies to pre-empt Saving Private Ryan. Plus, they pre-empted that Nightline special back in April when Ted Koppel read off the names of the soldiers that died in Iraq. And of course, they had all of its networks, including the two that they own in Pittsburgh, pre-empt their regular programming for that shorter version of that anti-Kerry movie about his Vietnam days. Speaking of the topic, it’s ashamed that Hearst-Argyle also pulled the movie from its ABC affiliates, including WTAE-TV, especially considering it was Veterans Day. It’s also ironic on two fronts: One, Hearst is the largest owner of ABC affiliates in the country, even more so than ABC itself. And second, Hearst owns stakes in cable channels ESPN and Lifetime–channels that are otherwise controlled & majority-owned by Disney/ABC. Considering that several UPN affiliates wouldn’t air the hit reality series Amish in the City this past summer (of course, Pittsburgh lucked out with WNPA-TV being owned by UPN, CBS, & KDKA parent Viacom), my feel on this is that if you’re not going to air a certain show that’s part of the network you’re affiliated with, especially in prime-time, then don’t be affiliated with that network. Joe (November 13, 2004)

Hey Eric, Read the nominees for the A.I.R. Awards this week in the P-G, and was really taken aback by some of the nominees. Rick Bergman, an infrequent fill-in host on KDKA, was nominated for Best Talk Show Host. And a true day-in-and-day-out superb talent like Jerry Bowyer is absolutely and completely snubbed. How are these “nominees” chosen? Do they pay to get their own nominations? That’s the only conclusion to some of the nominees. Tom Leturgey, Pittsburgh (November 13, 2004)

Eric, What’s going to happen to CBS News on KQV? Will CBS News goto KDKA Radio and CNN will goto KQV? Ryan Kennedy Township (November 12, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Not at all…KQV is going with the Associated Press and making the focus of news more local.

WTAE is exhibiting the worst kind of cowardice and moral failure in buckling under to the Puritanical code of the FCC.” Private Ryan” is on the level of “Mr. Roberts” and WTAE should be ashamed. (November 12, 2004)

For those who are concerned that the right-wingers aren’t getting enough air time, I heard a promo today that Neal Boortz’s show will join the WPTT 1360 lineup in place of Bill O’Reilly starting Monday. – Rob (November 11, 2004)

Eric, the show your correspondent heard on 770 KFB is “Bobby Likis Car Clinic” and can be reached at 5675 North Davis Highway, Pensacola, FL 32503. They also have a Web site at www.carclinicnetwork.com. Regards, C. I. (November 8, 2004)

This past Saturday (11/06/04), I happened to listen to a “Car Talk” type show on 770 AM and I liked it very much. I would like to find out who hosted that show and how I can contact the show’s host, but have been unable to find out how to contact 770 AM personnel to pose my question. Can you help? (November 8, 2004)

Heard at last night’s Ravens-Browns game that Myron Cope was hospitalized. I grew up in ‘da Burgh, listening to Myron and Jack, then Myron and Bix on the mighty 1250. I’ve also been fortunate to listen to some of his war stories in person in the Ravens media lounge when the Steelers visit. Pittsburgh has a true treasure in Myron, and that is never more clear to me than when I listen to some of the other NFL broadcasts. Here’s my prayer for a speedy recovery. God bless you, Myron. Best, Aaron (Bill) Rehkopf, WPOC-Baltimore (November 8, 2004)

Eric’s Response: Apparently Myron suffered a slight head injury on Saturday afternoon and it must have been just enough to make speaking difficult. According to the news report I heard, he is doing fine. No word on when he’ll return.

Eric, Before Liz Day left,she stated she would still be around in another capacity.Where is she? Seems like she fell off the face of the earth! Rick (November 8, 2004)

Eric’s Response: All I remember is that it was to be an off-air position with KDKA.

I was listening to K-Rock the other night shortly after midnight, and they had two guys on there talking about…well, to tone it down if there is any children reading this, a certain area on a woman’s body. To get to my point, WRKZ was playing some sort of talk during late-night, and there was absolutely no music. Is the station going up against WDVE in the having-more-talk-with-music department, or is the station in the process of switching to all-talk on the heels of Howard Stern leaving for satellite radio in 2006? Yes, they have KDKA radio in the same studio within Infinity. But could a station that went 23 years without a format change have it’s next one less than a year later? I guess because of satellite radio, FM is switching over to the news/talk format that AM radio did in the late 70’s/early 80’s. (November 7, 2004)

Eric’s Response: A quick look at K-Rock’s website will tell you that you probably tuned in and heard Dr. Drew and Adam on Loveline which is a program dedicated to the young men and women and the things they probably shouldn’t be doing together. This in NO WAY is a sign that WRKZ will be changing again anytime soon since there are many stations who air this program.

Eric, just a few comments prompted by postings I hadn’t read until today. My first, nervous night on air at WDVE in August of ’76 was turned into a laugh fest as the KQV newsman and engineer Bob Henke saw fit to give me the intiation…putting Myron Floren in my headphones after I’d cued and intro’d Springsteen. I had lsitened to Conrad Williams before working there and had no idea the “Mr. Slick” in the other studio with gold chains and silk shirt was one and the same. My first meeting with him was sort of a reverse….his part of the “initiation” was to moon his brown butt in the ‘DVE studio window the first time I opened the mic. We became good friends, especially during the KQV/DVE AFTRA strike that followed. Sad to read of his passing, but had to smile at the memory. #2…I’m also trying to find Mal Redding. I worked on “Over The Blue Horizon” a bit with him and even still have kitchen items he left when returning to the UK and the BBC and NBC Source. If yer out there, mate, give us a message. Caywood, I can call you. Please include the email for anyone who’d like to get in touch. smudge801@yahoo.com. BTW, I’m looking. TREVOR LEY (November 6, 2004)

Eric, I was delighted to find your Pittsburgh radio website. Actually, I was directed to it by Steve Rooney, who owns the Dome rep firm. I’m Joe Taylor. I did news and talk on WJAS when they were an NBC O’n’O back in 1968. I then was hired on to do the fulltime utility shift at KDKA, which I did from 1969 until 1972. As utility man I did my own jock show on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and was kept busy filling in for everyone from Bogut to Pallan to Horne as well as talkers Mike Levine and Jack Wheeler. It was fun and challenging and completed my education as a broadcaster. I left KD in ’72 to become Program Director of Metromedia’s WOMC in Detroit, where I stayed for 4 years. After that I became a General Manager in markets like Lancaster, PA., Warren, OH., Springfield and Sandusky, OH. I also briefly managed WMBA in Ambridge and Tony Renda’s Punxsutawney station. For the past dozen years I’ve been a consultant for small market stations in rural Pennsylvania. I’m now semi-retired and do most of my work for stations in Clarion and DuBois, where I live. I manage to get back to my first love…on air…doing community image campaigns and occasional spots. I consider my time at KDKA the highlight of my 44 year career. Using baseball as an analogy I always felt like I “was wearing the pinstripes” when I was at KD. Even though I was primarily a bench player I was always recognized and treated special around town. In fact, even today, some 30 plus years after I left KDKA I still occasionally have people recognize my voice. The power of radio. Thanks, keep up the good work. And, if I can help you with any information or whatever please let me know. Joe Taylor (November 5, 2004)

Hi Eric, XM Radio is running a tribute to KQV Friday 11/5 from 4 – 9 on the 60’s on 6 Channel. Terry Young is hosting. It will play a number of KQV jingles and some aircheck segments. Terry has done a lot of research on the city, the station and even Pittsburgh-ese. For those who don’t have XM, there is a 3 day computer trial available at http://www.xm-radio.com. No credit card is required. I hope to have a copy of the show to post on my KQV site in a week or two. Jeff Roteman ejjeff@pa.net (November 4, 2004)